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Crazy, Part Eight

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

"Interesting," Enyara stated in the aftermath of her orgasm. "I wish to do it again."

Max was breathing hard so it was difficult to speak, but he managed. "You'll have to wait," he said, sarcasm oozing from his tone. "I need to rest in between." Couldn't deny the sex had been mind blowing, but Max wanted what he'd had with Jarod. Not

Enyara smiled at her King. "I understand how it works," she said, as she rose from the bed. Moved to the dresser across the room and removed a vibrator. Had found it in the drawer last night and after watching a few porno flicks had come to understand its purpose. She would use it now to pleasure the King the way Jarod had done. So that Max would come to understand that he did not need the human. She could pleasure him and she was not the enemy.

"What are you going to do with that?" Max asked, suspicion nagging at him as he watched Enyara climb back onto the bed. Then she was moving between his legs. Max didn't like the fact that she had a tube of lubricant and was greasing up the device. "What are you doing?" he repeated.

"I will pleasure you, my King," Enyara replied. She slid a pillow beneath the small of Max's back then she pressed the tip of the vibrator into his puckered opening and pushed.

* * *

"Where do we start looking?" Jarod asked, as he practically jogged to keep pace with Isabel's stride. Knew she was pretty much trying to keep her distance from him. Knew why. She did not like the fact that he had slept with Max. Later Jarod would explain how it was between hm and Max. But first they had to find Max. Jarod was now getting worried.

"Isabel...can you dreamwalk Max?" Michael queried.

Isabel bit her lip but nodded. "I hope so. But if things are still black then I'm afraid...I'm..." Isabel couldn't say the words.

Michael finished her sentence. More or less. "Max is not dead!" he hissed, cutting Isabel off so he could grip her shoulders and shake her. "He can look after himself, okay? He's alright. I'm sure of it."

"Yeah...he's alright," Isabel echoed, but it was obvious she didn't believe what she was saying. She pulled out of Michael's grasp and headed for his apartment. Once there Isabel stretched out on the bed, closed her eyes and made the connection. "OH!" Isabel gasped, for she was standing beside a bed. Max was tied up and a woman was between his legs. They were both naked and Isabel flushed as she realized the woman was plunging a vibrator into Max's ass. "OH!" Isabel gasped again, then she broke the connection and found herself sitting upright with Michael's hands gripping her shoulders once more.

"What did you see, Isabel?" Michael prompted.

Isabel opened her mouth to reply but couldn't speak. She simply flushed red then pushed Michael away to run into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

* * *

Max felt it when Isabel connected with him but he was too caught up in what was happening to him to try and force her out of his mind. Enyara had pressed the vibrator as deep as it would go and flicked on the switch that brought it to humming life as she worked it slowly in and out of him. Squirm though he might he couldn't escape her, all he could do was lie there and fight against his body's reaction. Which proved to be another battle quickly lost for as she worked the vibrator with one hand, she stroked at his cock with another, till he was once more ready for mounting.

Stuffing the vibrator all the way into him, she moved over him to take him inside her and rocked slowly over him as she stroked and caressed bare skin. She found his moans of pleasure and pain exciting and ground herself against him, his pleasure spiking her own. " do not need the human..." she said in breathless triumph as she brought the both of them to another orgasm.

Max didn't even bother to respond to that, knowing she wouldn't listen to him. A still coherent part of his mind told him to play along, to win her trust...which would hopefully win him as well a release from his bonds. And then he would show her *who* was the King around here...

* * *

Michael pushed the bathroom door open impatiently to find Isabel splashing cold water on her face, cheeks still flushed a bright red. "Well?" he demanded impatiently. "Is Max okay?"

Grabbing a hand towel, Isabel wiped off her face and pushed her way past Michael and then Jarod behind him. "Yes, he's okay." she snapped, fanning herself. God, that was *embarrassing*! Of course she knew that Max was nearly an adult and that he had...urges or something...but to see it...and to feel something of what he felt. Which was what had her suddenly feeling a little overheated...and, yes, *maybe* a little...horny...

Michael waited a beat for her to elaborate and then lifted his hands. "And...?" he prodded. "What, are they torturing himself or something?"

"Or...something..." said Isabel, shooting a surreptitious glance at Jarod and trying not to blush again, for in her mind's eye she could see him as Max had...naked. "I'll try connecting with him... later."

"Later?" echoed Michael, voice rising to a near shout. "That's cold, Isabel!"

"Shut up, Michael!" she snapped as she sank down onto the couch. Maybe she should give *him* a glance at what was happening, she thought nastily.

Michael shook his head in disbelief as he sat at the kitchen table. Jarod approached Isabel, seeking reassurance that Max *wasn't* being tortured or hurt on his account. "He *is* okay, right?" he asked softly.

Isabel looked into his eyes, seeing the concern there for Max, the depth of feeling that Jarod had for him, and her heart softened a little. "Yes." she said firmly. She'd give it a little time and then they'd found out where Max was...and rescue him from the...creature that was abusing him. She only hoped to God that when they did arrive, that they didn't catch the two of them in the act. Now, *that* would be the height of embarrassment.

* * *

"Please stop doing this," Max begged as Enyara brought him to orgasm once more. "I need to rest."

Enyara let her body collapse on top of the King in the aftermath of her release. "Yes...I have deducted that males must rest after mating. I will allow it."

Max almost heaved a sigh of relief. "Could need to shower. Please." And he really did want to clean up. His body felt aching, sticky and feverish. He also wanted to be alone, and unbound, so that he could attempt an escape. Or, at the very least, so he wouldn't be embarrassed if Isabel dreamwalked him again.

"You may shower," Enyara conceded. She had no concern that the King might escape her. So she freed his wrists and ankles and watched as he slid from the bed. "There are clean clothes in the dresser for you," Enyara declared, her eyes roaming over the King's naked form. "You should not wear clothes though," she stated.

"Why not?" Max asked, the words tumbling out before he could stop them. He felt embarrassed beneath Enyara's intense perusal of his nudity, but a part of Max was getting used to being naked and stared at.

Enyara was surprised that the King had to ask. "You are beautiful," she said simply.

Max blushed and turned to the dresser to grab the clothes. Took whatever was on top and fled to the bathroom. Once there he locked the door behind him, even though he knew that Enyara could enter at will. It made him feel...better. Then Max turned the shower on full force and stepped beneath the hot spray of water. He lathered up with soap, washed his hair and rinsed off in record time, not wanting Enyara to barge in on him naked. Then Max toweled off and slipped on the new clothes. Black briefs, black jeans, socks and tank top with black hiking boots. Not his style but it would do. There was a toothbrush on the sink, still in its wrapper, and Max used it. Then he combed his fingers through towel-dried hair. Then he wondered what to do next.

* * *

Isabel agreed to dreamwalk Max again and was relieved to find him dressed. But oddly enough he was sitting on a toilet seat, face buried in his hands. "Max.." Isabel whispered. When his head shot up she said," Tell me where you are."

"I don't know," Max replied, knowing that Isabel was dreamwalking him.

"Who is that...woman," Isabel asked, and felt herself blushing again.

Max sighed. "A shapeshifter sent to protect me," he replied. "She thinks Jarod is the enemy. You have to protect him, Isabel. You and Michael."

Isabel shook her head as she knelt beside her brother. "We have to get you away from her," she stated firmly. Just then Isabel sensed another presence. The woman was entering the bathroom. And it was in that moment Max flung Isabel out of his head and she sat up on Michael's bed with a cry.

* * *

"You are done. Come out of there." said Enyara firmly, holding the door open for Max.

Reluctantly Max left the bathroom and walked slowly to the bed, looking around the room for the door out. As Enyara closed the bathroom door, he sprang for the bedroom door, one hand flying out in Enyara's direction to send her staggering back. Dragging the door open, he started to duck through it...and found himself hitting what felt to be a solid wall, though there was nothing there. The collision stunned him long enough for Enyara to come and grasp his wrist, dragging him back to the bed to toss him down onto it.

Wrists and ankles were secured this time, even as Max squirmed uselessly to free himself, and once that was done, Enyara laid a hand on Max's forehead. "Sleep." she ordered.

And no matter how he tried to fight it, he fell into sleep, as ordered. Once he was deep in sleep, Enyara left him, to go in search of the human that had beguiled her King.

* * *

After getting tossed out of Max's mind yet again, Isabel made another attempt to connect with him but this time, rather than the dreamscape of sleep, there was only darkness, like before. No dream, just a heavy sleep. She came out of the dreamwalk with throbbing temples and rubbed with her fingers as she sat up on Michael's bed.

"I think he's town at least...but I just don't know *where*." she said with a frustrated sigh.

"Then we start searching town." said Jarod practically. "Most likely place for this protector to be holding is somewhere they wouldn't be disturbed. An abandoned building or an unoccupied house, where there isn't much in the way of neighbors to question what they're doing there."

"There's the old Harrison place just outside of town." said Michael slowly. "Old man Harrison died about a month ago and his family hasn't gotten around to deciding what to do with the house. Don't think there's anyone there right now..."

"The old meat packing plant too...that's still empty..." added Isabel.

"Should probably try the Harrison house first." said Jarod as he grabbed his coat and headed for the door. "We'll take my car..." He pulled the door open and froze at seeing who stood on the other side.

Enyara, with her hand raised to strike at him.

End of Part 8

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