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Reply to Shiri S.

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 15, 2003

Title: Fun
Author: Shiri S
Rating: R
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Archive: Ask me first
Pairing: Tess/Liz and Maria/Isabel
Summary: AU - Who knew a 60's beach party could be so much fun?

        "Maria I can't believe you decided to have a 60's beach party! This is so cool!" Liz exclaimed to Maria as they walked toward the beach.

        "Well I keep seeing that stupid Britney coke commerical with the beachparty.. it looks so fake and I know I can throw a way better party then that" Maria said as they stepped onto the sand of the beach.

        Liz nodded as Maria walked over to the DJ and a few seconds later 60's party music blasted out of the speakers. "Let the party begin"

        Everyone on the beach started dancing around to the music. Pretty soon, Liz and Maria met up with their friend Isabel.

        "Hey Iz" Both Liz and Maria said loudly over the music.

        "Hey guys" Isabel yelled over the music. "Oh.. there's someone I want you to meet" She gestured to the shorter blonde besider her. "This is Tess. Tess, this is Liz and Maria"

        "Hey" Maria spoke with a nodded to the blonde.

        "Nice to meet you" Liz nodded at the blonde that was the same height as her. She then smiled as she looked her over, thinking. 'Mm.. nice body.. Ok stop it Parker.. you shouldn't be thinking that kinda stuff'

        "Ditto" Tess said with a smile to the brunette.

        Soon, Isabel and Maria had walked off together to go do something and that left Tess and Liz alone. Well, not really alone because they were surrounded by people but still technically alone because they didn't know any of the people around them.

        "Hey wanna dance?" Tess asked, breaking the silence that was between them.

        "Sure" Liz answered.

        The two girls starting doing 60's dance crazes like The Twist, and The Locomotion in their bikinis.


        Hours later, it was dark on the beach and people were still partying until the light of the early morning sky. Tess and Liz had stopped dancing hours ago and had stopped by the drink table for a few cups of punch. Already, they had had 10 cups of punch between the two of them. Someone had spiked the punch so they were both acting a little...cozy...with each other. They both giggled as they grabbed hands and ran towards the water. As soon as they were in water that came up to their chests, they got even more cozy and began kissing and feeling each other. Thing advanced more and thankfully their screams and moans couldn't be heard by the people who were left on the beach. Most of those people were quite drunk anyway so it wouldn't matter if they heard them are not because they woudln't remember any of it in the morning. Later, the two girls ran out of the water, grabbed their towels and headed toward Maria's beach house to have some more fun. When they got into the master bed room of the house they found Isabel and Maria going at it on the king size bed. They asked if they could join and soon all 4 girls were having loads of fun to the 60's music that was still playing on the beach.

        "You're going to have to have more of these parties more often" Liz commented as she kissed Maria deeply.

        "Yeah" Maria muttered kissing her back then they both feel asleep along with Isabel and Tess, all 4 of them tangled up together.

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