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Warning-Adult Content

Reply to Sineya

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 19, 2001

Amalgams #2: Warning -Adult Content
Author: Sineya
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: NC-17 (Sexual gratification, f/f implied, m/f implied, m/m implied)
Character Focus: Mi/L implied, T/L implied, Ma/L/K/A implied
Summary: The aliens have returned......
Author's Notes: This is now a series (Yay!). A big thanks to everyone who sent me feedback.

        They were staring at him.

        "Well, Michael?"

        He coughed, shifting his weight from foot to foot as he placed his hand on the kitchen table, putting down a videotape.

        "Ummmm, Max ya know how we installed that hidden camera in the wall after we realized 'people' could be snooping around here?" Max looked at him confused.

        "Yeah, so?"

        "Well, I had it turned on this weekend and...." he shifted again, staring down at his feet.

        Isabel stood, starting to pace."What was there someone here this weekend?" She stopped, fear coloring her eyes as she turned towards him."Was Nikolas here?"

        He shook his head,"No, but uh.....Liz and everyone was here."Noone noticed his blush as he mumbled the brunette's name.

        They stared again, more confused than annoyed.

        "So you caught them on tape, and we would care why?" The tall blonde asked.

        He coughed again, reaching over to pick up the tape, and popped it in the VCR."Maybe you should just watch." They kept staring until, finally, they turned towards the TV.

        The screen was fuzzy for a few seconds before Michael's living room snapped onto the screen, the four humans sitting in various positions around his living room, passing around a deep-red bottle.

        Tess, tucked her hair behind her ear,"What are they doing?" She watched as Liz downed something from a flask Kyle had given to Alex.

        "Looks like they're drinking."Max answered.

        The scene carried on for another few minutes and before long the humans were drunk. The aliens were unnaturally quiet as they waited for one of the beings on-screen to speak. Michael stared over at Tess, wanting to see her instant reaction for what was to come. He'd been astonished, then humbled, and finally overjoyed, when he'd heard her declaration during his viewing hours before.

        "I'm in love with Tess."

        Gasps echoed through Michael's apartment at Liz's softly uttered words.

        Tess was in shock. Liz couldn't be in love with her, she was supposed to love Max, she was like, his soulmate or something. *So why are you elated, huh?*

        "I mean, she's so beautiful and soft-looking and her lips are just so..."


        Her eyes were wide, brimming with tears as Liz spoke tenderly of her.*I never knew someone could feel that way.....about me.* I'm so.....and she's *And you wouldn't mind finding out just how incredible she is, or how she...tastes ....*

        And once more with the gasps, at Liz next admittance.

        "I'm in love with Michael too."

        They were shocked when they saw Maria's reaction, a warm hug and an understanding -"I know." Not the enraged shout they expected.

        Max was perplexed. Liz, his Liz....he loved her, he knew she loved find out she wasn't.... in love with him was a startling revelation. But he could understand, lately he'd been having feelings for............someone else too.

        Michael once gain was filled with incredible wonder. Liz, so beautiful, so intelligent, how could she love him -the town-screw up, Michael, the guy who never got anything right. And Maria didn't seem to care that her best friend was in love with him. *Wonder how she'd feel if she knew how much you...'like'....Liz.*

        Tess was startled out of her thoughts when Kyle voiced his love for her. She wasn't surprised, the poor guy wore his heart on his sleeve. She wished she was in love with him, instead of.....*Sigh*. He was more like brother, her family, and she dreaded the day she'd have to break his heart.

        "What!" Her head snapped up at the sound of Max's startled yelp, followed by Michael's loud chuckle, and Isabel's surprised, "I never knew."

        'What happened?" She wondered silently. Tess had been so wrapped up with feelings of elation and mourning, that she'd completely missed part of the Taking note of Max's dumfounded expression, she giggled silently, meeting Michael's amused gaze before they turned back to the T.V.

        Everyone's jaw dropped.

        Liz was seducing her friends onscreen, with descriptions of a naked Max.

        She was also seducing the room of aliens watching.

        "I've tasted his essence, his being. He's been in my mouth, under me, around me."

        Michael shifted in his place on the couch. Who knew Liz was so....alluring? *You did....* His eyes were riveted to the screen as she nibbled Alex's face, her lips finally taking his. *Lucky man...*

        The temperature in the room jumped.

        Tess crossed her legs tightly to relieve some of the tension building inside her. Liz Parker, vixen extraordinaire, who knew. *You....* The pressure not only heightened as Liz and Maria groped, but burst inside her, as Liz lay back on the floor, a wanton expression coloring her face.


        Michael smiled slightly as he heard Tess groan loudly,*Good to know you're not the only one, huh?* He grumbled silently as his inner voice taunted him, and shifted again to adjust his jeans. Jeans that had fit perfectly only minutes before.

        The humans were now engaged in oral sex. He felt little Mikey twitch, as Liz's tongue plunged into Maria continuously, her bright, white teeth a bewitching contrast against Maria's pale pink flesh.

        "Holy..." Tess gulped. A mixture of intense arousal and insane jealousy coursing through her body. On one hand, the vision of Liz's gorgeous, brown head nestled between Maria's pale thigh's was incredibly arousing. On the other hand, the sight of Liz pleasuring Maria caused dangerously high emotions of envy and ire to bubble up inside her.

        Her eyes briefly moved towards Alex and Kyle, which didn't hep her present state. Because, almost-brother or not, the boy was =built=. And Alex was pretty cute himself. They looked good, but her eyes once again moved to Liz and Maria, who were now embracing. *That should be me.....*

        The four aliens watched as two of the humans came down from their high's. Expressions of complete and utter content painted across their faces. They noted the dropping eyes, and the lax muscles.

        They also noted the hungry gazes of the other two, as Liz stood and started to strip off the rest of her clothes.

        Michael glanced around his apartment, trying to keep himself from looking at the TV. He really didn't want to tear his living room apart again. It had taken the entire afternoon to fix it after he'd seen Liz with.....Alex....before.

        "I've gotta something." He stared at Max, who nodded absently, his eyes glued to the human orgy.

        Tess gazed at Michael's retreating back, sympathy in her eyes. She'd felt the same way only moments before. And again, the savage coupling on-screen, caused equal amounts of arousal and rage in her. She knew her feelings were irrational, they =were= drunk, but seeing Liz and Alex was somehow wrong in her mind.

        *Now Liz with Michael.....*

        "I've gotta....go pee." She stumbled up, and visions of pale against tan raced through her mind. Her gaze collided with Michael, who stood in his bedroom doorway, a strange mixture of need and fury in his eyes, as he stared behind her at the TV.

        Her feet moved forward, clicking towards the bathroom. She stepped inside, the thick wood drowning out the passionate moans of the humans.

        She sat down on the floor, swiping a hand across her perspiring face.

        "Holy shit." She cursed, the visions of Michael and Liz still running through her mind, causing her core to throb intensely."Fuck it." Her hands reached down, quickly pulling up her skirt as she imbedded three fingers into her core.

        Images of the sweaty, aroused brunette flashed before her eyes." Liz....." Tess moaned, her thumb rippling across her clit as she imagined Liz spread-eagled before her, ready for the taking."Liz..." She thrust deeply, imagining it was Liz's hand inside her, caressing her swollen flesh, instead of her own.

        "Li....i....z!!" She came loudly, seconds later. Her body dropping limply back against the glistening, checkered tile. Resting against it before adjusting her clothes, and standing up to check her makeup in the mirror over the sink.

        The door opened behind her, and she looked up, seeing Michael's spiky do next to her blonde curls.

        "Max and Is just left." He said, taking in her rosy appearance, and meeting her sky-blue eyes in the mirror.

        Tess looked back, "That's good."

        They gazed at each other silently before they spoke simultaneously.

        "I love Liz!"

        Each looked down at their feet, contemplating the other's statement.

        Tess turned, eyeing Michael."Do you really?"

        He smiled softly, before whispering, "How could I not?"

        Tess beamed, her eyes twinkling an idea popped into her mind."Liz, she said she loved us both, right?"

        He nodded slowly.

        "And we love her too." She said.

        He nodded again, understanding dawning in his eyes."And if we love her, and she loves us...."

        "...Then we can love her together." She finished.

        "That might work, I mean I love Liz, but you're pretty hot too." He said, grinning as she flushed deeper.

        "Yeah, your not so bad yourself, Spaceboy!" She teased, grinning as a plan started to hatch in her mind.

        "So how are we gonna.....'get Liz'?"Michael questioned, images of the three of them rolling around on his bed danced through his mind.

        Tess smiled broadly, her eyes tinged with purpose.

        "I have an idea."


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