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Crazy, Part Two

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

Max's mouth tasted as sweet as Jarod had dreamed it would, the soft lips parting under the forceful pressure of his own mouth, and his tongue slipped past those lips to sweep inside. Tasting chocolate and something spicy, like tabasco, oddly enough. One long leg was fitted between his, strong thigh just inches from his groin, and he leaned forward enough so that he could rub himself against thigh, to let Max feel his excitement. He could feel Max's hands splayed on his chest, feel the heat of them through the thin cotton material of his T-shirt, and he let his own hands slide down from slender waist and around to his back, to cup firm buttocks and knead.

Max broke off the kiss with a gasp, dragging his mouth away from Jarod's, and squirmed in the older man's hold, trying to free himself without using his alien strength. Jarod trailed nibbling little kisses across his cheek and down the line of his jaw and to the curve of throat, nuzzling at the tender flesh. His mouth throbbed from the intensity of Jarod's kiss and the suckle of Jarod's mouth at his throat was sending an odd warmth through him. Strong hands lifted him to set him down on the display table and then Jarod was moving between long legs, guiding him forward so that jean clad buttocks were nestled against his groin.

Even through the two layers of jeans Max could feel how hard, how eager, Jarod was and the tug of fingers at waistband of his jeans woke him from the stupor that had held him. "Stop...stop..." he pleaded breathlessly, slapping at Jarod's fingers as he unintentionally squirmed hips against groin, exciting Jarod all the more. "Please...stop!"

It took a moment for it to penetrate, that Max was denying him, and the effort to stop there, to draw back from Max, was so great that it made Jarod tremble. He wasn't used to feeling like this, to feeling such a strong immediate attraction to someone, and it was hard to back away. But back away he did, letting his hands fall away from the waistband of Max's jeans, unable to resist giving that sweet mouth a parting kiss.

"I'll see you again." he promised huskily and gave Max a little wave before turning away to leave the UFO Center, taking a moment to adjust himself in his jeans so that he was a little more comfortable.

As he exited the building, he passed Max's sister Isabel and smiled in greeting, whistling as he went to his rental car.

Isabel looked curiously back over her shoulder at Jarod and then went in search of Max. "Aren't you done yet?" she called impatiently as she came into the back room.

Just in time to see Max slip hurriedly off the table, one hand wiping at his mouth as the other pulled jeans up. It didn't take a genius to put Jarod's satisfied grin together with Max's guilty look and his slightly disheveled appearance and figure out what had been going on.

"I can't believe you, stepping out on Liz like this!" she exclaimed in mock outrage, placing hands on her hips. "Really, Max!"

"He...he...attacked me!" protested Max, blushing furiously. "I didn't-I didn't..." He trailed off as Isabel laughed and stalked past her. "Shut up!" he tossed angrily over his shoulder as he went to get his coat.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." said Isabel, not sounding the least bit sorry. "I didn't mean to interrupt you..."

White lipped Max ignored her as he went for the front door, forcing Isabel to trot to catch up with him.

* * *

The three of them met again at the Crashdown for lunch the next day, Michael taking a few minutes to slip into the booth beside Isabel. "So who's this Jarod guy?" he asked without preamble, looking from Isabel to Max and noting Max's sudden blush and lowering of his head.

"He's looking for aliens." said Isabel with a smirk at Max, who blushed deeper.

"Not a coincidence that he shows up here after the Blair guy bought it." said Michael darkly.

"He has a serious thing for Max, too." added Isabel, biting her lip to hold back a giggle at Max's angry expression.

Michael nodded thoughtfully. "We can work with that."

Max made an outraged sound and leaned forward across the table, shooting Isabel a glare. "No, we can't!"

"Oh, come on, Maxwell, no one's asking you to *sleep* with him or something! Not yet at least..." added Michael, ignoring Max's outraged gasp. "So you just bat your eyelashes or whatever at him, smooch him a couple times, and in between you find out what he's doing here and what he knows. Take one for the team, Max."

"I am not going to let him...grope me so that we can keep tabs on him!" hissed Max furiously, fingers pressing hard enough into the surface of the table to leave little indentations.

Isabel slapped at his hands and smoothed away the marks on the table. "Look, just...flirt with him a little, Max. Get friendly. Find out what you can. This is in *all* our best interest, Max." she said firmly.

Cheeks burning, Max looked from her to Michael and then back, his jaw clenching. "I can't believe you're asking me to do this!"

"Oh, and if he was interested in *me*, wouldn't the two of you be pushing me to get closer to him?" retorted Isabel, matching Max's glare. "Aren't our lives worth a little discomfort to you?"

"Fine!" snapped Max and tossed napkin down on the booth before slipping out. Giving them a parting glare, he stalked out of the Crashdown and to head for home.

* * *

Max dreamed. Unbidden images of himself with Jarod. Images that were so real that Max could feel strong hands gliding over his naked flesh. Could taste Jarod's kisses as a hot tongue probed his mouth. Then he felt fingers curling around his cock, stroking him to hardness. And then a warm mouth enveloped him and Max gasped, eyes flying open as he sat up in bed. His skin was sheened with sweat and his pulse was racing. "Shit..." Max hissed, running fingers through his damp hair. He slid off the bed and grabbed clean clothes and underwear before heading down the hall to the bathroom. Once there he showered, scrubbing till his skin felt raw in an attempt to banish the memory of the dream. Then Max rinsed off under water that was almost scalding before stepping out to dry off and dress. Ran a brush through damp hair then studied his reflection in the mirror. Same old Max. Nothing special. So why did Jarod want him? And why was he in Roswell. Heaving a sigh, Max realized that he had no choice but to do what Michael and Isabel had suggested and let himself be seduced by Jarod. They had to know the truth.

* * *

It was after closing hours and Max was at the UFO Center. Instinct told him that Jarod would come. Meanwhile, as he waited, Max tried to distract himself by redoing a few displays. Two hours passed and no Jarod. Max was about to give up and go home when a figure seemed to materialize before him. Jarod.

"You left the door open, thanks," Jarod said softly, his eyes roaming over the boy. Max was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt. Very nice. The t-shirt was clingy, outlining the muscles of Max's sculptured chest. Muscles that Jarod wanted to see, touch and taste.

"What do you want with me?" Max countered, decided to go on the offensive. Maybe he could get the information they needed without having to succumb to Jarod's sexual desires.

Jarod reached out to run his fingers through Max's hair, curling them about the soft dark strands, then using them to pull the boy to him. "I want to kiss you and touch you...I want to fuck you," Jarod whispered.

Max swallowed hard and had to force his next words out. "You don't even know me," he protested.

"Not yet...but I will," Jarod breathed, then he bent his head and claimed a kiss, devouring Max's sweet lips. Was pleased when the boy let him push his tongue into his mouth to taste him. So sweet yet spicy. Delicious. Jarod then let his free hand glided down Max's max to cup taut buttocks. God, how he wanted to be between the sweet globes. To bury his cock in the boy's virgin tightness. Jarod's need for Max was overwhelming but he didn't fight it. Rather, Jarod let it flow over him, guiding his movements as he untangled his fingers from Max's hair before breaking the kiss. Smiled as he studied the boy, loving the way Max's mouth was rosy and bruised from his kiss. "You were made to be fucked, Max," Jarod purred. This was so not like him, but he had to have the boy.

"" Max stammered. He backpedalled as Jarod reached for him till his back came up against the wall. Then Max realized he had nowhere to run. Without using his alien strength, which would reveal his true self to the man, Max was no match for Jarod's strength. "You asked me about David Blair," Max countered, hoping to distract Jarod and get the information he needed before this went too far.

Jarod was distracted, for a moment. "His death was...strange," Jarod whispered. "Did you know him well?"

Max shook his head. "I told you. I met him here a few times. He was looking for aliens."

"Maybe he found some," Jarod teased, then he closed in on Max. Knew the boy was trying to stall, but he would have none of that. Not this time. Reaching for Max, Jarod lifted the boy in his arms then moved to the mat that lay in one corner. He laid Max out then laid over him before the boy could scoot away. "Easy," Jarod purred as he let one hand slide under Max's t-shirt. Then he was ripping the material open so that he could stare at the perfection of Max's chest. The boy looked like a statue of a Greek god. "Beautiful," Jarod whispered.

"Don't...please," Max begged. Jarod was moving too fast and Max didn't know how he was going to be able to stop him.

Jarod silenced Max's protests with a kiss even as he undid his own belt. Used it to bind the boy's wrists then pulled hands over Max's head, leaving his other hand free to undo the fastening of Max's jeans. Then Jarod tugged jeans and briefs down far enough to free Max's cock. Took the long, thick shaft into one hand and began stroking. Didn't take long for it to harden, then Jarod bent his head to suckle the tip.

Max gasped as Jarod took his cock into warm mouth. The sensation was incredible, yet Max couldn't let go of the fact that he was being sucked by another guy. He wriggled and tried to free himself. Was just about ready to risk using his alien strength, or his powers, when he heard a familiar voice calling his name. Michael.

"Shit!" Jarod cursed, even as he moved to free Max's wrists. Then he kissed the boy hard. "You'll be mine soon, Max," Jarod whispered against the sweet lips. Then he took off.

"Michael," Max called out, even as he tucked his cock back into jeans. Not an easy task since he was so hard. Then Michael was there and Max felt relief. But he also felt embarrassed and ashamed.

Michael saw the blush that tinted Max's cheeks as he entered the back room. Saw the bulge in jeans and the bruised lips and felt ashamed at himself. Had more or less thought Iz had been joking about Jarod having the hots for Max. But apparently it was true. "You okay?" he asked Max. When his friend nodded Michael queried, "Find out anything?"

Max shook his head. "Not really," he replied. Then he made to brush past Michael, wanting only to go home and shower. But a strong hand gripped his wrist.

"Talk to me, Maxwell," Michael ordered. Felt Max tried to pull free but he held on. Then he locked eyes with Max and waited.

End of part 2

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