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The Experiment

Reply to Shiri S.

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 19, 2003

Title: The Experiment
Author: Shiri
Disclaimer: I own nothing.. we all know that
Rating: R - NC-17 ( but not too much of it)
Time Frame: I have no idea.. I'm thinking during the ep that Liz's dad was away and Liz was left manager of the Crashdown, but I'm not sure.
Summary: A litte experiement between friends turns into more then they expected

        "Liiiiizzz, why did you volunteer us to sit here at all hours of the night?" Maria whined to her best friend behind the counter at the Crashdown Cafe with her. It was almost 12:00 in the morning.

        "Maria, I didn't volunteer us. My dad said that I had to do this or get grounded. So if I suffer, you suffer with me" Liz pointed out.

        "Why does he have to keep it open when he's away in Albuquerque? It's not like anything's gonna happen when he's gone"

        Liz shrugged. "He thinks it will"

        Maria smirked. "Whatever"


        It was 45 minutes later and Maria and Liz were still there, sitting on top of the counter in their uniforms. They were chatting, like girls often do. They talked about school, boys.. mostly boys by the name of Max and Michael. At the moment they were playing the question game. Each person in the room takes turns back and forth asking each other questions. It's supposed to be a way to get to know each other better, Maria and Liz already knew everything about each other but it was fun anyway.

        "You ever kissed a girl?" Liz all of the sudden blurted out when it was her turn.

        "No!" Maria exclaimed, slightly flabbergasted that she would ask such a thing.

        "Okay okay! Calm down! It was just a question. That's the whole point of this game" Liz said.

        Maria nodded. "I know. I was just alittle taken aback by that question."

        "I wonder what it would be like though" Liz pondered.

        "Probably like kissing a guy" Maria shrugged. She thought for a minute then got a sneaky smile on her face.

        "What?" Liz asked, seeing that smile.

        "Wanna try it?" Maria asked.

        "Are you serious?" Liz looked at her like she was crazy.

        Maria nodded. "Well we're both wondering what it would be like so I figure.." She shrugged. "..why not try it on each other and find out?"

        Liz eyed her for a minute then slowly nodded. "Alright"

        They hopped off the counter and stepped towards each other. Maria was the one to make the first move as she lightly brushed her lips against her best friend's and held them there for a minute. It took a second for Liz to gather what was going on but what she did, she responded by kissing back. They both liked how great it was to feel another girls lips on their own. At first the kisses were tentative and soft, but soon their mouths molded together and the kisses intensified with alittle heat. After about a minute of kissing, they both had to pull away to get a breath.

        "Wow" They said at the same time.

        The girls giggled a little and Liz touched her semi swollen lips.

        "I can't believe it but I liked that" Maria admitted, looking at her friend. "Did you like that?"

        Liz nodded, looking at her. She paused a minute before speaking. "I want more.."

        Maria smiled conivingly at her. "Me too"

        With that their mouths were together again. Maria took a further step and slide her tongue across the rip of Liz's lips, silently asking for permission. Liz responded by opening her mouth more. Maria's tongue went in her mouth and their tongue's starting clashing like swords. Liz mentally laughed a little at what they were now doing. Frenching. No wait.. They didn't call it frenching. Maria said that sounded like it had something to do with french fries or something. So instead, they called it Sex Tongue, for various reasons that only they knew. So here they were, doing Sex Tongue.. hands exploring ... tongues clashing together.. the whole works, not even caring if anyone walked in. Not like anyone would come in. Who in their right might would come in at 1:00 in the morning? They got their answer when the door to the back room and kitchen swung open and smacked aganist the wall behind it. Liz and Maria jumped apart quickly out of surprise. They both had a few button on their uniforms unsnapped, swollen lips and guilty looks on their faces. They looked to who came in the door.

        "Sean? What the hell are you doing here?" Maria exasperated.

        "I could of sworn I locked the back door"

        "You did. I climbed through your window" Sean answered Liz.

        "You know I could get you arrested for that?" Liz eyed him.

        He shrugged as Maria spoke.

        "Don't make me ask again Sean"

        "I'm hungry."

        "Doesn't surprise me" Maria muttered. Then she looked at her watch. "It's 12:30. Can't you tell we're closed?" She looked around the empty cafe then to her stupid cousin.

        "Then what are you two doing here in your uniforms?" Sean challenged.

        Maria didn't have a lie for an answer prepared. She quickly look over at her best friend.

        "Just get out of here Sean. We're not cooking food just for you"

        "But-but-" Sean pouted.

        "No buts about it mister" Maria said as she pushed her cousin towards the front doors. "Go"

        "Hey wait wait wait.. what were you two doin' when I came in?" Sean asked, getting pushed backwards.

        "Just... experimenting" Maria answered.

        "Can I watch?"

        "No!" Maria hit him in disgust. "Now go" She pushed open the doors and shoved him out.

        Sean opened his mouth to say something but the door shut and Maria locked it before he had the chance to. He shook his head and walked away as Maria turned back to Liz.

        "Let's close up and go to your room. Nothing's ever gonna happen at 1:10 in the morning here" Maria shook her head as she walked back to her friend.

        "Alright" Liz said coming out from behind the counter and heading towards the back room, shutting the lights off. Maria followed her.


        An hour later at 2:00, Liz and Maria were back to kissing and touching, on her bed. Thing had progressed much further then either of them expected but neither of them wanted to stop.

        "Are you sure?" Liz breathed out, knowing what would happen next, as Maria kissed down her neck.

        Maria sighed eyeing Liz. "Yes"

        "Alright" Liz breathed out again and they both reached out to finish unsnapping the buttons on each other's uniforms as they kept kissing.

        Seconds later, the uniforms were cascadded onto the floor and both girls were left in their under clothes.

        Liz pulled away from Maria's mouth and looked her over. "Mmm.. never thought that water bra would look to appealing" Liz grinned at her best friend. "Too bad you won't be wearing that for long."

        The girls giggled as they took off each other's bra and underwear. They took turns pleasuring each other's bodies with their lips... hands... everything they had avalible to them. This went on for a few hours, until both of them were tired. The sun was starting to come up before they were finished.

        "I hope your dad goes away more often" Maria said kissing her best friend deeply.

        "Me too" Liz muttered against her lips before kissing her back, doing sex tongue with her a bit before Maria pulled back and layed her head against Liz's breasts. They fell asleep that way; arms around each other, tangled legs covered by the blanket on Liz's bed.

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