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The Challenge, Part Four

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 6, 2001

Title: The Challenge
Authors: Shelly and Sherri
Feedback: is always desired <G>
Rating: NC-17 for M/M sex
Disclaimer: Don't own the Roswell gang or the Dawson's Creek know who does...LOL.
Distribution: please email for permission with location, thanks!
Summary: Max and Pacey meet up in Capeside and smut ensues <EG>
Author's Notes: This story will feature graphic M/M sex so if that don't float your boat then don't read it...LOL. Please forgive any inconsistencies with characters or background on Dawson's Creek cause neither of us are big fans of the show, we just thought pairing Max with Pacey would be kinda cool...LOL.

Pacey fed Max the rest of the strawberry, his groin tightening at the soft sigh of bliss that issued past sweet lips. Lips stained a deep red from the juice of the strawberry and the temptation to lean forward and lick that juice from those lips was too much. Max parted lips to allow him access and Pacey caught at a handful of hair to hold his head still as he kissed and licked the juice from lips, tongue slipping past parted lips to engage the other boy's tongue.

Fingers encircled his wrist, pulling his hand up to lay palm against the warm skin of Max's chest, and obligingly he kneaded the lean muscles, thumb skimming over flat nipple. Broke off the kiss to bend his head and run tongue over nipple, Max gasping at the contact, arching up into the wet caress. From the sounds of pleasure he made, he was as sensitive to the pull of mouth and scrape of teeth as Joey had been, the one time they had actually made love. He suckled first one nipple then the other into aching hardness, his hands sliding down to flat stomach and to the waistband of jeans.

Not quite enough space to slip hand inside so he dragged zipper down, his hands sliding eagerly into the gap to cup the hardened flesh that surged against the cotton briefs. Max moaned deep in his throat at the touch of Pacey's hand, hips lifting to press himself against the palm of his hand, and Pacey squeezed him gently, giving nipple a parting flick of tongue before raising his head to look down at Max as he eased hand down briefs to take hot flesh in his fingers.

"Ohh..." gasped Max, eyes widening as fingers wrapped around suddenly aching cock. Stroking slowly up and down the shaft, knowing *just* how to touch, where to apply pressure and where to just skim fingers over heated flesh. Forefinger teased the slit in the head of cock and then mouth was over him, soft breath puffing on him, teasing him. Max squirmed against the mattress of the bunk, wanting to push up into the parted lips, wanting to drive deep into Pacey's mouth, and Pacey laughed at his eagerness, pressing a kiss to the head of cock that drew a deep groan from Max. Cock thrust impatiently up against his lips and he allowed it to slip past them, to go inside the dark wetness of his mouth, hand grasping the base of shaft to keep it from plunging eagerly down his throat.

Had *never* done this before....or never even had it done to him...but clandestine viewings of porno movies had given him something of an idea. He ran mouth leisurely up and down silken shaft, teasing it with long wet laps of tongue and a light scraping of teeth, till it was butting eagerly up into his mouth, wanting to take the plunge. Max's fingers ran slowly through his hair, clenching in the thick strands so that he could pull Pacey's head down as he thrust up into mouth, and Pacey chuckled around the thick cock filling his mouth, the vibrations sending a spasm through Max. He quickened his pace, his hand caressing the silken sacs at the base of Max's cock, and all too quickly he felt cock trembling in his mouth.

Max tried to push his head away but Pacey took cock all the way into his mouth, fighting not to gag as the head slipped down his throat, and swallowed convulsively as the first shot of cum jetted down his throat. Nearly choked on the flood of cum but the salty taste of it was worth it, that and the tremors that ran through Max.

When the last of fluid had been milked from Max, Pacey let cock slip out of his mouth and raised his head, licking lips dotted with milky fluid. Max lay limply on the bed, chest rising and falling with the rapidness of his breathing, half lidded amber eyes glazed with the aftermath, a light sheen of sweat making golden skin glisten, and Pacey crawled his way up to him, to kiss him and let him taste his own cum still clinging to Pacey's tongue.

"Thank you..." said Max huskily, a lazy smile curving his mouth as he reached up to caress Pacey's cheek, amber eyes glowing with something much deeper than mere affection.

"You're quite welcome." responded Pacey with an uneasy laugh, rubbing his cheek against Max's hand. God, he felt like he was about to *explode*, he was so hard, and he didn't want a hand job or a blow job. He wanted to be *in* Max, get as deep in him as he could and *fuse* with him. "I...I want...can-can I..." He blushed as Max gazed up at him with those soulful amber eyes, suddenly ashamed at himself for his own need, his own desires. What was he going to say, can I fuck you, Max? Better to just get out of here, go up top and cool off a bit...

Max caught at him before he could draw back, hands clenching in the material of his shirt, and Pacey stared down at Max, biting his lip at the softness in Max's eyes. "You want to make love to me..." Pacey jerked in surprise, wondering if Max could read his mind, but then he didn't really need to. What he was thinking and feeling had to be written very plainly in Pacey's features, in the tension of his body. "I'm...I'm not sure I'm ready for it..." admitted Max and Pacey tried to hide his disappointment, ducking his head. But Max caught his chin and lifted his head so that their eyes met. "I'm willing to...try..." he concluded, blushing a little.

Pacey slid a shaking hand into the pocket of his jeans to bring out a little tube of KY jelly that he had bought at the store. " it...just" he said, blushing again at the smile that Max gave him, just before rolling over onto his stomach. Presented with the taut globes of Max's ass, Pacey gulped and shifted restlessly as cock threatened to burst free of jeans. Popped off the top on the tube of jelly and moved to straddle Max.

One hand slid up the back of thigh and to the underside of one buttock, fingers splaying to knead the taut flesh. He let his fingers slide across and then to the cleft between buttocks, one finger stroking up crack in search of the little puckered opening to the inner passage. His finger brushed across it and Max shivered at the touch, buttocks clenching. Drawing hand back, Pacey squeezed the tube of jelly and managed to get most of it on his fingers, coating them liberally. And breathing deeply, he returned his attention to preparing Max for entry.


Max quivered as one of Pacey's slick fingers pressed inside him. Felt strange to him, that finger, and Max's body responded by tensing, buttocks clenching in an attempt to keep the intruder out. But he didn't want to be this way. He wanted Pacey to make love to him. Wanted to give the boy this gift. So Max took a deep breath and tried to relax, to force inner muscles to unclench.

"We don't have to do this," Pacey whispered, feeling Max's tension. Was hard to say for his cock was hard and aching and ready to burst, but he would not force Max into doing something he didn't want to do.

"No...I want to," Max replied. " patient with me...please, Pacey."

Pacey laughed softly and bent to press a kiss between Max's shoulder blades, admiring the play of muscle across the broad back. Max was like a work of art. "I can do that," he stated. "Patience is my middle name."

Max chuckled. "Liar," he shot back and in laughing he felt the tension ease and the finger inside him slipped in further. No pain and the oddness subsided somewhat. Still felt weird, but doable. So far.

" patience isn't...normally one of my virtues," Pacey allowed, even as his finger slid in all the way. Carefully he wriggled it around and suddenly he felt Max stiffen and a gasp escaped the other boy. "Did I hurt you?" Pacey asked, his finger going still inside Max.

"No," Max whispered, when he felt like he could breathe again. Blushing a bit, he admitted, "I don't know what you did..but it felt...wonderful."

Pacey almost sighed with relief. "Let me try again," he whispered, moving finger around once more and he felt Max stiffen again and realized he'd struck gold. Max's prostate. Carefully, Pacey inserted another finger, gently opening Max.

Max wriggled as pleasure washed over him time and again. It was almost too much to bear. "Please.." he begged, wanting...needing...more.

"Yes," Pacey breathed as he pulled fingers out. Then he rolled Max onto his back for he wanted to see the other boy's face as he entered him. Pacey locked eyes with Max as he made to free his cock and felt pleased when Max batted hands away to do it for him. Strong fingers freed Pacey's cock from its prison of denim and cotton, then they stroked him to the point of madness. "I have to be inside you," Pacey hissed, gripping Max's wrist to stop the stroking. He was about to explode.

"I want you inside me," Max breathed, opening his legs so that Pacey could move between them.

Pacey was stunned by Max's show of trust, and by the desire that glowed in the incredible amber eyes. "Do you know how beautiful you are, Max?" Pacey asked, as he moved to guide himself between the taut buttocks. Felt the tip of his cock press against puckered opening and almost came then and there.

Max blushed but whispered back, "I know that you see me as beautiful," Max whispered. "And that's all that matters."

"I think I love you, Max," Pacey breathed, then he thrust hips forward and pressed his cock into the sweet tightness that was Max.


A little forceful push and his cock was past the ring of muscle that barred entrance, half sheathed in Max, and, *God*, it felt *so* good. Max felt good, felt hot and tight, and Pacey wanted more, wanted to be all the way in him. But at the same time he didn't want to hurt him and he knew, from Max's breathless gasp and the reflexive clenching of muscle when he'd first pressed into him, that he had hurt Max...

"Don't-don't...stop..." breathed Max, wriggling under him. Felt odd, uncomfortable at first, but there was something about having the thickness of throbbing flesh in him that sent a thrill of pleasure through Max. Could feel Pacey's trembling need, could see the desire for him in the other boy's eyes, and it was at once exhilarating and humbling to know that he could rouse such a depth of passion in someone else. He brought legs up to rub them encouraging against Pacey's flanks, sought to open himself to Pacey's intrusion and allow him deeper.

Suddenly Pacey found himself sliding deeper into Max, still tight enough that passage rubbed against his shaft but not too tight for him to move. He dug fingers hard into Max's slender hips, struggling to not explode there and then, with the hot clasp of Max around his cock, the stroke of knees against his sides and Max's soft moan as full penetration was achieved. Shaking, afraid to move even an inch, muscles taut with the strain, cause if he even so much as twitched he *knew* he was going to shoot off into Max, without even the benefit of the long leisurely fuck he craved.

Max slid a hand down between them, to where they were joined, and Pacey tried to twitch away at the brush of his fingers on the base of his cock but the moment that fingers touched him he felt the tension of his explosion ease, the roar in his ears fading away. Leaving him still hard and aching but not so desperate...

"Can you increase my stamina too?" he teased Max, leaning over to give him a long lingering kiss, tongues sliding and twisting together in a mock duel.

"Oh, yeah..." purred Max once Pacey broke off the kiss, amber eyes glinting with a devilish mischief, and Pacey made a mock horrified face at the thought. But what a great way to go, fucking Max till his heart burst... "But you have to *do* something first." added Max with an impatient thrust of hips, taking Pacey in just that extra inch. Raised hips up, pulling Pacey with him, and Pacey thrust up into him, feeling cock bump into gland and Max shudder with the sensation.

"Feel good?" asked Pacey huskily. As if the flutter of long lashes and the liquid warmth filling amber eyes wasn't enough, that sensual mouth going slack and beautiful body arching up into the insistent butt of cock against gland.

"Yes...yes..." moaned Max, clawing at the blanket underneath him, head reeling with the sensations that flooded through him. Delicious pressure of Pacey in him, throbbing head of cock jabbing again and again at gland, each strike sending an arrow of heat through him. Just short little thrusts and he wanted...wanted....

Pacey drew back out of him and Max mewled in disappointment, thrusting hips up, trying to capture him again. Felt oddly...empty with that retreat, with just the tip of Pacey in him, and he wanted him again. Wanted him to push in him *hard* stop being so slow, so damned gentle...

Max was ready for it now, time to let go a bit, and Pacey drove hard into him, both of them gasping as he bottomed out in Max's slick tightness.

End of Part 4

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