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Crazy, Part Seven

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

"You're staring," Max whispered, feeling his skin flush with embarrassment as Jarod's gaze roved over his naked body. Wanted to reach for the covers and pull them up over him, but they were laying on them.

"I can't help but stare," Jarod replied, even as he followed the path of his gaze with one hand, fingertips brushing over silken skin and tracing the ridges of sculptured muscle. "I've never seen anyone so beautiful before, Max. You're perfect."

Max bit his lip and shook his head. "Far from perfect," he muttered. Max had never been good at accepting compliments.

Jarod chuckled softly then cupped Max's chin in one hand. "You are so beautiful it makes my crazy," he said softly. "I've never felt like this before, Max. And it's more than physical passion. I can't explain it...but I want to be with you. I need to be with you...and for more than sex."

"We can't," Max whispered, pulling away from Jarod's touch. Made to slide off the bed but strong hands gripped his shoulders, pressing him back down into the pillows. "You have to leave Roswell, Jarod. Whoever tried to kill you will try again. We have very powerful enemies."

"I'm not going anywhere, Max," Jarod replied, then he bent his head and claimed a kiss. Knew he had distracted Max when soft lips parted beneath his and he slipped his tongue inside to taste hot sweetness. And as he kissed Max, Jarod moved between the long legs and his aching cock probed between taut buttocks. Felt Max gasp as Jarod pushed his way into puckered tightness, then he was sliding all the way home.

Max felt breathless from Jarod's kiss, then he felt himself being filled with thick cock and it was overwhelming. There was some pain but his body quickly adjusted and then Jarod was moving inside him, tip of cock brushing over his gland so that Max began to tremble as pleasure swept over him in waves. "Please..." Max begged, wanting the sweet torture to end, for Jarod was stroking in and out of him at a leisurely pace. Too slow, too gentle.

Jarod knew what Max wanted, but he wanted the boy to beg. To let go of his self control and do nothing but feel. "Please...what?" Jarod teased.

"Jarod...stop...please..." Max moaned as he felt strong fingers grip his cock. It was a sensory overload and Max felt like he was going to die from it.

"Tell me what you want, Max," Jarod countered. "Say it." To make his point, Jarod went still in Max, shifting hips so that he was pressed against Max's hot spot and the boy shuddered beneath him, the walls of his tight channel clutching at Jarod's cock till he was sure he was going to explode.

Max could barely breathe, let alone form words, but he managed to whisper, "Fuck me."

Jarod smiled and said, "My pleasure." Then he began to move.

In the aftermath, Jarod lay beside Max, head propped up by one hand as he gazed down at him, his other hand trailing fingers lazily across sweat-dampened skin. "Still want me to leave town?" he asked lightly, letting one finger stroke over flat nipple.

Max shivered at the light touch, his body wanting to reach out to Jarod, to wrap itself as tightly around him as it could and never let go. He'd only felt this way about Liz before and it confused the hell out of him. If he felt like this with Jarod....did that mean the love he'd felt for Liz was gone? "I want you to be safe..." he whispered. Even if he didn't exactly *love* Jarod, he cared about him and what happened to him.

"Well, I feel very safe...right here..." responded Jarod, lowering head to claim a long deep kiss. "And I'm not leaving, Max."

With a frustrated sigh, Max pushed up to a sitting position to stare down at Jarod as the older man stretched languidly out on the bed, hands tucked behind his head. "You don't understand. There's a war going on and I don't want you to get caught in the crossfire."

"Then...I should stay close to you..." Jarod reached up to grasp Max by the hips and guide him over him, settling him so that buttocks were flush to his groin. "So that you can...protect me..." He rose up, arms sliding around Max's waist to pull him close as he kissed him hungrily, shifting Max so that cock could slip between buttocks as Max's legs went around his waist.

"You're being..." Max let out a moan as cock bumped up against gland and raised himself up a little on Jarod's lap, Jarod pulling him impatiently back down. "Impossible..." he finished breathlessly, twining arms around Jarod's neck as he returned Jarod's kiss. At this angle, Jarod felt even bigger and harder as he stabbed up into him, making it all the more intense, and Max gave himself up to it, rising and falling on the spear of cock. Jarod's hands cupped his buttocks, clenching hard with each press down onto cock, letting Max set the pace at first and then tipping him back onto the bed so that he could go into him with long hard strokes.

"Not to mention...insatiable..." added Max with a little gasp at the vigor of his strokes.

"Just can't get...enough..." returned Jarod as he stabbed into him. He loved to look down at Max as he fucked him, loved the way that passion softened amber eyes and drew dark eyebrows down, loved the way swollen lips were parted just a little to let out a soft moan. Loved the way Max felt beneath his hands and his body, hard and soft at the same time and so superbly responsive to the lightest of touches. He was *made* for this...

One last hard shove into him, with cock flush to gland, and Max's legs tightened convulsively around his waist, the boy seeming to know *just* when his explosion was to come. Amazing that he still had anything left to offer Max...but he did, thought Jarod with a chuckle.

Max lay still for a long moment under him, flushed from their exertions, and then at last gave Jarod a light push to encourage him off. "I have to get home...Isabel's going to be wondering why I've been gone so long..."

Jarod rolled off him to watch as Max hurried around the room, retrieving discarded clothing. "Maybe you should clean up a she doesn't know *why* you were gone so long..."

Max looked down at sweat-streaked body, felt as well the stickiness of cum on him and *in* him, and blushed. "Right..." He went to go into the bathroom and turned back at the creak of the bed, holding up an admonishing hand to Jarod. "Alone." he said firmly, shaking a finger at Jarod.

Laughing, Jarod stretched out on the bed again, tucking hands behind his head. He needed time to rest, anyways, and he'd make sure they'd avail themselves of the shower again sometime in the future.

* * *

After leaving the motel room, Max made a quick stop at the store for ice cream, as an excuse for why he'd been gone so long. As he came back out to the jeep, movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and he was turning to see what it was when he felt something pick up and toss him against the wall. The back of his head struck the wall hard and he was unconscious before his body had slid limply down it.

Striding forward, she bent to pick up the King and sling him over one shoulder. It was better to remove him to somewhere else for the duration, till she dealt with this new menace. She had observed the King with the new man, Jarod, and had determined that this stranger had some kind of unnatural hold over her monarch. So...remove the King to safety and then deal with him.

* * *

"Where is he?" Isabel hissed at Michael. They were at his apartment. Isabel had gone there after Max hadn't come home. Now over twelve hours had passed and she was afraid something bad had happened to her brother.

"He's probably still with Jarod," Michael replied, between mouthfuls of cereal. "Max is a big boy, Isabel. Chill out."

Sending a glare Michael's way, Isabel jumped up from the arm of the couch and began pacing. "Something is wrong, Michael," she insisted. "Max should have at least called."

Michael sighed. "So dreamwalk him or something. Then you'll know."

"Yeah...dreamwalk," Isabel whispered. She moved to Michael's bed and stretched out. Closing her eyes, Isabel envisioned Max and tried to make a mental connection with him. But all she got was darkness. No Max. Fear washed over Isabel. Sometimes when she tried to dreamwalk Max he knew it and kicked her out. Especially of late. But never had she enountered only darkness. "Michael!" Isabel shrieked.

"What?" Michael asked, nearly spilling his cereal. He set the bowl down on the end table and ran to the bed. Could see fear glittering in Isabel's eyes. "Is it Max?" Michael asked.

Isabel nodded. "I think he might be dead, Michael," she whispered, then she burst into tears.

* * *

Max came to slowly. He moaned as pain lanced through his head and, instinctively, used his powers to heal himself. Then he opened his eyes. A glance at his surroundings and he knew he was in a strange place. Made to sit up but was unable to do so. Took a moment to register why. He was lying on a bed and his wrists were restrained to the bed posts. Max tried to free himself with his powers but no go.

"You can't break your bindings," said a female voice. She moved to the bed to study the King. A beautiful human form. "I used a compound that isn't affected by your powers," she explained.

"Who are you?" Max demanded as he stared at the young woman who had tried to kill Jarod yesterday.

She smiled. "My name is Enyara."

Max glared at her. "Why haven't you killed me yet?" he demanded. "You are the enemy. Or do you plan on torturing me first?" Max shuddered to remember Nicholas's mind rape.

"I'm not the enemy," Enyara replied. "I have been sent to protect you. I am like...Nasedo. Here to serve you, my King."

"If you're here to serve me, then untie me!" Max snarled. He didn't trust Enyara but was willing to try anything to be free.

Enyara shook her head. "I cannot do that yet. Not until I remove the human. The one you call Jarod. He has....possessed your will."

Max made a face. "What are you talking about? He's done nothing to me. I trust him. He won't hurt me and I don't want you to hurt him. Consider that an order." If it would protect Jarod then Max would use his status as King.

"You had sex with him...yes?" Enyara countered.

"How....?" Max began, then broke off blushing with embarrassment.

Enyara moved to the bed and waved her hand over the King till his clothes vanished. He was very appealing and she was very curious about the urges that stirred within her in this human form. "I wish to have sex," Enyara stated, then she used her powers to strip herself naked before climbing into the bed.

"Hey!" squawked Max as his clothes vanished at a wave of the shape changer's hand. He blushed again as she studied him consideringly and blushed even deeper to see her make her own clothing fade away. Of course he couldn't help but look at her, standing naked before him, perfectly shaped to draw the eye, and to think that she looked...good.

As that thought flitted through his mind, he tugged uselessly at bound hands and feet and hissed in frustration as she climbed up onto the bed, swinging one leg over him to straddle him. She caught the soft thick cock in her hand, the painful squeeze of fingers making him hiss again, this time in pain. She looked to him curiously and asked, "Why does it hurt? It didn't seem to hurt when the human touched it..."

"That's because he was *gentle*!" retorted Max and could have slapped himself for telling her that. She nodded and loosened her grip on his cock, letting fingers slide too slowly, too lingeringly, up and down the thick shaft, working him into hardness. As much as he tried to resist, he couldn't, for he *was* a seventeen-year-old boy, with all the desires of a seventeen-year-old boy, and the touch of just about *any* hand would be exciting.

Enyara smiled in satisfaction as the King's cock grew in her hand and moved to settle herself over him, knowing instinctively where they would join. She felt a flutter of excitement and anticipation in her belly, her groin aching with a sudden need, and so she sank down onto him, taking him completely into her. A moan escaped her as she was filled with his thickness and she held herself still for a long moment, enjoying the strange feeling of him buried inside her, throbbing in her. She could understand now why the King wished to lie with the human, if this was what he felt, when the human speared him.

She let herself rise up and then fall back down on him again, slow at first and then with greater vigor as the friction of his shaft sliding in and out of her roused a delicious ache in her and a *need* for him to go faster and harder. She stretched out a hand to touch the King on the forehead, catching at silken locks to hold head still when he tried to pull free, and touched fingers to his forehead, seeking in his mind the sensations that he had felt, when he had lain with the human.

Max gasped as the memory of his sessions with Jarod flooded his mind. Could almost feel Jarod in him now, so thick and hard, pushing insistently into him. Pushing him up into Enyara. He closed his eyes and gave himself up to it, letting the memory control him. This would happen, no matter whether he liked it or not, and better to get it over with...

* * *

Jarod struggled out of bed as the pounding on his motel room door grew in volume and grabbed at boxers, managing to pull them on just before the door flew open. Michael and Isabel stood on the other side, Isabel striding forward to glare at him with hands on hips. Michael was slower to enter, his curious gaze taking in the very rumpled bed and nose capturing the distinctive scent of sex. He hid a grin behind one hand. So Max got lucky, huh? Who woulda thought that he'd swing that way?

"Where's Max?" demanded Isabel.

"Not here, obviously." said Jarod in amusement. "He went home hours ago." Not *quite* the truth but Isabel didn't need to know that. If Max chose to tell her about them, then that was his choice. From Michael's smirk, he obviously didn't need to be told.

"He didn't come home." said Isabel flatly, cheeks pinkening a little as she took in at last the scene around her. Clothing tossed haphazardly around the room, the bed rumpled and looking like it had been the scene of some serious tussling. God, had Max actually...? She shook her head firmly, not wanting to go there, and whirled to face Michael. "Come on. We have to find him."

"Wait!" Isabel halted at the door to toss Jarod a cold look over one shoulder and Jarod felt himself blush a little under the scorn in her gaze. Well, hell, it wasn't like he'd *raped* Max, he'd given him plenty of chances to go... "Give me a sec and I'll help you find him."

Isabel would have gone on all the same if Michael hadn't caught her arm and given her a firm look. "We'll be outside." he tossed over his shoulder to Jarod and tugged her with him, easing the door shut behind them.

end of part 7

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