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Subject 101, Part Seven

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 11, 2000

TITLE: Subject 101
AUTHOR: Shelly and Sherri
RATING: NC17 for sexual situations
DISCLAIMER: Roswell characters don't belong to us; any other characters do...
FEEDBACK: thrive on it, makes us write more...LOL
AUTHORS NOTE: This is an Alternate Universe story so we're basically making up our history as it goes along. ALSO this story will feature GRAPHIC m/m sex, with a few non-consensual scenes thrown in. If you don't like that kind of stuff, then please don't read it. Chapters that contain graphic sex will be rated NC17.

"Champagne?" Rebecca asked Max as they entered the bedroom. She had snagged a bottle off the tray of a passing waiter on their way. Rebecca preferred champagne over any other beverage. Practically drank it like water.

"Sure." Max replied, looking to Domino for approval and was relieved to receive a nod. He needed the rush the champagne would give him. Max didn't want to do this. Didn't want to be a part of Domino's plan, for he had listened carefully to the talk at the party. To what Domino said and what was said in return. Max now knew what his fate was to be and he didn't like it. But he had no choice if he were going to keep Jinx and the others safe.

Rebecca smiled as she handed Max the bottle. Worked on removing his shirt as he chugged from the bottle and was a bit surprised when he wrapped an arm around her waist, drew her in close and kissed her. But Rebecca was pleased when Max shared a mouthful of champagne with her, not caring when some of the liquid dribbled down both their chins. Almost purred when Max's tongue licked the drops from her chin, then cleaned a path down Rebecca's neck and into her cleavage. The boy was young, but talented. Then Rebecca tangled her fingers in Max's silky, dark hair and returned the favor, following a drop that slid inside the leather pants by undoing the button and sliding the zipper down.

Domino stepped forward to help Rebecca undress Max. Didn't take long to get the boy naked and Domino felt his cock grow hard at the sight of Max's naked ass. His fingers reached out to knead the taut, muscled, globes of flesh. "On the bed, both of you." Domino ordered.

"Oh, yes..." Rebecca whispered, stripping off her dress on the way. Wore no bra or panties and kicked off her shoes. Then she was on her back, legs wide open, offering herself to Max. Moaned deep in her throat when the boy's tongue found the center of her being, licking and suckling at her feminine folds until she exploded. Then she felt him slide deep inside her and his cock was long and thick.

"Good boy, Max." Domino drawled as he watched his prized possession go to work. Max might be little more than a male whore, but he knew women well which made him all the more valuable. But then all thoughts vanished as Domino freed his aching cock and slid it home into Max's tight ass. Then he and Max and Rebecca found the perfect rhythm and it didn't take long before they all cried out as they exploded.


Rebecca smiled at Domino. They were enjoying a snack as Max slept nearby; exhaustion and liquor had claimed the boy after an hour of intensive fucking. "I want to make a movie starring Max." Rebecca announced.

"Porno flick?" Domino guessed. Like that was hard to figure.

"Triple ex slashy movie." Rebecca replied. "I know three HUGE guys...HUGE in every way. And here's the story...they play brothers who are pirates. They overtake a ship at sea and discover the ultimate treasure--Max--who they then proceed to fuck in every imaginable way possible and then some."

Domino felt himself growing hard at the mere thought of what Rebecca proposed. "When do you want to start filming?" he asked. And of course he would be watching from the sidelines.

Rebecca smiled. "Bring Max to my warehouse studio tomorrow." she said. "And you can tell him about the movie...but don't tell him the script. I want Max to be...surprised."

"Oh, he'll be surprised." Domino allowed. "So...shall we wake up sleeping beauty so he can get in some...rehearsal...time?"

"Let's." Rebecca drawled, as she rose to her feet and glided over to the bed. This night with Max was only the beginning. Rebecca had plans for the boy. And they didn't include Domino.

End of Part 7

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