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Subject 101, Part Eight

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 11, 2000

TITLE: Subject 101
AUTHOR: Shelly and Sherri
RATING: NC 17 for graphic m/m sex
DISCLAIMER: Roswell characters don't belong to us; any other characters do...
FEEDBACK: thrive on it, makes us write more...LOL
AUTHORS NOTE: This is an Alternate Universe story so we're basically making up our history as it goes along. ALSO this story will feature GRAPHIC m/m sex, with a few non-consensual scenes thrown in. If you don't like that kind of stuff, then please don't read it. Chapters that contain graphic sex will be rated NC17.

Domino let Max sleep till nearly noon and hustled him into the shower while the cook made breakfast for him. Didn't care that when Max emerged he was wearing jeans and a silk T-shirt; when they got to the studio, there would be a change of wardrobe anyways. Drank cappuccino as Max devoured his breakfast and once the boy was done, he rose from the table, nodding for Max to follow him.

"Where are we going?" asked Max hesitantly as they stepped into the elevator.

"Rebecca wants to work you into a movie of hers." said Domino, smiling at Max's uneasy expression and patting him on the cheek. "Time for you to earn your keep."

Max nodded, swallowing hard, and hugged himself as a shiver went through him. could be worse. Couldn't be any more degrading than servicing a john...

As they emerged from the elevator, Domino slipped an arm around Max's waist, holding the boy possessively as they moved to the front door, for the waiting limousine. Once inside, Domino hit the control that would send smoked glass up, to block the driver from viewing what happened in the back seat, and asked Max, "You wearing underwear?" Couldn't see any signs that he was under those tight jeans and even though Max shook his head to indicate "no", he demanded, "Show me."

Max stood up, placing one hand on the opposite seat to steady himself as he unzipped jeans, eyes averted as he showed the bare flesh underneath, a bit of his cock peeking through. "All the way off..." ordered Domino, eyes heavy lidded. Awkwardly Max stripped off the jeans and without being told he went to sit on Domino's lap, unzipping his trousers to take long thick cock in one hand and guide it inside him. Bit his lip at the flare of pain and slipped arms around Domino's neck, leaning forward to kiss full lips as he rocked slowly on Domino, squeezing muscles around him in the hopes of getting a quick release and an end to this.

The boy was such a perfect tight fit, Domino loved the hot feel of the boy's channel around him, and he growled against Max's mouth as the boy clamped around him, working him. Turned Max so that he could lay him out on his back on the wide seat, long legs going around his waist, and stroked hard and fast into him, not caring if he was hurting him or not. Jazzed at the thought of what he'd see at the filming today and wanting to be the first to take the kid...

He came all too quick, in one burst, and once done, he tucked himself back inside his pants, nodding for Max to get dressed in his jeans again. Once they were done with the filming, Max would be too exhausted to be much good for him till tomorrow at least. He'd have to find someone else to fulfill his needs tonight...the twins, maybe...

Max looked blindly out the window, his stomach twisted with dread. Whatever they had planned for him at the warehouse, he knew he wasn't going to like it. And yet he had little choice but to do as he was told...

* * *

It looked like a perfectly normal warehouse from the outside, looking empty and dim from where they entered it, with a glow of lights in the distance. Making their way across the floor, they came at last to a wall set up to shield the set and Domino took Max's arm as he went around it, leading the boy with him.

Once past it, Max got a good luck at the sets. One was a mock-up of the deck of an old-fashioned wooden ship, with mast, sails, and all, and the other a replication of a bedchamber from that same type of ship, with a huge four poster bed to dominate it. Domino guided him to where Rebecca stood, who was smoking a cigarette as she went over the details of a scene with her assistant. She smiled at seeing them and nodded to her assistant, a bespectacled young blond.

"Get him in wardrobe." she said, pointing to Max.

The assistant flashed Max an uneasy smile as she motioned for him to follow her to a small dressing room. "Clothes are on the dressing table. Better hurry..." she said, fleeing to let him dress in privacy.

Reluctantly Max went to the dressing table to examine the clothing he'd been given. Trousers of a soft suede that would no doubt fit like a second skin, a white poet shirt and a brown waistcoat, to match trousers. Sighing, he stripped out of his own clothes to dress and like he'd thought, the pants molded to him, requiring a little wriggling to get everything in its proper place.

He was no sooner dressed than the assistant poked her head in the door and hurried forward to grab his arm, dragging him with her out onto the floor. "We have to get started now..." She handed him off to a man wearing a headset, who led Max to a short flight of steps leading down under the mock-up of the ship, the two having to duck underneath it as the crew member led Max to another flight of stairs, that would lead up to the deck. At the stairs was a man dressed in a pirate's costume, with bandana wrapped around his head and even an eyepatch.

He urged Max up the stairs before him and Max flinched at feeling the man's hand roving over his ass, mouth nuzzling the back of his neck briefly as he joined Max at the top of the stairs. Heaving up the hatch, he shoved Max out, hard enough to make his stumble and fall to his knees, and called out, "Look what I found below, cap'n!"

"What a lovely treasure..."

On hands and knees, Max raised his head to find himself surrounded by three giants. Two brown haired and swarthy skinned, brothers from the resemblance: the older looking of the two had short cropped hair and a crooked nose, wearing a black vest that exposed bulging chest and tight-fitting black trousers to show off thickly muscled legs; the younger had soft curly brown hair down to bare broad shoulders, his gleaming chest completely bare, wearing red trousers. The last was blond, hair pulled back in a pony tail, a gold earring gleaming at one ear, wearing black trousers and a white shirt opened to the waist, to show off as thick a chest as the others. He was the one who spoke, white teeth gleaming against tanned skin, an appreciative glint in blue eyes that wasn't faked at all.

"Let us see our treasure. Rafael..." said the blond, nodding to the older of the brothers.

Max found himself captured easily by Rafael, both wrists held in one big hand to drag them up over his head as he lifted Max to his feet. The other brother stepped forward to grasp the collar of Max's poet shirt and tore it easily down the front, smoothing it back to expose Max's chest. "Beautiful..." said the blond appreciatively, sliding a hand over the front of his own trousers, to stroke the growing bulge there. "Prepare him."

The younger brother grinned and produced a knife, sliding it under the waistband of Max's trousers, Max shivering at the touch of cold metal. Deftly he turned it to slice down the length of tight fitting trousers, slitting first one leg and then other, his other hand following in the wake of the knife, to caress Max. A twist of the knife and the waistband was cut as well, so that the material was stripped free.

And all the while Max was painfully aware of the people watching from the sidelines, of how the bright studio lights illuminated the stage, of the cameraman that zoomed in on the action, turning the camera to capture Rafael as he slipped a thick finger between small buttocks. Max stiffened at the intrusion, muscles contracting and rippling under golden skin, all caught lovingly by the camera as it focused on him. Lifting to catch his expression as Rafael worked finger into him, the flicker of pain across his beautiful features and the press of teeth into lower lip, body shifting as he tried to pull back from the penetrating finger.

"Pablo...attend him..." said the blond to the other brother and Pablo fell to his knees before Max, to eagerly take the boy's thick cock in his mouth. Max gasped as he was swallowed, mouth and tongue working him expertly, as Rafael's finger speared him, spreading him for their assault. A twist of finger and knuckle found prostate, Rafael grinning as the rub of knuckle over it sent a shudder of pleasure through Max.

"Like that, do you, pretty?" asked the blond, staying in character as he watched avidly the boy reacting to the stroke of Rafael's knuckle over his prostate. God, the boy was just sumptuous, just the way he liked them, long and lean, with enough muscle to make him look very good. A tremor ran through the lean form, the boy's eyes closing tight as tongue unconsciously flicked out to run over his lips, his body tautening with the deeper plunge of Rafael's finger even as hips started to rock, to push cock deeper into Pablo's mouth. Could tell by the way lean chest began to heave and the way the boy moaned he was ready to come and he shivered in anticipation. The minute the kid came, he was going to be deep in that sweet ass.

Pablo pulled back the moment he felt the boy start to spurt and fisted the thick cock as cum jetted from it, placing his mouth over it then to swallow the hot cum. A shove at his shoulder from the blond and he was moving out of the way, as the blond loosened trousers to allow cock to spring free. He grasped the boy's thighs to lift him, Rafael assisting him, hands gripping buttocks hard to part them as he guided the boy over the huge shaft.

As he felt the head of it press between his buttocks, Max started to struggle, shaking his head in denial. Too big, it would tear him apart, he knew, and he kicked and twisted but the two men were too strong, too determined to have their way. He groaned as the bulbous head pierced puckered opening, spreading it, forcing itself into him, and it felt like having a bat shoved up into him, hot and throbbing and eager. Just the head of it and it was too much, Max crying out as he tried to lift himself off the invader, but Rafael held him too tight, spreading his legs to force them around the blond's waist.

His passage stretched to accommodate the intruder, his body adapting to it, to prevent damage, and Max moaned as inch by inch the huge cock worked its way into him, till it was as deep as it could go. The blond let himself slide nearly all the way out and then pressed in again, to butt head against prostate and send Max shuddering with pained pleasure, driving himself and the boy crazy, till he drew out again and began to fuck him in earnest, Rafael pushing the boy back down on his cock with each retreat.

End of part 8

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