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Crazy, Part Nine

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

"Wait!" Jarod shouted, throwing up one hand to ward off what he knew would be a fatal blast.

Enyara waited. "What do you wish to say before you die?" she queried.

Jarod took a deep breath, realizing that he had to choose his words carefully. "I wish to know why you feel you have to kill me," he stated.

"You have some...odd...hold over our King," Enyara replied, without hesitation. "You must be destroyed."

"I have no hold over Max," Jarod countered, still being careful with his choice of words, yet being totally honest at the same time. "But..I think he does have some kind of hold over me. I barely know him...yet I think I'm in love with him."

Isabel gasped at Jarod's words, mainly because she knew he meant them. "You love my brother!" she shouted, totally ignoring the fact that a shape shifter was in the doorway about to kill the guy. Max was more important.

Jarod turned to Isabel, but kept one eye on the alien. "Your brother is special, Isabel," he said softly, sincerely. "I know he's just a kid...but I do love him and I would never hurt him. I want you to believe that. I've never felt like this about anyone before. Never!"

"I believe you," Isabel replied, feeling tears prickle in her eyes and she dashed them away with the back of one hand.

"Oh, brother!" Michael interjected. He was finding it hard to accept that another guy was in love with Max. Max...who loved Liz. It was freaking Michael out. As was the shape shifter who's eyes were still locked on Jarod. But she hadn't tried to kill him yet. Michael sighed and faced her. "Look...if you're like Nasedo then you have to obey Max's commands. And I don't believe he commanded you to kill Jarod. Am I right?" Michael prompted, when she seemed disinclined to respond.

Enyara shook her head. "No...he did not ask me to kill the human."

Michael shrugged. "Then you'd better not do it. Max will be totally pissed if you do and you don't want to piss off the King. Do you?"

"I suppose it would not be wise to go against the wishes of the King," Enyara allowed, as she lowered her hand.

"So where is Max?" Isabel demanded, forgetting about Jarod and his revelation for the moment.

Enyara turned and said, "Come...I will show you."

* * *

They followed her in Jarod's car. Michael had been right about the Harrison place. He strode to the door and shoved it open then entered the room. "So where is he?" Michael asked of Enyara as she and the others followed him inside.

Enyara frowned and pointed to the bed. "I left him there...tied up and...asleep. He could not awaken without my help." She was not pleased by this.

"The bindings have been cut," Jarod commented as he studied them.

"They are...alien," Enyara stated. "A human utensil could not cut them."

Isabel felt a tremor of fear shake her. "This is not good." she whispered, and her words echoed in the silence that filled the room.

"Then another alien's taken him?" asked Jarod with a frown, trying to clarify the situation. How many of them *were* there in Roswell, anyways?

"It's a long story..." said Isabel with a sigh. "To make it short, there's this group called the Skins. Apparently they came here to find us...and the-this thing that we were given, to watch over. It's possible that they might be here and that they're the ones that took Max. Right?" she asked of Enyara.

"It is possible." admitted Enyara reluctantly, looking shamefaced. She had all but handed the King off to them, if that was true. That was *not* good at all. "I have failed all of you..." she said, hanging her head.

Jarod laid his hand carefully on her shoulder, ready to spring back, should she make a move to attack, and Enyara looked curiously up at him. "Finding Max is the important thing right now, not assigning blame. Okay?"

"Right." agreed Isabel and Michael gave a disinterested shrug, rolling his eyes as he nodded as well.

"Then we're back to where we started at. Figuring out where they might be hiding Max in town." If they were still in town...thought Jarod morosely.

The four of them settled at Michael's kitchen table, Michael getting out a town map so that they could study it as they brainstormed.

* * *


The hiss of his name directly into his ear brought Max up out of sleep and he blinked up at the figure looming over him, its blurred shape slowly resolving itself into the familiar form of Isabel. Isabel...he thought woozily, relief surging through him, and struggled to sit up, tugging at wrists and ankles that just didn't seem to want to work. It took a few long moments for it to penetrate that he was bound, which was why he couldn't move...

"Hang on." Michael appearing behind Isabel and then moving to free Max of his bindings. Once he was free, Isabel caught his arm to pull him up to a sitting position, supporting him as he weaved unsteadily. "Now let's get out of here..." hissed Michael, taking one of Max's arms to haul him up to his feet, Isabel supporting him from his other side.

Still a little dizzy, Max let the two of them all but carry him out of the room and down the hall. *Finally* he was free of that damned shape shifter; when things were a little more even between them, he would let her know exactly what he felt about her...behavior....

And then he remembered that someone had taken him from the house where the shape shifter had held him. Who, he couldn't exactly remember, his memory was foggy at that point...

"Skins in town." supplied Isabel, speaking to those thoughts as she and Michael guided him towards a door at the end of the hallway. "We have to secure the"

"So lead the way, Maxwell." said Michael as they came to the door.

Max set heels into the floor, looking confusedly from Michael to Isabel and then back. "But you know where the Granolith is..." He pulled free of Michael and then Isabel and staggered away from them, putting his back against the wall as he stared suspiciously at them. "You're not Isabel and Michael..."

With a put upon sigh, Isabel lifted her hand to blow on her nails and her image shifted; the long blond hair shrinking to that of a ragged shag cut, dark eyes ringed by kohl glittering mockingly at him, and the sweater and jeans combo that Isabel had worn became a sleeveless T-shirt that showed off the tattoos decorating her arms and baggy camouflage pants. To her right Michael became Rath, waggling his fingers mockingly at Max.

"Never send children to do a man's job..." sighed a voice and from the shadows came Nicholas, thin arms folded over skinny chest. As he came up to Rath he hit him contemptuously on the shoulder. "Subtlety is a lost art with you, isn't it? Lead the way, Maxwell..." he mimicked, adopting a falsetto tone, and shook his head in disgust as he faced Max. "Just can't get decent help around here..." he said woefully and flicked his hand in Max's direction, to send Max crashing into the wall.

Once he had slumped to the floor, Nicholas turned away and tossed over his shoulder, "Take him back to the room. Thanks to you two geniuses, we have to use less...pleasant methods." Which didn't bother him at all. He felt the need to take out his frustration on someone, for being trapped on this misbegotten planet, and Max was a very becoming target.

* * *

"We don't know where to look," Isabel stated, her tone almost a wail. She knew that Max was in danger and they were helpless to help him. Dreamwalking didn't work because he was unconscious again.

"We start anywhere and everywhere," Jarod stated, when Michael remained silent. He knew that Isabel needed hope. And he was determined that they would find Max. No matter what it took. Turning to Enyara, Jarod queried, "Do you know these Skins?"

Enyara nodded. "I know the leader, Nicholas. He looks like a 14 year old but he is much older in true years. He and the original King were enemies."

Jarod didn't like the sound of that. "Do you think that Nicholas could be the one who has Max now?" he prompted.

"It is logical," Enyara allowed.

"Not," Michael countered, his tone belligernt. "Nicholas tried to put one over on Max in NYC a few months ago and failed. We haven't seen him since. I doubt he'd come back this late in the game."

Enyara looked at Michael, her eyes cold. "He is a strategist. He would come back to get what he wants."

Isabel sighed. "The Granolith," she whispered.

"Logical," Enyara allowed.

"What's the Granolith?" Jarod asked. And it was Enyara who answered him.

* * *

"Feel like sharing, Max?" Nicholas purred as he walked around the chair to which Max was bound.

"I won't tell you where the Granolith is!" Max hissed, glaring at the alien Skin that looked like a 14 year old geek.

Nicholas smirked. "You'll tell," he drawled. Then he reached out and placed on hand on top of Max's dark head, using his power to rip things from others' minds to find the information he needed. Mindraping was the power and it was extremely painful. Nicholas smiled to hear Max scream then, suddenly, he found himself flying across the room.

Rath watched in amazement as Nicholas hit the wall then went splat onto the floor. "Whoa.." he muttered.

"How did you do that?" Lonnie demanded of Max. Moved to him and grabbed a handful of his hair. "Not nice!" she hissed, even though she was impressed. The boy had more of a back bone than she'd imagined. More like her Zan. Yet Max wasn't her brother...not to her mind. And when he didn't respond but simply glared at her, Lonnie claimed his sweet mouth in a kiss.

Max tried to pull his mouth away from Lonnie's hungry one but her fingers slid through his hair, tightening in the silken strands to hold his head still as eager tongue plundered his mouth. She swung one leg over him so that she was straddling him on the chair and molded her body to his, full breasts a soft, distracting pressure against his chest. She broke off the kiss, sharp teeth catching at his lower lip to give it a teasing tug, and caught at the collar of his T-shirt, tearing it down the middle to expose him to her touch. Placing a hand under his chin, she pressed his head back so that she could trail nibbling little kisses down the line of his throat as hands stroked and kneaded the lean muscles of his chest.

A second mouth pressed behind his ear and he jerked in surprise, seeing the spiky brown hair of Rath out of the corner of his eye. Tongue slipped around earlobe and drew it into mouth to suckle at it as Rath's hands slid around his waist, one snaking down inside jeans to touch him.

And that was taking this too far.

"Stop it!" cried Max, twisting and wriggling to try and dislodge Lonnie while avoiding the roving hands of both. He would have thrown them from him if a recovered Nicholas hadn't intervened, rendering him unconscious with a vicious wave of his hand.

"Hey!" protested Lonnie as Max went limp and shot a venomous glare at the shrimp over her shoulder. So help her, when she didn't need him anymore, he was gettin' deep-sixed.

"Whatcha do dat for?" added Rath with a petulant pout. Been a long time since Zan had let him into his pants, even before they'd whacked him, and Max here was enough like Zan to make it just like doing his dead leader. Probably wouldn't be as receptive as Zan had been...but what the hell...

"He hit me first!" retorted Nicholas, sounding like the fourteen-year-old that he resembled. The smirk that he gave them showed again his true age, eyes cruel and jaded as they swept over the three. There were times when he really *hated* this body...and now was one of them. If he was in a more mature one then he'd join them in their torment of poor, innocent Max...but he'd have to settle for watching. "Soften him up for me..." he purred.

"Cool!" enthused Rath and set to freeing Max, as Lonnie raised herself from his lap to help. Once they had him free, they took him to one of the back rooms. Not so much for privacy as to be a little more comfortable as they put Max through his paces.

Max came awake to the sensation of warm lips on bare skin. His skin but someone else's lips. Opened his eyes and was startled to see Lonnie over him. Shouldn't have been so surprised but he had been dreaming. About Liz. And Lonnie wasn't even close to Liz in physical appearance. Wasn't really all that close to Isabel. "Stop it!" Max hissed, as he felt her tongue wash over his chest.

"You taste sweet," Lonnie whispered, lifting her head to smile at Max.

"Don't do this," Max pleaded, even as he pulled at the bonds that restrained his wrists. Was not pleased to note that he was tied to a bed. And it didn't help that Lonnie was naked. Max closed his eyes. Felt like he was staring at his sister and he didn't want to go there.

Rath was the one who responded to Max's plea. A very naked Rath who was very excited. His cock jutted out between his legs, hard and aching. Max was as buff as Zan had been and Rath wanted to bury his cock deep inside Max's tight ass. "Tell us where the Granolith is, Maxie boy...and maybe we'll stop," Rath stated.

Max shook his head. "You know I won't tell you," he hissed.

"Then you're going for the ride of your life, big boy," Lonnie drawled. She kissed Max then worked her way down to his cock, taking him into her hot mouth and working him till he exploded. Swallowed every drop of salty seed then kissed him once more. Loved the sated look in his eyes. Max was made for sex. Zan had been too but Lonnie hadn't been kinky enough to have sex with her own brother. "Your turn, Rath," Lonnie said as she slid off the bed. Moved to a nearby chair to watch. She would join them for a threesome later.

"No!" Max hissed as he watched Rath move to the bed. Then the Michael clone was between Max's legs. Max bit his lip as a finger slid inside him, his only relief in knowing that the finger was lubricated. And Rath knew what he was doing for a knuckle grazed Max's prostate and he moaned.

Rath smirked."Sweet," he whispered, then he lubricated his cock before pressing the bulbous head between Max's taut globes of flesh. Pressed hips forward and slid in an inch. Felt resistance but didn't ease up. Then he was in another inch and sliding for home.

* * *

"NO!" Isabel hissed as she came out of the dreamwalk.

"What is it?" Michael asked, moving to the bed.

Isabel swallowed and whispered, "The Dupes are back."

end of part 9

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