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Crazy, Part Six

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

Max flinched as he felt Jarod's finger slide across his puckered opening. Knew what the other man wanted from him, but Max wasn't sure he was ready for that. Wasn't really sure of anything at this moment. Never, in his wildest dreams, had Max thought he would lose his virginity to another man. "Jarod," Max whispered, one hand reaching behind him intending to grasp Jarod's wrist.

"Shh..." Jarod whispered, rising to his feet to claim a kiss. And when they were both breathless he asked, "Do you trust me?" If Max didn't trust him, then Jarod would let the boy walk away forever.

"I trust you," Max breathed, without even a moment's hesitation. And he was surprised to realize that he meant it.

Jarod was pleased. "I won't hurt you, Max," he promised. "I just want to make you feel good."

Max shook his head. "I wanted to make you feel good," he protested.

"You will," Jarod countered, a smile curving his lips. Then he went down on one knee again to he could take Max's cock into his mouth. And as he worked the turgid flesh, Jarod let free hand roam over Max's taut buttocks. He probed between them then slid one finger, slick with soap, into Max's puckered opening. Felt Max stiffen and a gasp escape the boy so Jarod paused. Pulled back from Max's cock to say, "Trust me..."

"Okay," Max whispered, as he closed his eyes. Moaned as Jarod's mouth enclosed him once more and forced himself to relax as probing finger entered him. It felt strange and was a little painful, but Max used his healing powers to adjust. And then Jarod's finger was all the way in and began probing inside him. Then, without warning, a fingernail scraped over a sensitive spot and Max groaned as pleasure washed over him like a giant wave. His knees almost buckled and he had to put his hands behind him, pressed against the shower wall, to remain upright.

Jarod knew he had found Max's prostrate and he continued to stimulate the boy until Max's cock exploded. Jarod swallowed every drop of cum once again, then he rose to his feet and embraced Max. "Did you like it?" he asked.

Max could only nod. Then he pulled back to look into Jarod's face and smiled shyly. "I...I want to make you feel good now," Max whispered. "I make love to me."

"Are you sure?" Jarod asked, holding his breath as he waited for a reply. His cock was hard and aching and he wanted to be inside of Max more than anything.

"I'm sure," Max replied, but he couldn't meet Jarod's eyes. Couldn't believe he was agreeing to this. But he would do it if for no other reason than Jarod wanted it. Wanted him.

Jarod released the breath then turned off the water. Grabbed a towel and haphazardly dried them both off, then he drew Max back out into the other room. "On the bed," he ordered. "Lay on your stomach."

Max did as he was told and closed his eyes. Felt totally exposed and vulnerable at this moment. Then he felt the bed creak and Jarod was straddling his thighs. Then strong hands were stroking over his back.

"Relax," Jarod beseeched Max as he smoothed his oiled palms over the muscled expanse of Max's silken skinned back. He would ease the boy into what was going to happen and the massage oil would lubricate them both. It was hard holding back but Jarod knew that it would be worth the wait.

Max sighed in pleasure as Jarod's strong hands kneaded the muscles of his back, seeming to know just where every little kink and tight muscle lay beneath the surface. Slowly oiled hands slid down to his buttocks and he found himself stiffening a little, drawing in his breath as they caressed the firm flesh. Jarod leaned forward to press a kiss behind Max's ear and whispered, "Tell me when you want to stop..." He could feel against the back of his thigh the throbbing hardness of Jarod's cock and knew how much it would cost Jarod to back off...and that the older man *would*, if Max asked him to. And because of that, Max would see this through....

Again Jarod let one hand slip between buttocks, slick finger unerringly finding the opening it desired, and he stroked a hand up and down Max's hip as he eased the finger into the boy's passage. Not quite as tight as he'd thought but tight enough that it would take a little working to get inside him...not to mention quite a great deal of self control to not go off inside him the moment he got all the way in.

He slid his finger as far as it would go and wriggled it around, to find once more Max's prostate. Reflexively his muscles clamped tight around Jarod's finger even as a shudder of pleasure ran through him and Jarod leaned forward once to kiss and nuzzle at the long curve of Max's neck, till he relaxed enough to allow a second finger to slide inside. His soft moan as Jarod worked the two fingers in and out of him seemed to arrow directly to Jarod's groin, making him all the harder, all the more desperate to get this done *now*. Especially when Max raised up into the plunge of his fingers, back arching as a long groan issued from him.

Removing his fingers, Jarod grasped a shoulder to roll Max onto his back and gazed down into heavy lidded amber eyes turned nearly black with pleasure. God, Max was *so* beautiful, laid out like this before him, and Jarod could spend an eternity mapping out that magnificent body with hands and mouth. Everything that he felt was there to see in his so expressive eyes and those eyes showed his absolute trust in Jarod, that Jarod wouldn't hurt him. Damned humbling to see that kind of trust...and an awesome responsibility as well...

Max nodded to the question that lurked in Jarod's eyes and Jarod slid hands under knees to press them back, opening Max to him. He slid up the sheet and between long legs, freeing one hand to lay it on cock and pinching it just behind the head, to prevent a premature explosion. He wanted to be *in* Max when he came. Slowly, he guided cock between upturned buttocks and to the little opening, rubbing the head of cock briefly against it and slicking it with the precum that had already leaked out.

Max gasped as he felt the bulbous head poised against him; it felt hot, as if it would scorch his flesh when it slid into him, and he bit his lip, struggling against the instinctive need to tense up and prevent it from entering him. The tip of it pressed into puckered opening and pushed insistently against the ring of muscle that barred entry, a gentle, persuasive force, not the hard plunge he had half expected. A little uncomfortable and odd to feel it pushing into him, spreading him, and his teeth pressed harder into his lip as he felt it forcing its way deeper. Not as painful as he'd thought, for his body was adapting to the intruder, and Jarod was angling himself in him, guiding cock to that spot that would make him melt.

A little brush across that spot and it sent an almost electrical jolt of pleasure through him. Made him want to grind himself against Jarod, so that he could feel it again and again, and Jarod's hands caught at his hips, stopping him with buttocks twisting against his groin. "Let me..." said Jarod hoarsely, struggling to calm himself when hips wanted to slam cock hard and fast into the boy. That teasing little wriggle against him had nearly sent him over the edge and he wanted this to last longer than that.

Max went still at Jarod's request to let him take the lead. Didn't really know what he was doing anyway, although his body seemed to react instinctively. Max felt Jarod's cock slide in deeper, brushing over his gland so that his body shuddered with pleasure. And then it went still.

"Easy," Jarod whispered as Max shifted beneath him. Knew it had to be a bit uncomfortable for the boy so he would take his time. Even though his cock was aching and ready to burst, and Jarod longed to pound hard and deep into Max's tight channel. But he focused on relaxing his body and his mind and the needed to explode eased. "You feel incredible," Jarod said softly as he leaned forward to steal a kiss. "You doing okay?"

"It's weird," Max stated honestly. " feels good. don't have to be afraid of hurting me, Jarod," Max added, almost stumbling over the words and feeling a blush stain his cheeks.

Jarod shook his head. "I know you can heal yourself, Max...but I want this to be good for both of us. And it's going to be worth the wait."

Max was about to protest but Jarod was moving inside him once more and pleasure washed over him in wave after wave. Then he felt strong fingers closing over his cock, bringing him to hardness yet again and all thought was lost. And suddenly Max couldn't even remember how to speak. All he could do was feel.

"Beautiful," Jarod whispered, as he pumped Max's cock with his fist. His eyes were locked on the boy's face as he spoke and Jarod had never imagined anyone could be so perfectly exquisite. There was no one like Max and Jarod realized that he was halfway in love with the boy. Emphasis on the *boy*. Technically...what he was doing would be considered statutory rape. But a part of Jarod didn't care. He had to be with Max. Had be move inside him. And it was then that Jarod found the perfect rhythm and he sighed with pleasure when Max began moving with him. All the while he continued stroking Max's cock and then he felt the boy shuddered and warm seed spilled over his hand.

"Please..." Max begged, locking eyes with Jarod. The primal part of Max wanted to be fucked in this moment. And to that end he wrapped his legs around Jarod's waist and bucked his hips, wanting the thick cock deeper inside him.

Jarod couldn't resist the plea. So he gave into his urge to slam into Max, unlocking the long legs and pressing them down and back. Then he gripped slender hips and began pistoning in and out of Max. Any moment now and he would explode. And even as he neared orgasm, Jarod felt the touch of Max's hand on his face and gasped as he felt himself being fucked. Only it wasn't himself. Jarod knew he was feeling what Max was feeling, even as he was about to explode. And it sent Jarod over the edge, freefalling into an abyss of pure pleasure.

For a long moment, Jarod lay atop Max, weight supported by trembling arms, as he struggled to regain his breath and slow racing heart. Even if he'd wanted to pull out of the boy's delicious tightness, he couldn't, for Max's legs were hooked around his waist, holding him inside. "That was...that was..." He shook his head, unable to think of an adjective that would effectively express how it had felt in that moment when his release had taken him. How perfect the union had been between them, how *good* it had felt to be sheathed in him...and to feel what Max experienced. It was...mind boggling.

"Great." supplied Max simply, with a lazy little smile as he lay underneath Jarod. It should be uncomfortable, to have Jarod filling him so completely, but it felt...right. Like this was how it should be between them, joined into one. And oddly enough he found that he *liked* the feel of Jarod in him, still hard even after that spectacular release. He arched up against Jarod, legs tightening around his waist as he rubbed buttocks against his groin, laughing as he felt Jarod stir within him.

"'re insatiable..." complained Jarod good-naturedly, grasping slender hips to hold them still. He let himself slide out, fingers digging into the spare flesh of Max's hips to prevent him from pushing back and taking him in again, and rolled Max over onto his stomach, bending head to nip teasingly at one taut buttock. Cum had leaked from puckered opening to flow down to the underside of buttock and onto thigh and he cleaned it from silken skin with long slow laps of his tongue, following its path up to opening. Grasping buttocks, he parted them so that he could slip the tip of his tongue inside, stabbing as deep as he could, as Max's hips twitched and a soft moan escaped him.

Then he rose to straddle Max once more, sliding right into heaven, the boy's tight passage grasping greedily at him. Stretching out his arms he caught at Max's hands and twined his fingers with Max's, pressing his hands down onto the bed as he began to thrust slow and deep into him. Max raised hips up to meet each thrust, tossing head back so that Jarod could nuzzle tender skinned throat, feeling the soft vibration of each moan as Max rocked in time to his thrusts.

And soon he didn't have to provide any movement at all, for Max was bucking up against him, buttocks thrusting up to swallow as much of him as he could get and twisting in a tight circle to grind cock against gland before lowering again to let Jarod slide out. Max whimpered in distress, twisting desperately to try and take him back in, thick cock sliding up the crack of his ass, the head of it just skimming across his opening, and Jarod released hands, turning Max onto his side and pushing one leg back to allow him access once more to luscious ass.

He stabbed into Max with one hard thrust and screwed him slowly, leisurely, hands and mouth roaming over every inch of skin that he could reach. And when his release came again, it was as mind blowing as the first time.

end of part 6

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