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Dr. Love, Part Two

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 4, 2001

Title: Dr. Love
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Author's Notes: This is an alternate version of Viva Las Vegas and carries mild spoilers for that episode. Our version of what would have happened if Max and Michael had gone off to Las Vegas by themselves <EG>

Max went still at Michael's words, feeling challenged by them. "Is this some power play, Michael?" he demanded. "You fuck me over cause I'm the King and you're second in command? Cause if that's the case then you can take my crown gladly. I don't want the job!" As he spoke, Max wriggled around, trying to push Michael out of him.

But Michael wasn't having that. He gripped Max's hips hard to hold the lithe body still. Much more of this and he would explode before he even got started. "I want to fuck you because you're beautiful and sexy and you need to be fucked!" Michael growled. "I want you to give in to your passion, Max. I want you to let loose the beast inside of you. Let me be in control for once...just let yourself feel."

"I can't let myself lose control, Michael," Max protested, still squirming. Michael was so big and hard inside him that it was beginning to hurt. "Please..." Max begged, when Michael refused to let him pull away.

"Please what?" Michael countered, knowing full well what Max wanted. But it was what Max needed that concerned Michael more. So he wiggled his hips, angling himself a bit and then he felt Max stiffen and a gasp escaped sweet lips. Jackpot.

Max moaned as pleasure washed over him in waves, had never felt anything like it before. "Michael..." Max whispered.

Michael smirked as he pulled out only to stroke back in, brushing over prostate once more. Max shuddered beneath him. "You need to be fucked, Max," Michael hissed. "And I'm just the guy to do it." That said, Michael reached for Max's hands, pinning them down to the cushions, then he began to stroke in and out of the boy's hot tightness and it was like pure heaven. It was where Michael belonged. What they both needed.

"Bastard!" Max hissed, gritting his teeth. Wanted to slap the smirk off Michael's face. But Michael would not relent so Max would play the game. Get this over with then he and Michael would have it out with words. But first Max had to put an end to this sweet torture. So he lifted his legs and wrapped them around Michael's waist, making it impossible for Michael to thrust in deep. Then Max tried to take control of the rhythm only to find himself suddenly going limp. Max realized that Michael was using some kind of mind control on him and was stunned. But then he was pissed as Michael pulled out of him only to reposition Max. A flush of shame and anger suffused Max's cheeks as he found himself pressed over the back of the couch, ass up in the air. And Michael took the invitation, plunging into Max hard and deep.

Max caught at the back of the couch to prevent himself from going over it with the violence of Michael's thrusts. Too awkward a position for him to get free of Michael, even if he could, and Max gritted his teeth as his body rocked to the rhythm that Michael set.

And then Michael slowed his pace, hands clasping Max's hips as he glided in and out of him, each slide in stimulating gland till Max was moving with him, bucking up against him. Michael laughed in triumph, at managing once again to get a reaction from Max, and let his hands roam over skin like gold silk, mouth pressing a kiss to the back of Max's neck.

He bit into the nape of Max's neck as he felt his explosion come, from curling toes and up to his groin, cock twitching violently as it drenched the insides of Max's tight passage. Muscles clenched and loosened around him, milking him, and it was the most fantastic sensation he'd ever felt. His first time, too, and who woulda thought it would be with Max?

For a long moment he held himself still in Max, loving the feel of him, and at last he eased himself out, cum leaking from puckered opening to run down the underside of buttock and along inner thigh. Ignoring the greedy desire to lick it from Max's skin, Michael slid off the couch, tucking himself back into his jeans, and threw himself down into the armchair, reaching for the remote to turn on the TV.

Trembling with anger and shame, Max let himself sink down onto the couch and used the arm of it for support as he staggered to his feet. It didn't take much effort to ease the ache from Michael's exuberant reaming and with that done he stalked for the bathroom to clean himself up. He'd shower and then he was going to get the hell out of here.

The bathroom door slammed shut hard enough to rattle the door on its hinges and Michael shook his head as he got up from the couch to get himself something to drink. He was just going to have to teach Max some manners...and the teaching was going to be fun indeed.

"Going somewhere?" Michael asked as he watched Max stalk back out of the bathroom, tossing a glare his way. Took note of the fact that Max was now dressed in jeans and a long sleeved pullover a muted shade of red. Michael grinned to himself. Knew that Max believed he was hiding in those kind of shirts, but in truth the clingy material outlined the sculptured musculature of Max's arms, shoulders, chest and back. Michael licked his lips, remembering what Max looked like. How soft golden skin was over rock-hard muscle. And he had tasted good too. "I said...are you going somewhere?" Michael repeated, when it was obvious that Max was ignoring him.

Max scowled at Michael then reached for the cordless phone."I'm going home!" Max hissed. "Back to Roswell."

Michael was out of his chair in a heartbeat, snatching the phone out of Max's hand and hurling it across the room. "Not in this life time," Michael whispered. "You're staying here with me."

"Dream on!" Max shot back, eyes glowing like amber flames. He was furious at Michael for using him. For getting him to respond then tossing him aside. Stupid to feel this way and Max knew it, but he couldn't change the way he felt. "I'm going home to Liz!"

"To hell with Liz!" Michael roared. He was so sick of hearing her name fall from Max's lips. They didn't belong together. Liz wasn't good enough for Max. "You're mine, Maxwell," Michael snarled, then he lunged for the other boy, hands gripping Max's shoulders as he melded his mouth to sweet lips.

Max was stunned by the passion and hunger in Michael's kiss. Too stunned to react at first, and then he remembered he was furious with Michael and tried to pull away. But Michael wouldn't let him break free, so Max was ready to resort to using his alien strength when Michael broke the kiss. "I hate you!" Max hissed at Michael.

Michael didn't laugh. He locked eyes with Max and whispered. "Hate me all you want, Maxwell," he drawled. "But I am going to fuck you again." That said, Michael scooped Max up in his arms and carried him to the bedroom suite. Once there he strode to the bed and laid Max down upon it. When Max would have tried to slide off, Michael silenced him with a touch of one finger to soft lips. "I need this," Michael whispered, then added. "I need you."

"Michael..." Max countered, but then he fell silent. There was nothing he could say to that. Didn't know if he really believed it, but maybe he had to take that chance. Had to risk being burned. And to that end Max reached up to curl his fingers in Michael's shirt front, then he drew the other boy down for a kiss.

This kiss was soft, almost gentle, not the frenzied collision of before, not the battle of tongue and lips as each sought dominion over the other. The kind of kiss that a lover gave a partner, one mouth molding to another, tongue flicking out to jab teasingly against lips. Max setting the pace now and at this moment Michael was willing to let him do it, lowering himself down to Max as hands tugged at his shirt. One long leg fitted between his, knee rising up to rub teasingly against hard, aching groin, and Michael closed legs hard around that leg, trapping knee against groin. God, he was ready to cum, just from Max lightly grinding knee against his groin, and he shut eyes tight, shuddering as he tried to pull himself back from the brink.

Max's knee eased back and he let it, wanting Max, wanting him *now*. Wanting to be buried so deep in him that he couldn't tell where he ended and Max began. He grasped blindly for Max's jeans, with the intention of ripping them off, but Max caught his hands, lifting first one and then the other to press a soft kiss into each palm before pressing them firmly to Michael's sides. He lifted his own hands to unbutton Michael's shirt, raising himself up to kiss Michael on the mouth when the other boy started to pull back. "For you..." he whispered against Michael's mouth.

Reluctantly Michael let him unbutton his shirt. Next to Max's sleek, lean body he felt thick and oafish, too soft compared to the hard muscle of Max. Max stroked hands lovingly over him, mouth pressing a kiss to the underside of his chin as he eased Michael back onto the bed, so that he could kiss his way down soft chest and to belly, tongue circling lazily in navel as hands undid Michael's jeans to tug them down. His mouth was so hot against Michael's skin, seeming to know just where to kiss and where to nibble, till Michael was trembling beneath him.

Then that lovely mouth was gone from him but only briefly, just long enough for Max to free cock and set mouth over it. Michael let out a strangled groan as lips enclosed the head of his cock. But this wasn't how he wanted it to happen, he wanted to be *in* Max, and he reached for Max, Max grasping his hands to push them away as he slid mouth up and down cock. Not to bring him off that way, just enough to slick him up, so that he settle over him and grasp cock to guide it inside him as he sank down onto Michael.

Michael rose up, gathering Max into his lap, and Max's legs slid around his waist, arms twining around his neck as they exchanged a deep kiss. Easy to tip Max onto his back so that he could screw him this way but not a helluva lot to move, with Max's legs tight around him, just enough that he could go into him with short, hard jabs, angled to strike gland till the pleasure that suffused Max loosened the death grip legs had on him.

Hooking arms under Max's knees, Michael pressed them back and stroked slow and deep into him, Max moaning softly with each press home. Bucking impatiently up against Michael to increase the pace and Michael obliged him, the bed creaking loudly under their rocking bodies. Michael freed one hand to grasp Max's cock and stroked it feverishly, wanting Max to cum at the same time that he did.

He was the first to go, body shuddering violently with the explosion, and two hard pulls on Max's cock brought warm milky fluid out to leak over his fingers. He sprawled atop Max, both of them breathing hard from the intensity of their release, and when he had recovered a little, he raised himself up. "Are we having fun yet?" he asked breathlessly.

Max laughed shakily, flushed and sheened with sweat from their exertions. "Yes." he said simply. He reached up to stroke hair back from Michael's forehead, letting his fingertips skim down his cheek. "You were right..."

"Me...right? When?" retorted Michael, propping himself up on his elbows as he gazed down at Max.

"When you said I was a machine..." Max pressed a finger to Michael's lips to still his automatic protest. "You needed a friend along for this trip...and all I've been is a chaperone. I guess...sometimes I feel so responsible for you, for Isabel and even Tess, that I get too caught up in it to show you that"

"And sometimes I'm a little too rough on you..." admitted Michael.

"You...rough?" teased Max.

"You're ruining this tender moment between us." Michael scowled down at Max but he couldn't hold it, no more than he could resist leaning in to steal a kiss. And since words had never worked that well between them, he showed his love and affection for Max in a more physical way. Whether or not this would continue once they got back to Roswell didn't matter at this moment in time. Only that they were healing the rift between them...

The End

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