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Crazy, Part Five

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

Max awoke to find Isabel sitting in his computer chair, watching him. "Morning," Max said softly as he pushed himself upright in bed.

Isabel nodded and offered a ghost of a smile. "Morning," she echoed back. Then she got straight to the point. "Would you have slept with Jarod, Max?"

"Yes," Max replied without hesitation. No sense in avoiding the truth.

"Why?" Isabel prompted, lips twisting into a frown. "Why would you do that, Max? You love Liz. You're not gay."

Max sighed and buried his face in his hands. "I don't know what I am anymore," he whispered. "And I would have done it to learn the truth. To protect you and Michael and the others. I put all of us in danger when I healed Liz last year. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe now."

Isabel felt tears sting her eyes. "We don't blame you, Max. In fact...I envy you loving someone so much and being so loved in return. least now you don't have to sleep with Jarod."

"I have to see him though," Max stated, tossing back the covers to slide out of bed. Knees buckled a bit but he locked them back into place and held firm. "I'm okay," he assured his sister when she jumped up to aid him. "I'm going to shower then head out."

"Why do you have to see Jarod?" Isabel queried, hounding Max's every step as he gathered clothes and underwear to take to the bathroom. "Michael can go and tell him to get out of Roswell and keep his mouth shut."

Max shook his head. "Jarod is in danger, just like Blair. The Skin will try again to kill him."

Isabel knew Max was right but she didn't want him going back to Jarod. Instinctively she wanted to protect him. To play *big sister*. She was older, after all. And Max had always been the one to protect her. But she knew Max would go. "Please be careful," she beseeched her brother.

"I will," Max promised. He gave Isabel a hug then headed down the hall.

* * *

When the knock sounded on his door, Jarod knew it was Max. "Come in," he invited the boy. Watched Max closely, seeing how pale he was, yet determination glimmered in the beautiful amber eyes. "How do you feel?" Jarod asked.

"I'm okay," Max replied as he began to pace. "You need to leave," he blurted out. "You're in danger, Jarod."

"I'm always in danger," Jarod replied. "It's a part of being what I am." Smiled at the look of confusion on Max's face. Was about to tell him about being a *Pretender* but a sudden urge overtook him and Jarod gave into it. He strode over to Max, took the beautiful face in both hands and kissed the boy.

Max blinked as Jarod broke off the kiss and took a step back, wanting very much to touch his mouth and wipe away the tingling warmth from the soft pressure of Jarod's mouth. "What was that for?"

"For...saving my life. And just because..." said Jarod with a laugh, lifting his hands helplessly as he paced a tight circle. "If you want to know *why*'s because I find you sexy as hell. Which is strange in itself, because I've never felt like that before about another guy, much less a *kid* like you. The only ones that I've been with before were I just don't understand where this is coming fromâ¤"" He came to a halt to find Max standing right before him. Close, too close...

And Max reached out to lay hands on either side of his head, pulling him down for a soft kiss. "You're welcome." he said huskily. Didn't understand the pull that Jarod had on him either...but for once he found himself wanting to just *do* something, without thought of the consequences.

"Ummm...I think I should keep thanking you..." said Jarod with another laugh as he slid hands around Max's waist to edge him closer as he claimed another kiss. Sweet lips parted, shy tongue emerging a little to meet the stab of his and yielding under its wet onslaught.

Max was the one to break off the kiss, breathing a little hard as he looked up into Jarod's eyes, his arms draped around the other's neck. "It's not You need to...move..." He let out a little sigh of pleasure as Jarod's mouth slid along the curve of his throat, suckling softly at the throbbing pulse, and let himself be guided back to the bed, step by stumbling step.

"" asked Jarod, lifting mouth to nip teasingly at earlobe as he breathed the question. His hands tugged the hem of T-shirt out of jeans and slid up warm skin to tweak lightly at nipples as tongue swirled inside Max's ear.

"Not...right now..." conceded Max breathlessly. A little voice yammered in his head that this was wrong, that he shouldn't be doing this, but for once he ignored it, simply let himself *feel*. Anything that felt this just couldn't be wrong...

Jarod broke away from Max to skin T-shirt up and over his head, revealing the golden-skinned beauty of sculptured chest. Max blushed under the intensity of his regard and parted lips to speak but Jarod silenced him with a hard kiss, hands sliding down to the waistband of jeans and to the zipper, to slide it slowly down. And to his pleased surprise Max worked to get the jeans down off his hips, as his mouth ground against Jarod's.

In between kisses they got the jeans off, leaving Max only in white cotton briefs. Inch by inch, Jarod peeled them down, till the thick cock surging against them sprang free to bob impatiently before his eyes. Demanding his attention, his kiss, and he gave it, lowering head to flick tongue at the tiny slit and teasing it as hand grasped the thick shaft. Max moaned throatily at the sweep of his tongue, clawing at the bedspread beneath him, and Jarod took that as encouragement to swallow him whole.

"Ohhh..." moaned Max, squeezing eyes shut as a tremor ran through his body. Amazing how good it felt, to be encased in the wet warmth of Jarod's mouth, without him doing anything at all. Just holding him there, lips clasping him, it was enough to make him want to explode. But a moment later Jarod showed that he could do even more to make it feel even better.

Max cried out as he exploded, pleasure washing over him in waves that left him sated and limp. Had never guessed that it could be like this and had totally expected his first orgasm to be with Liz. Strange twist of fate. Crazy...really.

Jarod swallowed all of Max's cum, loving the salty taste of it. Then he moved up over the boy's body to claim the sweet lips. Wanting Max to taste himself. Only once they were both breathless did Jarod pull back to study Max. The boy's beautiful face was flushed and glowing, mouth kiss bruised, eyes smouldering. "You're incredible," Jarod breathed, one hand stroking over the perfect chest. Jarod knew he had a good body, but Max was like a statue. Sculptured perfection.

"I..I should go...I have to go," Max stuttered, suddenly feeling far too vulnerable and exposed in his naked state. Reached for the blankets but Jarod gripped his hands.

"Don't ever be ashamed of how beautiful you are, Max," Jarod whispered, correctly reading the boy's thoughts. Knew that Max was a virgin. Knew also that the boy wasn't quite ready for the next step.

Max bit his lip and tried to relax beneath the heat of Jarod's gaze. "I'm not...not beautiful," he whispered.

Jarod smiled and kissed Max before replying, "Oh...yes, you are. And I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, Max. You're as beautiful, in your own way, as your sister is. And I know you know she's beautiful."

"Um...I don't...I don't know what to do next," Max confessed, feeling a blush stain his cheeks. This moment felt so awkward and Max wanted to disappear.

"What do you want to do?" Jarod countered, his fingers now combing through Max's soft hair.

Max blushed again. "You gave me so much pleasure," he stated. "I should return the favor."

Jarod laughed softly, loving how open and sincere Max was. "We'll take it slow," he replied. "I'm okay."

"I want you to feel good," Max whispered, lifting head off pillow to capture Jarod's mouth with his.

"This is about you this time," Jarod countered against the sweet lips. "I want you to feel pleasure, Max. To know what your body has to offer you." That said, Jarod curled his fingers around Max's cock and it didn't take long to stroke it to hardness. Then the most amazing thing happened as Jarod took Max into his mouth. He felt Max's finger tips press against his temples and suddenly he could feel a rush of pleasure. And it took a moment to realize what it was. He was feeling what Max was feeling. As Jarod suckled Max's cock, he could feel the intensity building up in Max and it made his own groin tighten. And when Max exploded, so did Jarod with a cry that was ripped from his throat. Then he was flopping back on the bed and staring down at himself. At least he could be thankful that he had been wearing sweat pants and had gone commando, but now he was a sticky mess. "That was incredible, Max," Jarod whispered. "Thank you."

Max smiled and it was shy but genuine. "You're welcome," he replied, then he smirked and said, "I think you need a shower."

Grasping Jarod's hand, Max pulled him towards the bathroom, pushing the door open as he stepped inside and turning to take Jarod's other hand to tug him inside. With a nudge of his foot, Jarod sent the door swinging shut, his eyes only for the splendor that was Max. Didn't take much imagination to see that lovely body slicked by the shower's spray, water rolling down golden skin and setting it to gleaming-his mouth went dry at the image.

Releasing Jarod's hands, Max caught at the hem of his white tank top and dragged it up, Jarod lifting arms to facilitate its removal. A muscular, broad chest was revealed to his curious gaze, sparsely covered with dark curls, and he let his fingertips whisper across it, exploring the ridge of bone and curve of muscle, feeling the softness of the hair that ran from chest down in a dark line to belly and vanished beneath the shielding sweat pants. He found his hands suddenly at the waist band of those pants, thumbs sliding under to stroke across the taut skin of lower belly.

Jarod fisted his hands at his sides, wanting to yank pants down and expose himself to Max...but knowing that Max needed to take this step, if they were to go any further. And, God, he *did* want this to go further, he wanted to have all of Max...

Hesitantly Max grasped waist band and eased them down off lean hips, the protrusion of cock sliding up along the soft material and then springing eagerly free. His gaze was caught by the shaft, glistening with its own cum, long and thick and jutting proudly out from the nest of dark hair. It seemed to demand his touch and he gave it the touch of his fingers, brushing slowly up its length, feeling it throb under his fingers. He'd never touched anyone but himself like this and he found himself curling fingers around the thickness.

Jarod drew his breath in with a hiss as Max's fingers closed around him and laid his hand over Max's to halt him in mid stroke. "We better do this inside the shower...easier to clean up..." he said with a shaky laugh as he peeled Max's fingers away from him. His cock throbbed in protest, demanding to know *why* he'd stopped Max, and he tried to ignore it as Max blushed and turned to the shower, presenting him with the taut globes of his ass. Cock jumped in response and he had already taken a step forward, hands reaching out to Max, before he stopped himself. Too soon, he admonished himself.

Drawing shower curtain back, Max stepped into the bathtub and tossed Jarod a soft, shy smile as he turned on the water, testing it for its warmth before he stepped beneath the spray. He tilted his head back to wet hair and water streamed down shoulders and chest as arms lifted so that hands could slick hair back. Jarod stepped forward, one hand snatching at the bar of soap, and bent head to claim a kiss as he ran the bar of soap leisurely over Max's torso. Circled it around and around lean chest, paying particular attention to the flat nipples as he worked up a lather.

"Supposed to be cleaning you..." teased Max, letting loose a soft sigh as thumb and forefinger plucked at nipple. Jarod went down to his knees before him, tongue flicking out to run across the tautening nub of nipple, and his hands slid around to the base of Max's spine and lower, till fingers were curved around firm buttocks. He squeezed taut flesh gently and let the fingers of one hand slide between the cleft of buttocks to stroke idly up and down the crack, seeking puckered opening.

end of part 5

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