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Tutoring 101

Reply to Sineya

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 20, 2001

Amalgams #3: Tutoring 101
Author: Sineya
Disclaimer: Hysterical laughter.....
Distrubution: RSA, any others drop me a line
Rating: NC-17 (Smut, slash, this has it all)
Character Focus: Mi/L/T
Summary: Someone needs a little 'tutoring'......
Author's Notes: The promised PoleCat smut, and my first foray into the writing of PoleCat fanfiction.

        "Order up."

        My head snapped up at Michael's shout.

        Oops, I'd been thinking about Tess again. Maybe because she'd been sitting in my section for close to three hours now. Her golden hair glistening in sun, her pouty lips pursed as she contemplated a french fr-

        "Order up!"

        I jumped. God Tess, did you have to pick the busiest day to eat here? Couldn't you walk you luscious legs somewhere else? Did you have to eat here when I'm the only waitress on hand, the only waitress who's been having lusty thought about you.

        She smiling at me, oh God she's smiling at me. Does she know I've been staring? Does my hair look okay? Do I have something on my face? Is she staring because I have lettuce in my teeth, or something?

        Oh God, oh God, oh God Oh Go-

        "ORDER UP!"

        I stumbled. Michael's voice echoed across the now silent café. He sounded more impatient than mad, but I still hurried over to the pick-up window. I really didn't feel like fighting with him anyway, it's not exactly the best way to show how much you love someone. Although it did work for Maria and him when they'd been in love last year. So maybe that was the way to snare Michael and-

        Is he smiling?

        "Hey Liz." His mouth curved upward slightly. Well, it was better than nothing.

        "Hey Michael, sorry about that, I got kind" The half-smile turned into a full-fledged smirk as he looked behind me. I turned following his gaze towards.....Tess. My face flushed slightly when I saw her eyes looking towards us, the friendly smile still gracing her face. Did he know?


        "Yeah, I can see that." He could? Michael's anything but perceptive guy, I mean he has =no= idea that I'm in love with him, so there's no =possible= way he could know about my feelings for Tess.

        I stared up at him, my hand reaching for the steaming plates atop the counter."I'm just gonna go.....waitress."

        He nodded, his eyelids drooping down to cover his beautiful peepers. I swear, he's looking down my-

        Nah......That's crazy.

        On that dreary note I sighed, walking over to table five to take their orders.

* * *

        "Ugghhhhh."Liz moaned, rubbing her neck as she sat on a counter stool. Her entire body ached. Hands, feets, back, she =hated= her job.

        "You sore?" A feminine voice whispered in her ear. She nodded, thinking it was Maria, as the hands started pushing and pulling at her tense shoulders.

        "Mmmmmmm....." Liz sighed dreamily. Maria's hands were smoothing down her spine, slowly kneading her aching muscles. She gasped lightly when said hands lightly grazed her breasts.

        Her head slowly dropped forward, onto her chest as the hands soothed her back."God, when did you learn ho-"

        Her voice fell as Michael walked through the backdoor, finished closing up the kitchen. He smiled at them."Hey." He nodded, his eyes trailing down her arching body.

        She smiled, opening her eyes slowly."Hey Michael, you all" The last word came out brokenly as Maria hit a rough spot.

        He strolled towards them, resting against the counter."So Liz, me and Tess were wondering if you'd help us out?" He peered into her hazy eyes questioningly.

        "You and....Tess?"

        He nodded, looking behind her."Yeah, right Tess?"

        Liz smiled drowsily, before her entire body tensed up and she jumped off the stool. Away from the comforting hands. Her mouth dropped at the sight of the blonde alien, instead of Maria.

        "Tess.....I thought...."

        Tess smiled,"You thought what?" She asked, jumping up onto Liz's vacated seat.

        Liz shook her head, "Nothing." She looked down at her feet, before glancing back up at them. "So what did you guys want my help with?"

        Michael smiled, =again=."We need your help in......"His voice trailed off, before his eyes turned to Tess.

        "Chemistry." She finished."We need your help in chemistry." They nodded together at Liz, before glancing back at each other.

        "Yeah, Friday's test is gonna kill us if we don't get some help." Michael said, a note of hope coloring his voice.

        Liz smiled, now excited. A night of chemistry, with Michael =and= Tess? Could life get any better than that. She nodded, grinning."Sure, when do you guys wanna do it?"

        Michael choked on his soda at her innocent question, coughing loudly until Tess smacked the back of his head. Tess looked back at Liz, "We thought, tomorrow, around eight, at Michael's apartment."

        Liz nodded again, her eyes twinkling as she gazed up at Tess."Okay, I'll be there." She yawned, glancing down at her watch. "But I really gotta go, catch some Zzzzz's and all that."

        The two aliens smiled at her, waving silently before she turned towards the backdoor.

        Their faces slowly melted into scheming grins as they stared at her retreating form.

        "She wants us."

        "No question."

* * *


        Liz banged on Michael's door quietly. Her eyes once again looking down to check her clothes.

        She's worn her favorite slinky, black halter top and an ankle length jean skirt. Her purple toe-nails peeped out the top of black, suede sandals. She reached up for the hundredth time, to check her hair. She'd worn it loose around her face, the brown silk draped over her shoulders and halfway down her back.

        She straightened as the door stared to open, pasting a smile on her face to cover her anxiety. The smile turned genuine at the sight of Tess' grinning face. She managed to keep her jaw from dropping as the door widened, and Tess' entire body came into view.

        Liz stared,"You....look great." And she did. A low-cut, pink tank-top was molded across her curvy torso. Unlike Liz, Tess' skirt was inches shorter, black and flowing around her thighs. Her golden curls were swept up into a high ponytail, leaving wisps of hair to frame her face.

        Tess blushed softly, eyeing Liz."You look good too." She reached out, taking Liz's hand to pull her inside, before locking the door behind them.

        She gestured to the couch as she took Liz's knapsack. "Why don't you go....get comfortable, Michael will be out in a second."

        Liz nodded, walking over to the living room and flushing as memories of her carefree night came back to her. If Michael only knew that there'd been an orgy in this very room only nights before.

        She sat down on his soft couch, crossing her legs as she let images of a naked Kyle prance across her mind, causing her blush to deepen.

        "Do you want a drink?"

        She jumped at the sound of Tess' slightly-accented voice."Sure, that'd be great."

        The blonde walked over, handing her a champagne flute filled with pink liquid. Liz stared at it,, then back at Tess, her eyebrow raised questioningly.

        She laughed at Liz's dubious expression, "It's just gingerale." She reached out, dipping her finger inside, and bringing it back to her mouth to lick off.

        "See?" She said, holding her finger up.

        Liz nodded, amused arousal coloring her eyes. "Yes, I see that." She lifted the glass to her lips, gulping the fizzy pop down as Michael walked into the room.

        He smirked at the scene before him, a seemingly tense, nervous Liz, and a seductive, excited Tess. Yep, his life was definitely starting to =not= suck.

        "Hey Liz." He sat down next to her, so that she was sandwiched between Tess and him."Ready to start studying?"

        She nodded, standing. "Right, so let me just get my book, and...." Her voice trailed off when she felt Tess's hand smooth over her arm, pulling her back down.

        "We have all night to study." She whispered, her lips dangerously close to Liz's ear, "Why don't we just talk."

        Liz smiled slowly, and leaned closer. "Okay." Bringing her hand up she grazed Tess cheek softly, before speaking quietly."Why don't we talk about how beautiful your eyes are?"

        Tess gasped, pulling away in surprise. Liz chuckled before turning to stare into Michael's eyes, her hand moving to trace circles across his thigh."Or maybe we can talk about Michael's eyes." She moved closer, her lips skimming across his cheek, "About how sexy they are, and how revealing."

        She stood, pulling away from them both."Maybe we should talk about why you asked me here." She crouched down, slipping off her sandals, before straightening up again. "Maybe I should ask you why you're trying to seduce me."

        Tess was floored. They'd been trying to lure Liz into there enticing web, instead she turned the table's completely. She stare up into the brunettes face, "I'm sorry."

        Liz dropped, kneeling in front of Tess before taking her hands."You've got nothing to be sorry for, I just wish you'd asked me instead of hatching some plan." She brought Tess' hands up to her mouth, kissing each palm lightly before standing again.

        She glanced, first at Michael and then back at Tess."So what are you guys waiting for?" she jumped onto the couch, head falling into Michael's lap, and her ass landing in Tess'."Seduce me!"

* * *

        Their hands moved over her body, melting her clothes off, before they stood. Michael carried her in his arms as they walked towards his bedroom. His eyes went immediately to Tess' finely curved ass before moving back to the gloriously naked Liz in his arms.

        Tess walked, melting her clothes off as she entered the bedroom. Candles were shining in various spots, causing an romantic glow across the three beings skin.

        Michael laid Liz across the bed gently, running a hand down his body to dissolve his clothes. And stopped short at the sight before him. He'd thought he'd prepared himself, but the sight of the two contrasting beauties groping on his bed was.....

        Tess' hands were tangled in Liz's hair holding the brunette against her as she ravaged her mouth. Liz's hand were wandering across Tess' firm breasts, her small hands rubbing over pale, pink nipples. "Tess...." Liz's voice was thick with need, as Tess plundered, their bodies molding together.

        Michael dropped to his knees on the bed, his hands sliding over their bodies as his mouth traced a path over Tess' heated flesh. He kissed down her spine, his half-slitted gaze drinking in the sight of her golden skin. He licked a path to her shoulder, nipping at the tightening skin. A gasp erupted from her lips, and she buried her hands deeper in Liz's hair, her tongue plunging more intensely as Michael sucked on her skin.

        The two girl rolled over, jarring Michael to the side as Liz straddled Tess' torso, her wetness seeping down into the blonde's stomach. Her coral lips now pillaged, one petite hand moving over ample curves, the other tracing hard muscles.

        The musky scent of her arousal wafted through the room, as Michael leaned over, taking a pale nipple into his mouth. He glanced down at Tess' body, straining against Liz's, her eyes were half-closed and she was panting softly through her nose. His hand reached out, curving around Liz's undulating body, wishing he was inside her as she rubbed against Tess.

        Michael pulled his attention away from thoughts of how it would feel deep inside her core. He concentrated instead on the taste of Tess' sweet skin as he laved a wet trail along her nipple, his mouth biting lightly as he moved up to the tender skin of her neck.

        He removed his mouth from her tanned flesh, crawling towards the back of end of the bed. He picked Liz up, moving her closer to Tess' chest as he spread the blonde's legs, positioning himself between her thighs. The he slid into her molten flesh, moaning as she clenched around his weeping member.

        Tess' loud groan was swallowed by Liz's still pillaging mouth. The feeling of Michael's engorged penis plunging into her, coupled with the touch of Liz's dripping core rubbing against her breast was delicious. Her hands grasped air as she reached for Liz's hips, and against her will she pulled away from her mouth. Using a sudden burst of strength she pulled Liz up towards her face, settling the brunettes throbbing sex mere inches above her mouth. She allowed Liz to get comfortable before delving deep into her nest of dark curls.

        Tess laved her silken folds with lengthy, wet licks, deliberately evading the pearl of flesh that throbbed for attention. She brought her mouth up to her entry, relishing the honey that had already flooded her channel. She thrust her tongue in and out of Liz's core, switching from long , slow strokes to short, stabbing strokes, before abruptly moving up to latch onto her clitoris.

        Liz arched, crying out in surprise as Tess bit her swollen flesh, her tongue still moving in time with Michael's deep strokes. He rammed into her, whimpering hoarsely as she arched up, the position causing shockingly pleasurable sensations that made each move faster.

        Liz bowed and yelled out in surprise and pleasure as they jostled her body with their harsh movements. Tess sucked roughly on her nubbin, rapidly flicking her tongue back and forth across the tiny bundle of nerves. Her fingers tore at golden curls and her thighs closed around the sultry face in reaction, making Tess smile against her flesh.

        Tess' slim fingers found her slick entrance and she thrust two inside of her. She whimpered and bucked against her face as she curved her fingers over and over, repeatedly grazing her G-spot, as she worshiped Liz with her mouth.

        "TESS!!" Liz screamed as she peaked, her body arching forward over the blonde. Tess held fast, drawing the orgasm out while Liz screamed her release.

        Michael moved faster, probing deeper into Tess' tight core. They groaned in unison, as Liz, recovered from her orgasm, brought her mouth down to their joined bodies, her tongue licking each as they moved. They rammed, they plunged, the scent of their arousal permeated the room

        Michael latched onto Liz's hair, pulling her up for a deep kiss as he moved inside Tess, closer and closer to orgasm.

        They continued their deep strokes for mere seconds, before Tess bowed up off the bed, Michael grabbed her hips, holding her against his and Liz's bodies. He shouted her name hoarsely as he came, her muscles seizing his him as he emptied himself inside her.

        They collapse on the bed, Liz sandwiched between them

        They were silent, their breath coming in gasps as they lay there. Finally they evened out to steady breathing, and curled around each other.

        "Guys?" Liz's voice was echoed throughout the room.

        Tess looked up from trailing patterns across Liz's stomach."Yeah?"

        She stared at them, "I love you."

        They smiled, snuggling closer to her limber body.


        "Me too."

        She smiled against Tess' beck, and stroked Michael's arm before sitting up and looking down at their replete forms.

        "You guys wanna study tomorrow night too?"

        Laughing, they pulled her back down and wrapped themselves around her giggling form, molding perfectly to each other before yawning drowsily. Liz entered the realm of sleep first, nestling close to her lovers.

        Michael and Tess stared at each other before looking back at their sleeping Liz. They smiled as she mumbled their names, pulling them closer to her body. Then they flicked off the candles, pulled up a blanket and surrendered to sleep.

        All was right in the world.

        They'd finally gotten the girl.


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