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Subject 101, Part Six

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 11, 2000

TITLE: Subject 101
AUTHOR: Shelly and Sherri
RATING: R for language, description of body parts
DISCLAIMER: Roswell characters don't belong to us; any other characters do...
FEEDBACK: thrive on it, makes us write more...LOL
AUTHORS NOTE: This is an Alternate Universe story so we're basically making up our history as it goes along. ALSO this story will feature GRAPHIC m/m sex, with a few non-consensual scenes thrown in. If you don't like that kind of stuff, then please don't read it. Chapters that contain graphic sex will be rated NC17.

"Who is he?"

"I don't know...he was following me..."

The sound of voices brought Jack up out of unconsciousness and he opened bleary eyes, biting back a groan when he lifted aching head. Holding his head with one hand, he struggled up into a sitting position and the indistinct figures that floated around him solidified, one recognizable as the girl Jinx, the others in the same scruffy attire. A boy of maybe fifteen with fiery red hair had clenched in his hand a length of wood with a little smear of blood on it, the very thing he had hit Jack with no doubt.

"Back off." Jack ordered the kids as he grasped at the wall to pull himself up to his feet, weaving a little till he got his balance and groaning as his head threatened to explode with the movement. Slitting his eyes, he reached inside his coat with a shaky hand and shot a baleful look at the redhead when he started forward, club raised. Removing his wallet he flashed it at the kids and directed a sour look at the redhead. "You know how much trouble you can get into, assaulting a police officer like that?"

"We...we thought you were...a pervert or something." said the girl Jinx nervously, moving before the redheaded kid. "Not a lot of nice people out on the streets, y'know? Give us a break, huh?" she wheedled.

"Okay, I won't report it...but I expect something in return. Quid pro quo." Jack waved a hand at the girl as she stared uneasily at him, fear flickering in her eyes. "Not what you're thinking. I'm looking for a kid named Max. A little shorter than me, skinny, dark hair..."

Jinx and the redhead exchanged an uneasy glance, the girl looking suspicious as she cocked her head to study Jack narrowly. "What you want him for?"

"He walked in front of my car, I banged him up a little. Just want to talk to him, see how he is." said Jack placatingly. "That's all."

Jinx wound a lock of violet hair around one finger, giving the lock a tug as she considered what to tell him. Finally she said, "I haven't seen Max in about three days."

"We've been looking for him..." piped up another girl, with short cropped white blond hair, earning herself a glare from Jinx.

"And he doesn't just go without telling you, does he?" asked Jack. Slowly Jinx shook her head, the misery showing plainly in her features. So much could happen to a kid out here on the streets. Pick the wrong john and you ended up in a dumpster somewhere. Of course he could have got busted, tried to pick up a cop instead... "I'll check around and see what I can find out. But only if you promise that if he comes back, you'll contact me, okay?" He took a business card from his pocket and pressed it on Jinx, who nodded reluctantly.

"Now how the hell do I get out of here...?" muttered Jack, looking around the cluttered foyer.

The blond girl stepped forward with a hesitant look to Jinx, who nodded her approval, and said, "C'mon..." Leading the way out of the building and onto the street, scampering out of sight the moment Jack stepped foot on the pavement.

Sighing and rubbing still aching head, Jack headed for his car to go back to the precinct. And find out if Max had been picked up, either alive...or dead.

* * *

For the party, Max was dressed in the black leather pants and the white silk shirt, the buttons left half undone to show off golden skinned chest. Domino had taken great pleasure in dressing him, after taking his "test drive" and cleaning Max up afterwards in the shower, among other things. Had been gentler than many of the johns Max had known and it hadn't been that unpleasant. Wouldn't be so bad, to be with Domino, the practical part of his mind told him, but for all the pretty trappings surrounding was still a cage. And he had grown to hate cages with a passion.

There were perhaps fifty guests in all for Domino's party and about twenty members of Domino's stable, boy and girl alike, to provide the guests with amusement. Domino kept Max at his side as he moved through the crowd, angling for one guest in particular standing in a small cluster by the wet bar, a glass of champagne held in one hand.

She was a few inches shorter than Max, with a lushly curved figure shown off to perfection in the mint green sheath with a low cut bodice to show off full breasts, short auburn hair forming a spiky halo around a heart-shaped face. Rebecca Nieland had the grace and beauty of a model, which she had used to her advantage in a very successful career in the porn industry, every one of her videos best sellers. Smart, too, for she'd used her ability to draw big bucks to gain herself her own empire. Established a line of videos that strove to be a cut above the regular porn, had a string of adult web sites, a half dozen well selling magazines, and was now about to establish here a sex club, such as she had seen in Europe.

Which meant she would need talent. Talent that Domino could provide to her, for a sizeable piece of the pie, along with a client base that he had established over the years, that would be willing to shell out the bucks for an exclusive membership. To finalize the deal, Domino had set up the party tonight and intended to dangle Max before her, as in incentive to agree. Knew she couldn't resist...

She moved away from her gathering of admirers to join Domino and Max, allowing Domino to kiss her cheek and then turning to Max to study him. "Nice." she said approvingly, her eyes going from the nicely toned chest and down to the bulge in the center of leather pants.

"A party favor...for our own private party..." said Domino, trailing fingers up her arm and to her bare shoulder, leaning in to puff a soft breath in her ear before nuzzling the skin behind her ear, sending a shiver through her.

"You sure know how to treat a girl, don't you, Domino?" said Rebecca with a husky laugh and extended her hand to Max. As he laid his hand in hers, she drew him closer, slipping one hand into his shirt to caress lean chest as she devoured his mouth. Domino moved behind her, so that she could feel the eager press of his cock against her buttocks, and the kid molded his body to hers, hand sliding up the silk material of her dress to gently knead breast, thumb stroking over the bared top of her breast. She broke off the kiss and nipped at his lower lip, voice a little breathless as she said, "Let's go..."

End of part 6

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