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Who Da Man?

Reply to Shelly

Posted to the Roswell Slash list December 1, 2000

Title: Who Da Man?
Author: Shelly
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Zan/Rath
Rating: NC17
Summary: Pre-Meet the Dupes, Zan and Rath work out who exactly is "da man".
Archive: must ask permission
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, just messin' wit' 'em

Am posting this for my psychic twinnie, Shelly. Any comments sent to me on the story will be forwarded to her. Hope you like! :)

"I'm da man!" Zan drawled, his eyes locked on Rath's face.

" da man," Rath conceded, backing off only after he realized that Zan would stare him down. And, in truth, Zan was the King. There was no getting around it.

A smirk curved Zan's lips as he turned away from Rath and strolled off, leaving the others to follow him. They were heading back to their crib after stealing fruit from a vendor's cart which Zan had knocked over by using his powers.

Rath watched Zan walk off then turned to give Lonnie a look. Smiled when she nodded and waited for her to speak.

"Yo...Zan," Lonnie called out to her brother.

"Yeah?" He asked, pausing to turn and look at her. Shook his head to see Lonnie's arm draped over Ava's shoulder. "What up?"

Lonnie grinned. "Me and Ava are gonna go do some shopping," she drawled. "We'll see you guys later."

Zan shrugged. "Whatevah."

"Bring me back something nice," Rath called out to Lonnie as she steered Ava off in the opposite direction. Then he and Zan continued on to their crib. Headed below ground to the subway tunnels and it felt good to be home. "Play a game?" Rath asked Zan as he picked up a pair of hockey sticks. They used balls instead of pucks to play.

"Why not," Zan allowed, catching the stick that Rath tossed him. Moved to join his friend, who also happened to be his second in command. At least, Rath had been that in their other life, and would be again if they ever made it back to their home planet. "Loser buys dinner," Zan called out as he whacked a ball at Rath.

Rath shot the ball back and countered, "Loser gets fucked by the winner!"

Zan grinned. "You can't beat da man," he drawled, then he rocketed the ball at Rath, missing him by a mere inch. The ball ricocheted off the wall and bounced back.

"Your sorry ass is mine!" Rath hissed as he found another ball and moved into position to send it rolling back.

"You want a piece of me?" Zan taunted, even as he licked his lips.

Rath felt himself grow hard. Zan knew how to play him and the boy was hot. Too damn hot for Rath's piece of mind. "Bet dat!" he shot back.

Zan chuckled then crooked a finger at Rath. "Come and get it...if you're man enough," he challenged. And, in the blink of an eye, Zan found himself slammed up against the nearest wall. Felt Rath's mouth on his even as big hands groped him. Then he was kissing Rath back, tongue slipping between Rath's soft lips, teasing the gold hoop, taking control.

"My game!" Rath hissed, as he broke the kiss. It was time to show Zan who was *da man* in this part of their relationship. Zan was always in control, making the choices. Rath could accept that, except when it came to sex. That was when he took control and he was going to punish Zan for thinking otherwise. Put the boy in his place. To that end, Rath grabbed handfuls of Zan's sleeveless t-shirt and ripped it open, baring the perfect chest to his hungry gaze. Admired Zan for a moment before whispering, "Yo...all dat be mine for the takin'."

"Not in this lifetime," Zan countered as he reached out to cup Rath's face in both hands and claimed a kiss. Pressed himself against the other boy and slid one leg between Rath's so that he could rub against the other's groin. Zan smiled to himself as he felt Rath's cock grow harder.

Rath moaned as his hands roamed over Zan's body. Loved the feel of soft, smooth, skin over hard muscle. Let his hands roam down Zan's back to grip the small, taut, buttocks and let himself grind against Zan's groin, making his cock ache with the need to bury itself inside his King. "Gonna fuck you till you beg for mercy!" Rath hissed, even as he backed Zan over to the couch. Planned on bending him over the back and taking him hard.

But Zan had other ideas. Knew what Rath was planning for the boy was hardly creative, but wasn't about to let it go down like that. So he used his powers, forming a shield between them that pushed Rath away. "I don't remember giving you permission to touch dis..." Zan drawled, one hand pressed to his bare chest. "You can look...but don't touch. For some reason, seem to keep forgetting that...I'm da man."

"I didn't forget nothin'!" Rath shot back, his eyes sparking with rage and desire. Touched fingers to the shield and felt a warm vibration. Couldn't get through it, but would find a way to get what he wanted. And he wanted Zan. Naked and writhing beneath him. "You seem to forget that you' man!" Rath countered.

Zan laughed, a sound that rumbled out from deep in his throat. He dropped his shield and moved to Rath, one hand moving to the bigger man's crotch even as he leaned in to flick his tongue across pillowy lips. "Prove it," he challenged Rath. "Show me what you got."

Rath's reply was to wave his hand over Zan so that the boy's clothing disappeared. Let his eyes wander over Zan as the boy stood before him, gloriously naked and proud of it. And Zan had reason to be proud. He had an incredible body. "Mine!" Rath whispered fiercely as he bent his head and licked his way from Zan's lips down the long neck. over hard pecs and washboard abs, lower still into crinkly hair till he reached the tip of Zan's thick, long, cock. Rath smirked to hear Zan moan as he used strong fingers to stroke him to aching hardness, a hardness his own cock had sympathy for. Then Rath took Zan in his mouth, lips and tongue and teeth working together to make the boy cum.

Zan cried out as he came, fingers curling in Rath's ratty hair, letting the other boy hold him up when knees threatened to buckle. Then he felt himself pushed over to the couch and was bent over it, ass up in the air, before he could protest. A long finger slipped between his buttocks and Zan moaned deeply. No pain, for Rath had used Zan's own seed to lubricate him.

"Who da man now?" Rath asked, his lips pressed to Zan's ear as he slid another finger inside Zan's tightness. Wanted to open him a bit before replacing fingers with his cock.

"Fuck you!" Zan hissed, then he gasped as Rath's thick cock slid inside him. Should have protested further, but Rath knew how to play him, how to angle himself to brush over Zan's prostate so that pleasure surged through Zan and left him trembling.

Rath felt Zan shudder as he pressed in deeper. He wrapped one arm around Zan's slender waist, drawing the boy hard up against him so that he could thrust in harder, till he felt his balls slapping ass. Nipped at Zan's hard shoulder with his teeth as he began to pump cock into the tight channel in quick thrusts now. "You're da King...and da man, Zan," Rath allowed as he lengthened his thrusts. Was close to explosion now and his breathing was shallow and panting. "But you're also my bitch!" This said in a howl as Rath exploded, his seed shooting up deep into Zan. Then he slumped over the boy, pressing Zan back into the couch.

Zan felt Rath grow soft inside him and used his alien strength to turn in the boy's embrace. "You talk too much, Rath," Zan whispered, then he claimed a kiss. And now he would show Rath just who *da man* was.


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