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Crazy, Part One

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 1, 2001

Title: Crazy
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Fandom: Roswell/The Pretender crossover
Rating: just consider NC17 for all parts
Archive: please email to inform of desire to archive, thanks! :)
Disclaimer: The characters of these shows don't belong to us. We just like to do fun things to them...<EG>
Warnings: Underage sex though consenting...

After the snow and freezing temperatures of New York City, it was sheer pleasure to be here in Roswell, New Mexico, where it was March and in the 70s, warm enough to go about without a coat on. Almost as good as being in Florida, reflected Jarod, but without the dangers of hurricane season.

He'd been working as an orderly out of a psychiatric institute in upstate New York, investigating patient abuse that had led to the death of one, when he'd read the newspaper account of one David Blair, an investigator for an UFO organization, NICAP-National Investigation Committee of Aerial Phenomenon. He'd gone without contact with his family or his associates for four days before he was suddenly reported dead, his body supposedly burned beyond recognition in the fire that had consumed his car. An accident, was what the local sheriff's office deemed it, and refused to investigate it further.

They might not desire to...but Jarod did.

He spent a couple days holed up in a motel room, consuming little Pez from alien-head dispensers and reading all the books that he could find on the phenomenon on UFOs and most particularly on the purported crash of an UFO in Roswell in 1947. The Internet provided a great deal of information on this subject as well and by the time he booked his flight to Roswell, he was more than prepared to take on this new role.

He'd considered going there under the guise of an FBI agent but had discarded that idea. From the sounds of it the local law enforcement wouldn't be that happy about having someone else splashing through their pond and he was more likely to blend in there as yet another "UFO nut" looking for proof of the existence of their own kind of Holy Grail. And people would probably be more likely to talk to a civilian than a Federal agent.

When he had first approached the subject of UFOs, his reaction had been one of skepticism but after reading the various accounts of the Roswell incident and sorting through the proven facts, he'd come to the conclusion that there had been something more than a weather balloon. He didn't have enough facts yet to prove or disprove whether or not it was an alien craft but perhaps while he was there, he could settle that little mystery.

Even if the government chose to emphatically deny that there had ever been an UFO crash here or a subsequent cover-up, the locals had chosen to capitalize on that notoriety. They even had an UFO convention here, from what Jarod read, and it was a shame that he was here now and not in the summer, when they were having their annual Crash Festival.

Finding a room was easy enough and he stowed his gear there while he went on a walk of downtown Roswell. Later he would call around and find out where David Blair had stayed but for now he wanted to get a feel of the place. To see Roswell as Blair had seen it, to get more of a sense of who Blair was. Entering the database of NICAP had been astonishingly easy and he'd gained access to the reports Blair had made. Disproving various phenomena and from the tone of his reports, he was at heart a believer that *wanted* to believe...but would not let that belief color his findings.

So he would come here to Roswell, with no real bias as to what had happened, as ready to believe that it was an early experimental aircraft that had gone down, as it was an UFO. Exactly as Jarod planned to approach it.

First stop: the UFO center. Amusingly enough it was located right across the street from the Crashdown Café, where Jarod would just *have* to have dinner, if only to see what kind of menu it boasted.

The Center was virtually deserted, with only a few patrons drifting through it, and it gave Jarod the leisure to study the exhibits. One presented a lurid scene of an alien autopsy, complete with scalpel wielding doctor and gray skinned alien laid out on a metal table. He remembered a mention of an alien autopsy video during his Internet research and made a mental note to locate it for study. But for now, he needed to find the owner of this establishment and see if he'd had any contact with David Blair.


Jarod turned at the softly spoken question to find himself face to face with a boy clad casually in blue jeans and a blue T-shirt, with a bright yellow vest worn over it. Ebony hair was worn short, cut above the endearing protrusion of ear lobes, and just long enough in the front for silken strands to spill down his forehead, giving him a little-boy look that would last well into his thirties. Long lashes fringed soulful amber eyes, lowering to hide those lovely eyes when Jarod's gaze fixed on him, and a light blush tinted strong cheekbones under the heat of his regard. Tongue peeked out to run nervously over the curve of sensual lips as the boy shifted weight from one leg to another, peeking up at Jarod from under lowered lashes.

God, he was *beautiful*, realized Jarod, feeling an unfamiliar tightening of his groin. Under the loose fitting clothing there was strength in that young body, a curve of muscle barely guessed at, and his imagination painted him a picture of it. Of golden skin stretched taut over hard muscle, soft and warm under his hands...

"Pamphlet?" repeated the boy again, clearing his throat nervously.

Jarod gave himself a mental shake and forced a smile. "I'm sorry, I was woolgathering. Thanks..." He reached out to grasp the pamphlet and for one electric moment his fingers came in contact with the boy's. His skin was warm and soft under the touch of Jarod's fingers and the slight contact warmed him all the more. He found himself wanting to pull the boy closer, to taste of those sweet-looking lips...

The boy jerked his hand back and the pamphlet fluttered to the floor. Muttering an apology, his blush deepening, the boy knelt to retrieve the pamphlet and offered it to Jarod once again, stepping hastily back as Jarod took it.

"My name is Jarod." said Jarod, clutching the pamphlet in one hand as he smiled reassuringly at the boy. This wasn't like him at all, to be reacting like this. The instances of sexual intimacy he had shared had been with women and not men, not matter how young and beautiful and ripe...

"Max! Can I see you for a moment?"

The boy flashed him an uncertain smile and backed away. "Enjoy the Center..." he said and fled to answer the call of his boss.

Jarod smiled as he watched the boy Max go, slapping the pamphlet lightly against the palm of his hand. Max. It suited him. Still smiling he exited the UFO Center, knowing that he was going to be coming back here in the not too distant future. And not only for another glimpse at the young beauty...

* * *

Michael, Isabel and Max were seated at a back booth in the Crashdown Michael had joined Max and Isabel for dinner during his break and they were discussing the death/murder of David Blair. By all accounts they had no choice but to believe that the man was murdered by either a shape shifter or the Skins. None of the trio wanted to deal with the repercussions of the murder. But they had no choice. Didn't matter that Sheriff Valenti had managed to close the case to keep suspicion at bay, they knew the truth and they had to face it.

"So far so good," Michael stated in between mouthful of french fries. "No other cops or agents have shown up to investigate the case, so I think we're safe."

"," Isabel huffed. "Safe from what, Michael? From who? We don't know who killed David Blair or why. All we know for sure is that it was an alien. So I feel very safe now."

Michael shrugged. He wasn't one to bemoan what he couldn't change. "So, Maxwell...what do you have to say about this?" he asked his companion. When Max didn't respond, Michael kicked him in the foot.

Max started at the kick and focused his attention on Michael. He had been lost in thought. "What?" Max said, looking first at Michael then at his sister beside him. "I'm sorry...I've got stuff on my mind."

"Stuff besides David Blair?" Michael prompted, his curiosity piqued. He and Max had been getting along better now since having it out a few weeks ago, so Michael was more willing to let Max introvert about things. So long as Max was willing to make a decision and take action on it.

"No..not Blair," Max replied. "There's a new guy in town, his name is Jarod. I met him at the UFO center before coming here. Something about him...bothers me," Max stated. Then he ducked his head as he felt a blush coming on as he remembered the heat of Jarod's gaze upon him. It confused Max to say the least.

Michael sat up at this news. "Think he's a Fed or something?" He queried.

Max shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he's just a UFO nut, like Blair." Max was about to say more but the door to the Crashdown opened, and since Max was facing it, he saw Jarod enter and it startled him. Especially when the man seemed to sense he was there and looked straight at Max. "That's him," Max whispered.

"Think he followed you?" Isabel asked as she watched the man approach. She guessed he was over six feet tall, lean and muscular with a nice face. Kind of quirky handsome, and he had friendly eyes.

"Hi, Max," Jarod said as he reached the boy's table. Smiled at the other two sitting with Max then held out his hand to the boy. "I'm Jarod."

Michael ignored the hand. "I'm late to work," he drawled, sliding out of the booth to return to the kitchen.

Isabel frowned at Michael's back then smiled at Jarod. "Ignore Michael, rude is his middle name. I'm Isabel, Max's sister." She reached over Max to take Jarod's hand. He had warm skin and a firm grip.

"Nice to meet you, Isabel," Jarod stated. She was a beautiful girl and he could easily be attracted to her, but it was Max who made him hard at the mere sight of the boy. "Sorry to interrupt your meal," Jarod continued. "I just arrived in Roswell and Max is the only friendly face I know."

"What brings you to Roswell?" Isabel queried.

Jarod laughed. "Aliens, of course," he replied. "I've always believed there's something out there. So I came here to learn the truth."

Isabel smiled. "I supposed the truth is out there somewhere," she allowed, playing it cool.

"I suppose it is," Jarod agreed. He let his gaze shift from Isabel to Max, absorbing the boy's almost exotic beauty. "Well...I'll let you finish eating," he stated. "Bye..." That said, Jarod drifted away.

"What do you think?" Max asked his sister, the moment Jarod was out of earshot. He trusted Isabel's instincts about people.

Isabel locked eyes with Max and stated, "I think he's hot for you, Max." And she was totally sincere. Isabel knew sexual heat when she saw it and Jarod was totally interested in Max.

Max stiffened then jumped to his feet. "No!" He hissed, then he almost ran out of the Crashdown, heading back to work. But Isabel's words echoed in his head, mocking him all the way.

* * *

Jarod was smiling as he entered the UFO Museum. He had been watching the place ever since finishing with his supper at the Crashdown. Knew the time the placed closed and knew, when Max was finally alone. And he still had fifteen minutes before closing. Whistling softly to himself, Jarod went in search of the young man and found Max setting up a display in the back room. "Nice work," Jarod said softly.

Max jumped at the sound of the voice, having thought himself to be alone. Tuesday nights were always slow. Wasn't much to do but set up the new display then head for home. Max never expected to see Jarod. "What are you doing here?" Max asked,

"Looking around," Jarod replied, his eyes focused intently on Max's face. The boy was too beautiful for words. Jarod moved closer and grinned to see that Max wanted to back away, but the boy stood his ground. It was then that Jarod noticed the tiny beauty mark on Max's upper lip. Felt himself grow hard at the thought of kissing that sweet mouth.

"Can I help you with something?" Max countered, wishing that the man would quit staring at him so intently.

Jarod nodded. "Tell me, Max. Did you ever meet a man by the name of David Blair?" Jarod knew, the moment he said the name, that the kid had known him. Max went white.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself when his body, and vocal chords, went rigid at the question, Max whispered, "I met him. He came here asking questions. UFO...nut."

"Do you believe?" Jarod countered. After all, the kid worked at the UFO Center.

"I guess," Max replied. "Um...I have to get back to work," he stammered.

Jarod smiled again. "Thanks for your time," he said softly, holding out his hand.

Max swallowed hard and took Jarod's hand, only to find himself yanked forward and pressed against the other man's hard body. Then, without warning, warm lips sealed over his as Jarod claimed a kiss.

End of Part 1

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