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Earth: Sleeping Beauty

Reply to Sobia Helen

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 12, 2001

Okie, this is the 2nd version of Earth. It's different and more slashy than the rest of the Elements/becoming series.
Title: Earth: Sleeping Beauty
Author: Sobia Helen
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Category: Isabel/Courtney
Distribution: Want. Take. Have. ›Just, ask first:
Summary: Isabel thinks Courtney.

Earth. Heavenly blue skies, reflected in the darker blue oceans, carpeted in emerald grass rugs. A world full of dormant beauty.

Dormant. Sleeping. Sleeping Beauty, waiting to be awakened by her lover.

As if to contradict my thoughts, a vigorous breeze moves the curtains on my window, lending light to the room for the dust motes to dance within. I stand up and walk to the window, and pull the curtains apart. The light of dawn bathes the room in gold and amber. I smile. Indeed, the Earth is alive. Alive and awake. It's been awakened.

I strain my eyes, looking for more signs of life. But all I see are *her* eyes staring back at me. Beautiful, familiar, all knowing. Just like they had been when she was alive, even in that last moment when she knew that the end was near. *Did* she know?

Only she could've known and managed to stay so clam. Accepting. Untouched by the knowledge of her impending doom.

Perhaps she knew that death wouldn't be the end. That it would be salvation. A new beginning.

Perhaps, she didn't just want to live on earth, but to be a part of it. To be within it. I smile at the thought of the Earth taking Courtney within itself, like a lover. At the thought of her being the lover that the Earth had been waiting for, to awaken it.

Sleeping Beauty and her beautiful lover.

A stirring feeling of envy within me takes me by surprise.

Do I envy her? Did *I* want to be the reason for the awakening? To be the one that the Earth holds within itself lovingly?


I want *her* to hold me. I want to be within *her*, be a part of *her*.

But that's no longer possible. All I could do now is watch the Earth blossom under the touch of her newfound lover.

"Courtney," I sob, and she answers. The wind blows harder and a dry leaf flies into my room through the window. I bend down and pick it up, feeling her presence become more evident around me.

Understanding hits me then. She is not merely a part of the Earth.  She has become the Earth.

I hug the stray leaf to me, and I know that she is not lost to me forever.


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