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The Challenge, Part Five

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 6, 2001

Title: The Challenge
Authors: Shelly and Sherri
Feedback: is always desired <G>
Rating: NC-17 for M/M sex
Disclaimer: Don't own the Roswell gang or the Dawson's Creek know who does...LOL.
Distribution: please email for permission with location, thanks!
Summary: Max and Pacey meet up in Capeside and smut ensues <EG>
Author's Notes: This story will feature graphic M/M sex so if that don't float your boat then don't read it...LOL. Please forgive any inconsistencies with characters or background on Dawson's Creek cause neither of us are big fans of the show, we just thought pairing Max with Pacey would be kinda cool...LOL.

"God..." Pacey moaned, as he felt Max's long legs wrap around his waist. But loosely, so that he could still plunge in deep and pull out only to thrust in harder, time and again. Could feel the pull of Max's passage around his aching flesh and it was truly heaven.

"Don't...stop..." Max gasped, then he moaned as cock brushed over gland once more and pleasure washed over him from head to toe. "Pacey..." Max whispered.

Pacey continued to plunge in and out of Max. Felt himself hurling towards his release. It was incredible and he hadn't even cum yet. Wished that Max could feel what he was feeling. That the other boy could know how wonderful, how perfect, how beautiful he was in this moment. And know, as well, the gift he was giving Pacey. "I wish...I wish you could feel what I'm feeling," Pacey whispered. Hadn't meant to say it out loud, but was glad he did. There would be no secrets between him and Max. Not ever. No pretense. Just pure, simple, honesty.

Max bit his lips, knowing that Pacey was about to explode. "Do you trust me?" he asked.

"Of course," Pacey replied, without hesitation. Then he felt Max's hand on his face and a heartbeat later he gasped as he felt a warmth seeping into him. Max. And then Pacey felt it. The connection. Felt more. Felt the plunge of cock inside him, thick and deep and spreading him. Gasped again as he realized that he was feeling what Max was feeling and, judging by the look of ecstasy on Max's face, Max was feeling what Pacey was feeling. "Far out," Pacey breathed, but then he couldn't speak at all...only feel, as he exploded into wave after wave of pure pleasure.

Max felt Pacey's heavy weight slump over him and he welcomed it. Wrapped his arms around Pacey's back to hug him, then stroked a hand up and down the curve of the spine. "Thank you," Max whispered.

Pacey found the energy to lift his head and replied, "No...thank you. That was...incredible. Amazing. God....what a gift, Max."

"You gave me a gift," Max countered, softly. Then he blushed as he continued. "I saw me as you see me," Max whispered. "I'm not...beautiful...but...thank you for believing that I am."

"If you saw what I see and felt what I feel..then you know that you are beautiful, Max," Pacey stated, one hand lifting to brush a tear off Max's cheek. "You're beautiful and amazing...and I'm falling in love with you." Felt good to say that for Pacey knew that he had finally found the one person he could, safely, give his heart to.

Max felt his breath catch in his throat at Pacey's words. Had felt the love during the connection, but hearing the words was overwhelming. "I'm falling in love with you, too, Pacey," Max replied. "But...what does that mean?" he queried, his voice trembling with both fear and hope.

Pacey moved off of Max and onto his side, drawing Max with him, turning the boy so they were spooned together and Pacey could slip into Max's tightness once more. Was semi soft now but didn't need to do more than be connected, both body and soul. "It means that I'm not letting you go, Max Evans," Pacey whispered into the boy's ear. Then he pressed a kiss to the sweet neck and closed his eyes. "Go to sleep," Pacey ordered, and a smile curved his lips as he followed his own advice.


They spent two glorious days on the boat, days spent mapping out each other's bodies, learning how to bring the other to the painful heights of ecstacy and cuddling in the aftermath. Both with hearts so very full that it felt as if they would burst...

But like all good had to end.

Lying on the bunk, the warm, sweat-dampened length of Max nestled in his arms, Pacey sighed as he accepted that realization. As much as he would like to sail off into forever with Max, they both had people that would be worried about them. And the boat wasn't exactly made for a long journey. "We have to go back..." he said, bending his head to press a kiss to the top of Max's head, rubbing his cheek against the silken hair and tightening his hold on the slender body. Didn't want to let him go, not when he had just found him...

"I know." said Max softly, his stomach clenching in distress at the thought. Maybe...maybe he could stay in Capeside with Pacey...but that hope was dashed the moment it rose. There would be questions as to why a teenage boy was on his own, especially in as small a community as this one, and in the end he would have to go. And it would be all the harder to part from Pacey...

"I think you should go back." said Pacey, idly trailing the fingers of one hand up the length of Max's arm. "Back to Roswell." He felt Max tense and he loosened his grip on Max, allowing the other boy to turn slowly in circle of his arms.

"You don't want me to...stay?" asked Max huskily, the hurt showing all too plainly in amber eyes and the slight tremble of his mouth.

"God, *yes*, I want you to stay!" Pacey hastened to reassure him, reaching out to stroke Max's cheek. "I want to be with you...forever. I want to wake up every morning and see your beautiful face. I want to know what makes you happy and sad and angry. Movies you like, your favorite food, everything. God, I *love* you, Max! have people out there that love you too. Your family...your friends. They love you...and I'm sure they're worried as hell about you. So... you need to go back...even if it's just to say goodbye again."

Max was silent for a long moment, contemplating that. He had left without a word and they *would* be worried, they would be thinking that something had happened to him. He owed it to the parents that had raised him, that had loved him as much as they could a child of their own flesh and blood; owed it to Isabel, his sister in spirit if not necessarily blood, and even owed it Michael and Tess. "Would you...come with me?" he asked Pacey hesitantly.

"To...Roswell?" Max nodded, amber eyes darkly serious, and it was Pacey's turn to be silent, to consider what he was asking. Leave, he'd been dreaming about the day he'd leave this little burg behind forever. Didn't have the college plans of Joey or the dreams of Hollywood that Dawson did...but that didn't mean he didn't yearn to be out of there. *Anywhere*! Leave all of it behind, leave Dawson and Joey, his brother and sister... "Yeah. I want to go." The moment he spoke the words it was like a burden had been lifted from him and for the first time in a long time, he was free.

Max flung his arms around Pacey and hugged him fiercely. "I can do it...with you beside me." And it didn't mean they had to *stay* in Roswell, there was a whole world to explore, a future opening up before them.

"So...when do you want to go?" Now that the idea was laid out before him, Pacey found himself itching to go, to take off as soon as they could.

Max smiled as he settled buttocks against Pacey's groin and rubbed teasingly. "Not *right* away..."

"We got time..."agreed Pacey breathlessly and pulled Max down on top of him for a long kiss. Would have to take their time getting there because Pacey wanted as much of Max as he could get. "Mine." he said when they broke off the kiss, his arms slipping around slender waist.

"Yours." agreed Max, smiling triumphantly as he slid down onto Pacey, taking him deep inside him.

And after that there were no more words that needed to be said between them.


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