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A Weekend Bender

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 19, 2001

Amalgams #1: A Weekend Bender
Author: Sineya
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: NC-17
Character Focus: Maria/Liz/Kyle/Alex, slash subplot
Summary: When the aliens are away, the humans will play....
Author's Notes: I was originally going to write a PoleCat fic, I had the plot, I had the theme, it just needed to be written! But then another plot bunny landed on my proverbial doorstep and hounded me until I wrote this. But the PoleCat's will come soon *Evil laughter* very soon....Like in the sequel....

        It was our alien-free party. Just the humans, no interruptions.

        I guess it was stupid to hold it at Michael's house. Even if the rest of our Roswellian gang was away for the weekend.

        "Here, babe -drinketh the alcohol...uh...eth." Maria shoved a plastic cup in my hand, and I cautiously leaned down to smell the suspicious looking liquid.

        'What the hell, you only live once right?'

        Then I brought the cup to my mouth, swallowing the red juice in one bug gulp.

        Then proceeded to choke on it.

        "Whoa, Liz, go easy on that stuff, it's potent." She glanced uneasily at me as I reached for the bottle, pouring myself another cup. I think I shocked her into silence as I threw it back in one big gulp yet again.

        I was prepared to get insanely drunk that night.

        I think we all were.

        "Hey, pass it over here you lush." Kyle snickered as I guzzled down some more before capping the bottle and tossing it to him.

        I think he downed the rest of the bottle, which wasn't much, before pulling a little silver flask out of his coat pocket.

        "Here Al, try this." His arm reached out, placing it on Alex's lap.

        "What is it?" Ah dear, sweet Alex, ever the uncertain lad. I grabbed it, twisted the cap open ,and took a sip.

        And proceeded to choke yet again.

        I coughed loudly, my eyes watering, "It's Vodka." Guess I wasn't a hard liquor type of girl. Oh, well, I'll stick to the foofy kind, it taste's better anyway.

        With that thought, I reached for the other bottle of wine Maria'd brought, pulled the cork out and moving it towards my mouth.

        Watch out inebriation, here come's Liz Parker.

* * *

        "I'm in love with Tess."

        Whoa, talk about loosening your tongue.

        Alex's eyebrow's shot up to his hairline.

        Maria just smiled secretly, I think she know's how I feel. Not about Tess, but another beautiful, blonde alien who shall remain nameless.

        I nodded."I mean, she's so beautiful and soft-looking and her lips are just so..." I sighed, caught in my fantasy of the adorably-sexy blonde alien.

        "I'm in love with Michael too." I said, waiting for the Maria shriek. She may be in love with Isabel, but she WAS Michael's girlfriend.

        It never came.

        She just extended her arm, pulling me close for a small hug." I know."

        "I...I...kind of, um, get what you mean." Kyle stated softly.

        And up goes the eyebrow."About Michael?" If he said yes I would......well I'd be surprised.

        He shook his head,"No, abou...about Tess."

        I shifted slightly, drawing away from Maria and walked over to him, pulling him into a comforting hug."She is wonderful isn't she?"

        "Yeah." I felt his smile against my cheek .as he nodded in agreement.

        "Well, what about me?" Alex exclaimed loudly. "I've got friggin' Evan's fever!"

        We laughed at that.

        "Oh really?" Maria asked."Well, who's your favorite?"

        He looked thoughtful for a moment, then his eyes lit up."You'd think it'd be Isabel wouldn't you?"

        From the expression on her face, she was thinking yes.

        He shook his head."Nope, it's Max alright, I mean have you seen the guy without a shirt on?" I saw some definite droolage as he uttered the word 'chest'. He was practically salivating.

        I think a little torture is in order.

        I stared at him, his eyes were wary as I slowly made my way towards him. I think he thought I was gonna punch him, or kick his ass, something to that effect anyway.

        He looked relieved when he saw the smile start to curve across my face.

        Then the scared look was back as my face took a decidedly evil turn.

        I kneeled in front of his still body, leaning close to whisper in his ear."I've done a lot more than look Alex." My lips moved against the shell of his ear as I spoke. "I've touched, and kissed and caressed."

        His breath was shallow as I continued my assault.

        "I've tasted him Alex, tasted his golden skin." I blew softly into his ear, smiling at his quiver." He's SO sweet, Alex, so succulent."

        Everyone's breathing was shallow now.

        "I've tasted his essence, his being. He's been in my mouth, under me, around me."

        His hands were gripping my arms as I whispered seductively in his ear.


        I was caught in my own alluring web, slowly kissing my way across his jaw.


        My lips were sliding over his chin, moving closer and closer to his mouth.


        Our lips pressed together roughly. My hands draped over his shoulders, entwining around his neck, his buried deeply in my hair.

        We learned each other. Out tongues mating wildly. The flavor of alcohol and each other causing our bodies to heat up rapidly.

        I pulled away to stare deeply into his eyes, they were molten, hungry. I was relieved, when the only emotions I saw were lust and friendly love, not confusion or fear.

        Then I stripped off my tank top, smiling cheekily as his eyes immediately lowered to my bitingly hard nipples.

        My body trembled slightly when I felt a warm hand trail down my back, curving around to my breasts. I moaned, as the soft hands traced circles over my stomach drifting upwards to playfully tug on my nipples.

        The moan turned into a whimper as teeth gently bit into my shoulder, soothing the mark with a warm tongue and a tender kiss. I could feel silky hair falling across my arms, and the realization that my best friend was doing this to me, was loving me, made the sensations all the more exciting.

        She gently tugged me onto my back, gently laying me across the floor.

        I stared up at her, looming over me as she peeled off her t-shirt. Her lovely breasts now on display for us. For me. I was reflected in her jade eyes, and I could see myself.

        I looked hungry.

        "Liz...." The voice shook me out of my musing as Kyle crawled towards us, completely naked.

        God, he looked good.

        I'd seen Kyle without a shirt on, in fact I'd been clasped against said chest countless times, but the reality of Kyle was ravishing. He was golden, all curving muscles, different than Max, but just as beautiful.

        I bet Michael's just as beautiful too.

        No, I'm not going to think about him. This is about us, about the here and now.

        And with that thought I latched onto Kyle's arm pulling him down beside me.

        "You're so.....beautiful." I murmured, following the trail of hair down his torso with my index finger. Circling his belly button, dipping my finger inside.

        He blushed. I guess he wasn't used to compliments like that.

        "She's right." Kyle's mouth opened softly, as Alex moved closer to us, his eyes gobbling up every inch of Kyle's nude frame."You are." His hand covered mine over Kyle's chest, and together we moved downward, our contrasting digits encircling his engorged penis.

        I heard a soft sigh to my right, and looked over. Maria had stripped down to the flesh, and was presently fingering herself.

        A job I was all too happy to take over.

        My free hand tugged hers away, bringing it up to my mouth as I cleaned her fingers free of her sweet juices. She tasted exquisite, I needed to be inside her.

        Pulling away from Kyle's body, leaving Alex to finish the job, I slid down Maria smooth flesh. My chin coming to rest atop her pelvic bone as I peered up at her teasingly.

        "What do you want, Maria?" I asked, smiling wickedly at her gasp.

        "Touch me." She entreated mournfully, arching her hips.

        "Touch" My tongue moved down, and I paused, licking her slowly from bottom to top before glancing back up at her.

        Her thighs trembled, and moved to squeeze the sides of my head lightly."Yessssss." She hissed.

        I grabbed her hips, and buried my face in her dripping flesh, groaning appreciatively when her juices slid down my tongue. She arched again, shuddering, her hips rising off the floor as I sucked on her swollen clit. My tongue plunged furiously inside her, pushing, pulling, swirling, over her.

        Maria gasped brokenly, crying hoarsely in unison with Kyle as Alex and I pleasured each of them with our mouth's.

        My eyes moved towards the two males, and my body quivered in arousal at the sight of Alex's dark, bobbing head, his lips brutally attacking Kyle's large erection.

        I lunged into an all-out attack. Bringing fingers into play to glide powerfully into Maria, as I used my tongue and teeth on her swollen nub.

        She screamed, arching completely off the floor as she came in convulsions, flooding my mouth with her sweet essence. Finally, her hips sank back down, her body covered in a sheen of sweat as she sighed contentedly, pulling me up to lay on her chest, kissing me deeply. "Thanks....babe...."

        We both looked over at Kyle and Alex, as the former shouted harshly, spilling himself as Alex's still moving mouth drained him dry.

        "Man...that.....was unbelievable." Kyle rumbled, pausing in his speech to stare up at Alex in alarm."Am I gay? Because I liked that...a lot."

        We all laughed. "Who cares?" I questioned.

        He smiled slowly, falling onto his back, and nodding."I guess it doesn't matter."His eyes closed, an expression of utter satiation now gracing his face. I looked up at Maria, her expression was likewise, completely content.

        Then I looked at Alex, who's face was strained, probably mirroring mine.

        These two might have been appeased, but we were still starving.

        I could see the relief in his eyes as I stood, reaching down to tug off my skirt and panties. Then reaching for him, tearing off his shirt, furiously unzipping his pants, and undressing him steadily.

        Then we were finally naked.

        And burning.

        I shoved him onto the floor, dropping onto his engorged cock quickly. We groaned in unison at the sultry sensation of flesh hitting flesh. His hands grasped my hips, holding me in place as we conformed to each other, our arousal's growing. Then we started to move, rapid, fierce movements, slamming into each other. I rode him, so frenziedly, so violently that our bodies popped and slapped.

        I was moaning his name, and he was groaning mine. Our hands clasped above his head, Then he started begging, pleading for me to end the torture, commanding me. I wholeheartedly agreed with his litany and slammed onto him more fanatically, more wildy, clenching my vaginal walls around his thrusting penis.

        We came loudly, clutching tightly, sobbing each other's name. His cries of "Lizohgodohgodohgod" seemed never-ending. And my passionate,"Fuckalexfuckalexfuckalex" were urgent and unstoppable.

        When we finally came down from our high, we were panting. Maria and Kyle were planted on each side of us, peering at our sweaty, sex-scented bodies. Our faces mask's of repletion as we sighed breathily, pulling them closer to our drowsy forms.

        We lay, in a naked jumble of pale flesh, of bronzed arms, of hard muscle and firm skin. We lay in a satisfied pile, sated and warm, nude in the middle of Michael's living room floor.

        And we slept.

        Little did we know our activities had not gone unnoticed.

        Or the repercussions that would arise.


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