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Crazy, Part Three

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

"What's there to talk about?" responded Max bitterly. "I'm just doing what the two of you want me to do." He pulled free of Michael's grip and headed for the front door of the center.

Michael hurried to catch up with him, grasping him by the shoulder to spin him around. "Hey, we don't want expect you to...well, you *know*..." said Michael, squirming a little at the thought of Max sleeping with the guy just to find out what he knew. Flirting, maybe...but that was going too far.

Max merely waved a hand at him. "I'm taking care of it, Michael. Don't worry about it." He pulled the door open and looked pointedly from it to Michael. As stubborn as Michael could be, when he'd decided to do something.

"Whatever..." Shaking his head, Michael went through the door and Max shut it behind him, locking it this time.

* * *

It took standing under a very cold shower for ten minutes before Jarod was able to focus on the reason why he was here: David Blair's death. First thing he did was gain access to the database of the sheriff's department and the reports on Blair's death. Not a lot to be had there, simply a report filed by the sheriff himself, Jim Valenti, and a rather perfunctory autopsy, that concluded the victim had died from injuries sustained in a car accident.

Interesting that the sheriff had been the one to respond to the accident; according to his report, he had been out driving when he'd spotted a fire and followed it to find Blair's car overturned in a ditch and on fire. No indication of another car involved in the accident or no report of that suspicion, at any rate. Jarod made note of the location and set out in his rental car to take a look at the site himself.

It was conceivable that if Blair had been going fairly fast and hit the turn wrong, he could have tipped and rolled his car...but then there would have been a mention of tire tracks on the road, from where he would have no doubt attempted to brake and correct. He would have to have a talk with the sheriff himself, to get an idea of whether or not the sheriff could have been involved in this "accident" and what motive he would have for it, if he was.

But for now, time to go to bed and get some sleep. And dream about a certain dark haired boy...

* * *

Isabel's curiosity about Jarod and the older man's attraction to Max was killing her. Not that she couldn't understand his attraction to Max; if Max wasn't her brother, then she would have made a play for him herself a long time ago and stolen him right out from under Liz's nose. But she was curious as to how intense a connection had been made between them and decided to do a little dreamwalking to see for herself.

She'd gotten better at this, so that she only had to hold a visual image in her head of a person to enter his or her dream. It took some effort for her to find Jarod, unfamiliar as he was to her, and once she had made contact she settled in to see what he dreamed.

He was dreaming, alright. He was dreaming of him and Max stretched out on red satin sheets, Max's long legs around his waist and him between them, body moving with the rhythmic strokes and Max rocking under him. His fingers curled with Max's, pinning hands to the smooth satin sheets, and his head lowered to nuzzle at throat. Max letting out a soft moan with each press in, arching up into the powerful thrusts, golden skin covered with a light sheen of sweat, glistening with it...

Isabel fled from that dream, flushed and heart pounding, wanting to stay there just a *little* longer, to see the final outcome of it, but her own conscience pulling her away from it. She did *not* find it arousing, she told herself sternly as she lay in her bed, breathing deeply to still racing heart. Curious now to see what Max was dreaming, she sank once more into sleep and made her way into his dream.

Jarod figured as much in his dream as he did in Jarod's. In Max's dream, Jarod's dark head was bent over his groin and Max's fingers threaded through his hair, holding his head still as hips pushed up. His eyes fluttered open, as if sensing her presence, and she felt his sharp outrage to see her there, just before he shut her out of his dream.

Very interesting...thought Isabel with a giggle as she turned onto her side to seek sleep and her own dreams.

* * *

Max was tired. His sleep had been fitful at best and dreamfilled. Too many images of Jarod in his head. The memory of what the other man had done to him in the UFO Center lingered with Max. And now he was embarrassed as well as ashamed, for he knew that Isabel had dreamwalked him and seen his thoughts.


"What?" Max snapped, jumping at the sound of Isabel's voice through the door. He scowled as he reached for a t-shirt and slid it over his head, turning even as his sister entered his room. Locks were useless for keeping either one of them out. "What do you want?" Max hissed at his sister.

Isabel could almost feel Max's anger, and she knew she deserved it. But it was more than that. She could feel his shame and that bothered her. "We need to talk," Isabel said firmly. "About Jarod."

Max sat on the end of his bed to lace on his sneakers. "What's to talk about?" he countered. "I did what you and Michael wanted, and I learned nothing."

"We were wrong, Max," Isabel stated. "We'll find another way to deal with Jarod."

"What other way is there?" Max queried, hearing the hopeful note in his voice. "Jarod is here for a reason, Isabel," Max declared. "That much I'm sure of."

Heaving a sigh, Isabel sat down beside Max, wrapping one arm around her brother's shoulders. "We'll find a way," she said firmly. "And I'm sorry about last night."

Max shrugged out of Isabel's embrace, still clinging to his anger at her invasion of his privacy. "I'm going for a run," Max announced, then he headed for the door.

"Good one, Isabel," she said to the empty room once Max was gone. Then Isabel rose to her feet and headed out as well. To find Michael. Together, they would find a way to deal with Jarod. A way that would protect Max.

* * *

Max headed down the old River road. He liked running here for he didn't have to worry about that much traffic. River road also happened to be where David Blair died, and Max couldn't deny that he headed there for other reasons. To see if he could learn anything about who had killed the man. The enemy, or a so called friend. Either way, they needed answers.

* * *

Jarod was driving down River Road, cruising slowly, eyes sweeping both sides of the road for clues. But what he found surprised him. Max, in a t-shirt and sweats, running. Today was his lucky day, Jarod thought as he pulled up beside the boy. "Need a lift?" Jarod queried out the open window.

Max skidded to a halt. He'd been so lost in thought that he hadn't even heard a car approaching. And he sure as hell wasn't expecting to find Jarod out here. Bending over, hands braced on his knees as he sought to catch his breath, Max managed to reply, "No...thanks."

"This is where David Blair died," Jarod commented, guessing that he wouldget a rise out of Max. And sure enough, the boy started, and fear glittered in beautiful amber eyes. "I'm beginning to think that Blair's death was no accident," Jarod said calmly.

"Why...why would you think that?" Max stuttered, feeling his knees go weak, but he locked them in place and tried to emote a calm he didn't feel.

Jarod shrugged, playing it cool. "Instinct," he drawled, then he glanced up, shading his eyes from the sun. "It's getting hot," Jarod commented. "You sure you don't want a ride, Max?"

Max bit his lip, undecided. But, in the end, he knew that he had to go with Jarod. He had to learn the truth. "Yeah...a ride would be good," he said, moving around to the passenger side. Slid in and stared straight out the windshield, pretending that he didn't feel Jarod's hot gaze upon him. Max almost sighed in relief when Jarod drove off.

"Let's go back to my place and talk, Max," Jarod purred. Then he smiled as he watched Max go rigid. Seducing the boy was going to be way too much fun.

* * *

Max was silent on the drive back to Jarod's motel room, sitting pressed against the passenger door, one hand on the handle as if he were still contemplating yanking it open and flying out of the car at the first opportunity. He should be wondering why Max froze up every time he mentioned Blair's name, what the boy's connection was to him or if he was somehow involved in what had happened to Blair...but intellect had taken a sudden backseat to a more primal part of him. A part that wanted to bury his nose in the sweat-dampened tangle of ebony hair, run hands up under T-shirt and across that lean chest, to taste the salty tang of sweat against smooth golden skin.

Get a *hold* of yourself, he admonished himself sternly and faced forward to watch the road, resisting the urge to look again at Max, pressed against the passenger door with one hand on it, as if he were still contemplating yanking it open and fleeing the car. He was scared...but not scared because of something that he'd done. Instinct told him that Max hadn't killed Blair or participated in his death...but yet there was still some connection there...

He pulled the car into the parking lot of the motel and eased it into the empty space right before his room. Climbing out of the car, he went to unlock the room's door and held it open as Max drifted inside, looking even more nervous as he entered the room. He jumped as the door thudded close and whirled to face Jarod.

"Relax...I don't bite." said Jarod with a chuckle and pulled up a chair for Max to sit in, as he sank down onto the edge of the bed. "Tell me what you know about David Blair."

"I don't..." Max trailed off as Jarod cocked an eyebrow at him and pushed himself up out of the chair, biting at his thumbnail as he nervously paced back and forth before Jarod. "I don't know what you want me to tell you...he came by the UFO Center a few times, sure. My boss Brody...he can probably tell you more than I can. He talked to Blair, I didn't. Not...not really..." He did know what they had been talking about though; he'd made sure to be close enough to catch what they were saying. Brody had been showing him the charts he'd made on the signals he'd captured, that had been sent out by the orb. And telling him about his own experiences...

"You know something about him, Max. Something that makes you...nervous." said Jarod softly. Max halted in mid pace to look at him with haunted amber eyes and Jarod reached out a hand to take Max's, pulling him down to sit on the bed beside him. "I can help you, Max. If you're in trouble. Just tell me what you know..." he encouraged, giving Max's hand a squeeze as he turned on the bed to face him.

Max licked his lips, considering what Jarod had said. Oddly enough he found a part of himself wanting to trust Jarod...but he just couldn't. It wasn't only his life at stake and though he'd exposed them before with a rash action, he wouldn't do so again. He had to deflect Jarod's attention...and there was only one way he could think to do it.

He stretched out his free hand to lay it on Jarod's cheek and leaned forward to mold his mouth to the other man's, taking the hand still clasped in his and bringing it up to rest it on his chest.

To say that Jarod was stunned by Max's actions was an understatement. To say that he was thrilled by them was more appropriate. Taking advantage of Max's sudden willingness, Jarod quickly took control of the kiss, slipping his tongue between sweet lips to taste the boy. Meanwhile his hand was pressed to Max's hard chest and Jarod massaged the sculpted muscles, hand gliding down to slip under t-shirt.

Max allowed the kiss and the caresses, at first, but then he felt Jarod going for skin and he broke away. Found it hard to look at the desire that burned in the other man's eyes. Desire for him. "Um...I...I'm sweaty," Max stuttered, not wanting to hurt Jarod's feelings. And it was true enough. He was careful not to add hat Jarod was moving too fast.

"Sweaty is good," Jarod drawled, reaching for Max once again, but the boy jumped off the bed. Sighing, Jarod rose to his feet as well. "Shower," he said, succinctly, gesturing towards the bathroom across the room.

"Shower?" Max echoed, feeling stunned by the look Jarod was giving him. And then he realized what the man intended. For them to *shower* together. Max was so not ready for that, yet he knew if he didn't do this then Jarod would continue to focus on David Blair. "Um...a shower would be good," Max whispered, somewhat amazed that he could actually form words.

Jarod grinned. Max was almost making this too easy. Of course he knew that the boy was letting himself be seduced to shut Jarod up about David Blair. So be it, for now. At this moment Jarod's cock was hard and aching and all he wanted was to bury himself in Max's tight ass. "Right this way," Jarod purred, taking Max by the arm to lead him along.

Max swallowed the protest he was dying to make and let Jarod propel him along. Then they were in the bathroom and Jarod was closing, and locking, the door. Max bit his lip. He didn't know what to do next.

"Let's get you out of those clothes," Jarod said softly, hands reaching for Max's t-shirt. He drew it over the boy's head and let it drop on the floor while he admired the sheer perfection of the sculptured chest revealed to his hungry gaze. But he wanted, needed, to see more. Licking his lips, Jarod let his fingers curl around the waist band of Max's sweat pants, drawing them down strong thighs, only to stop when he realized Max was still wearing his sneakers. "Take your sneakers off," Jarod instructed.

"Oh," Max whispered, then he obeyed. Couldn't stop now what he had set in motion. But he closed his eyes as he felt Jarod peel his sweats down his legs. Stepped out of them as instructed then swallowed a gasp when fingers hooked in the waistband of his briefs. Max wasn't ready for this.

Jarod locked his eyes on the bulge of Max's crotch as he slid the cotton briefs down. But just as he was about to reveal the prize, the phone rang. Jarod cursed. He considered ignoring it but only one person had his number. relay...and Jarod had contacted him earlier with a request for information. Something to do with an Agent Pierce from the alien investigation sector of the FBI. "Be right back," Jarod warned Max. "Why don't you start without me." That said he exited the room, locking the door behind him this time. Didn't want Max to run away.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Max sat down on the toilet seat. He buried his face in his hands then sighed again. Knew he couldn't walk away from this. Knew he would have to see it through. So he rose to his feet, stripped off his briefs and stepped into the shower, turning the spray on full blast.

End of Part 3

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