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Crazy, Part Ten (Conclusion)

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

"Ohhh, baby..." groaned Rath as he was sheathed in delicious tightness. Hot and slick around him, fitting him like a glove, just as perfect as Zan had been. Wriggling under him, like Maxie was wanting him to move, to fuck him hard and fast, and Rath laughed as he leaned forward to grind his mouth against Max's. Hips shifted as he let himself slide out a little, feeling for that spot that would make Maxie puddle under him. Slender body jerked under him as he found it and he let cock drag back and forth across it, nudging it hard, till Max was trembling and panting beneath him, beautiful features flushed with shame and passion.

"Bastard..." breathed Max, biting his lip as a groan rose in him. Shouldn't feel like this, shouldn't feel good at all, and he felt tears prick at his eyes for his own failings. He should be able to resist it, if he was strong enough, and obviously he wasn't...

"Feels good, don't it?" taunted Rath as he jabbed at gland, loving the way Max shuddered with each jolt. Boy was made for this, made to be fucked.

"Do him..." Lonnie was suddenly there, breathing the words in his ear as her hand stroked up and down bare flank. She let her fingers stroke across buttock and closed her eyes as she opened a connection between them, feeling what Rath felt. Hard and throbbing, held so tight by Max, like the boy didn't want to let him go, and trembling with the need to fuck him hard and fast. "Do him hard..." She drifted down the bed, her hand stroking down the length of Max's leg, muscle taut under the caress, and freed one ankle, pressing long leg back, then the other.

Freed Max brought legs up, wanting to dislodge Rath, to get him *out*, but each hot slide of cock over gland sent a tremor of pleasure through him and legs pressed against Rath's sides, slithering around waist to pull him in. Get it over with, have Rath do him and then go, he tried to tell himself, but treacherous body only seemed to care about the sensations that flooded it. The roughening strokes, the greedy caress of hands and mouth, and if he shut his eyes, he could pretend that it was Jarod that was over him, Jarod that coaxed him to move with him, till he was rocking frantically against him.

"Shit!" Rath all but screamed as he came, fingers clawing at Max's taut buttocks as he pulled him as hard up against him as he could get. He twitched with each spurt into the other boy, muscles clenching around him to milk him of every drop, and Max's cock was hard and ready to go, eager for his touch.

But not for him. For Lonnie, thought Rath with a devilish grin.

"Untie him," Nicholas ordered, from where he watched in the doorway.

Lonnie turned to glare at the shrimp. "Are you nuts?" She hissed. "It's not like he's gonna wanna play with us," she reminded the Skin.

Nicholas smirked as he strode over to the bed and let his fingers tangle in Max's dark hair, forcing the older boy to look at him. "Max will stay and play...won't you, Max?" Nicholas taunted. "Cause if you don't...I go after your friends. Maybe your sister first. What do you think? Kill em off one by one."

"Bastard!" Max snarled, trying to yank his head free. But all he got for his efforts was a sharp pain in his scalp as Nicholas's fingers held fast. Then Max stopped fighting. They both knew he would obey. "What do you want from me?" Max whispered. Would give anything, short of the Granolith. And he knew that Nicholas wanted to fuck with him now. So be it. It would buy time for Isabel and Michael to find him.

"I want you to fuck Lonnie," Nicholas replied, but as he spoke he exchanged a look with Rath.

Lonnie was up for that and she moved to free Max of his bonds. Then she stretched out on the bed and opened her legs, fingers sliding through her own feminine folds as she licked her lips and locked eyes with Max. "Come on, baby," Lonnie whispered. "Come home to mama."

Max was on his knees beside Lonnie. He didn't want to do this but knew he had no choice. Couldn't make a run for it because Nicholas was way too powerful for him, as were Lonnie and Rath. So Max did the only thing he could. He moved between Lonnie's legs. But he would be in control this time. So Max let his fingers slide between her legs, slipping inside her hot wetness, even as he claimed a kiss. Used his fingers to make Lonnie scream with pleasure and, only then, did Max enter her, never once breaking the kiss.

"Sweet," Rath breathed as he watched the duo. Then his eyes moved to Max's ass, watching the taut globes clenching with each thrust in and out. Felt his cock harden and ache and turned to Nicholas who nodded. Moving to the bed, Rath climbed on behind Max, gripped the boy's lean hips in both hands and guided his cock home. * * *

It had taken time and Jarod searching through the county's computer database but at last they had found what they thought was the place that Max was being held. There was an old farmhouse just outside the city limits, sitting empty for a few years now, and it seemed the most likely location.

"We'll go in with Enyara to get him out. And deal with Nicholas and the Dupes." said Michael. "Jarod stays with the jeep." He gave Jarod a hard look as he said it, letting him know that he wasn't going to listen to any differing opinions, and then switched his gaze to Enyara, brow furrowing. "Can you take Nicholas?"

"I can hold my own against him." said Enyara slowly. "But defeat him on my"

"Then you hit him from the front and we'll hit him from the rear. Between us, we should be able to take the twerp down." said Michael with a grin. Not exactly a fair way to fight...but they were overmatched and there was no time for niceties. "And hopefully Max will be able to pitch in." If they hadn't tortured him...

"I'll...let him know we're coming." said Isabel, blushing a little. She wasn't sure she was ready to contact him again, when the last few times she had done so, she had caught him otherwise...occupied. Closing her eyes she reached out tentatively to him and was relieved to find him not involved in yet more debauchery but recovering from it.

"We know where you are. We're on our way." she told Max.

"You can't!" burst out Max, struggling against the bonds that restrained him even here, in the dreamwalk. "Nicholas is here!"

"We know. We'll be prepared for him." Managing to ignore his nudity she moved closer to stroke his cheek. And then she broke the connection between them...

NO!" Max screamed the word, his body taut and trembling. And then he felt strong arms around him, holding him. Felt warm lips against his ear.

"It's all right, Max," Jarod said soflty. "You're okay. It was just a dream."

Max almost laughed but then he swallowed the lump of panic in his throat and echoed, "Just a...dream."

Jarod stroked Max's hair, feeling the hard young body trembling against him. "Must have been one hell of a dream. Want to tell me about it?"

" don't really remember it," Max stuttered. A complete lie, for he remembered it vividly. But his trembling eased as Jarod comforted him and he allowed the other man to ease him back down against the pillows. Max remembered everything. How he had made love with Jarod. Then he'd gone to shower with every intention of leaving afterwards. But Jarod insisted on kissing Max goodbye and one kiss had led to another. Then hands were stroking him and his clothes ended up on the floor again. After making love again, Max had fallen asleep in Jarod's arms. To sleep and to dream, about a shapeshifter named Enyara and Nicholas and the Dupes returning. Nightmares really of what could someday happen. But not this day. Not this moment. "I'm sorry," Max whispered as he snuggled closer into Jarod's strong arms.

"Nothing to be sorry for," Jarod replied as he rolled on top of Max. Then he silenced whatever else the boy might have said with a kiss. Soon after he was sheathed in Max's hot tightness and they became one. And in that moment Jarod knew he had finally found a home.


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