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The Challenge, Part Three

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 6, 2001

Title: The Challenge
Authors: Shelly and Sherri
Feedback: is always desired <G>
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own the Roswell gang or the Dawson's Creek know who does...LOL.
Distribution: please email for permission with location, thanks!
Summary: Max and Pacey meet up in Capeside and smut ensues <EG>
Author's Notes: This story will feature graphic M/M sex so if that don't float your boat then don't read it...LOL. Please forgive any inconsistencies with characters or background on Dawson's Creek cause neither of us are big fans of the show, we just thought pairing Max with Pacey would be kinda cool...LOL.

Pacey was at the wheel, whistling to himself and trying desperately not to think of Max below deck, when he sensed a presence. Turned to see Max standing there, smiling shyly. "What's up?" Pacey asked, sensing as well that Max had something on his mind.

Max sighed softly then moved to stand at the railing. Looked out at the blue sparkling water for a long moment, then turned to face Pacey. Took a deep breath then blurted out, "Do we have to go back?"

"I guess we don't have to go back...not right now," Pacey conceded. "But why do you ask, Max?"

"If we go back now...I'll have to leave," Max replied, his voice soft and low. "I don't want to go."

Pacey shrugged and smiled. "No one says you have to go," he stated. Lord knew he wanted Max to stay.

Max shook his head. "It's complicated, Pacey," he replied. "Trust me. I...can't we just stay on the boat for a while? A few days."

"Max...I would love that," Pacey allowed. "But if we stay...right now...something is going to happen between us. I'm going to make love to you. Know that to be a fact. And I'm not going to an answer." Even as he spoke, just from looking at Max, Pacey felt himself harden and had to shift himself in his jeans.

"That's....that's okay," Max whispered. "I'll do anything to stay." Didn't mean it the way it sounded, as if Pacey would be forcing him to do anything, but Max wanted desperately to stay. Wasn't sure about the lovemaking part...wasn't sure he was ready for that, but he sensed that he needed Pacey. Needed the strength and the security the boy could give him.

Pacey took no offense at Max's wording for he knew what the other boy was saying. He studied the beautiful face for a long moment then nodded. "We can stay."

Max smiled, shaking with relief. "Thank you," he breathed.

"Don't thank me yet," Pacey countered with a laugh. "I am going to make love to you, Max...and you might not like it."

"You talk a good game, Pacey," Max teased. Would have said more but suddenly Pacey was on him, pressing Max back against the railing while strong fingers tangled in his hair and warm lips claimed his.

Pacey slid his tongue between Max's sweet lips, tasting the other boy, almost devouring him. Felt himself grow hard and aching and pressed his groin to Max's. Felt Max stiffen for a moment, then relax and kiss him back. Felt desperation in the kiss and broke away. "What are you running from, Max?" Pacey queried.

Max choked back a sob. "Do you really want to know?" he countered, almost fearfully. Although a part of him wanted Pacey to know the truth.

"I want to know," Pacey stated firmly. "Tell me."

"I'll show you," Max whispered. He cupped Pacey's face in both hands and asked, "Do you trust me?"

Pacey nodded. "Unquestionably."

Max nodded back. "Then close your eyes and see for yourself," he whispered. And once Pacey's eyes were closed, Max made the connection. He let Pacey see it all. Saving Liz. Valenti hounding him for months. Topolsky...Nasedo...Agent Pierce and the White Room. Max's destiny and momogram. Liz walking away. Nasedo's death...Congresswoman Whitaker. The Skins. Nicholas and Courtney. Tess. The dupes....the summit meeting. The miracle. Max held back nothing.

"My God!" Pacey gasped as the rush of images and emotions faded and he felt Max's hands drop away. "How did did you do that?"

"You saw what I am," Max replied. "I'm not...human."

Pacey shook his head. "From what I're very human, Max. Just...WAY..advanced. Incredible. What you are...who you are...what you've lived through. That's too heavy a load for a seventeen year old to handle. And I thought I had shit to deal with."

Max felt tears burn in his eyes and he blinked them away. "I ran...I'm such a coward," he whispered.

"'re just alone and afraid," Pacey countered, as he wrapped his arms around Max, pulling the boy to him. Stroked one hand over dark hair and let Max weep. And when the tears stopped, Pacey kissed him.

The kiss wasn't as passionate as before, rather it was one of comfort, and Max melted into Pacey's arms, tears welling up again as the other hugged him tight. For so long he'd had to be strong, to hide all his fear and confusion and doubt and try to be the leader that the others needed, to be the perfect son for his parents and the perfect student for his teachers. To be perfect for *everyone*...when he knew himself to be nowhere near perfect. Not even with Liz could he completely let himself go, let all the barriers down, for she expected much the same things from him that the others did.

"You're getting my shirt all wet..." complained Pacey and Max laughed shakily, raising his head from where he had rested it against Pacey's shoulder. Pacey stroked hair back from Max's eyes and the brush of fingers against his skin sent a shiver through Max. Imagined those hands on him, stroking and caressing bare skin, Pacey's mouth on him, and it made him shiver again. Pacey would be gentle with him, he knew...and blushed at that thought, reluctantly extracting himself from Pacey's embrace.

Pacey let him go, resisting the need to pull Max back into his embrace, wanting to kiss away the tracks of tears on his cheeks. Wanting to strip him oh so slowly of every scrap of clothing that hid a no-doubt magnificent body from his eager eyes. Pacey's turn to blush a little, hand rubbing the back of his neck. "So...we're not going back...but we do need to get some supplies. I wasn't exactly ready for a voyage. There's a dock a couple miles up the coast, they keep up a general store even when it's off season."

"Sounds good." said Max with a nod. "Need any help?"

Pacey started to shake his head but stopped, a slow, wicked grin curving his mouth. "You can probably use another turn at the wheel. I can show you how to dock..." he offered innocently.

Max gave him a mock frown, as if trying to decipher the motive behind it, amber eyes glinting with amusement, as if he knew exactly what Pacey planned. Amusement...and maybe anticipation? Hard to tell, for in the short time Pacey had come to know him, he'd discovered that Max did have quite a sense of humor, understated and dry.

Taking Max's hand, Pacey drew him to the wheel and turned him to face it, moving up behind him. Twined his fingers through Max's and guided his hands to the wheel, placing them there. "Take a western heading..." he said into Max's ear, the soft puff of his breath sending a shiver through Max. Lips brushed his earlobe and tongue flicked out to touch the sensitive spot right behind his ear, Max sighing softly in pleasure. Pacey's hands slid up his arms and over shoulders to knead them gently, loosening them, the tension draining slowly out of Max with the skillful press of fingers into his flesh.

And then hands were sliding down the front of T-shirt, fingers splaying to feel of the firmness of muscle under the thin cotton. One hand fell lower than the other, to tug T-shirt out of jeans and allow it to slip under to roam chest. Pacey's mouth nuzzled his ear as hands stroked across his chest, fingers tweaking flat nipples into hardened buds, and then he pressed himself up against Max, to let Max feel the hardened bulge at his groin against buttocks, teeth grasping earlobe to give it a tug as he ground himself against Max's jean clad buttocks. Letting Max feel how hard he made him, how much he wanted him...

Max's head spun under the passionate assault, his body clamoring for more, his head unsure if he should let this go any farther. And did he *want* to let it go farther? Was he ready to let Pacey do what he wanted? To make love to him...

"Yes..." whispered Max aloud, as much to that doubting little voice as to Pacey, and reached behind to stroke hands up Pacey's flanks, to pull him closer as he pressed back.

"Um...we're going to miss the dock if we don't stop...right now," Pacey stated, reluctantly pulling back from Max. Wanted, more than anything, to stop dead in the water and take Max below. To strip the boy and lick him from head to toe. And that would simply be the foreplay. But now was not the time. They really did need supplies and Pacey needed time to get control of himself.

"Sorry," Max whispered, with one last wriggle of hips to brush buttocks against Pacey's groin, Max let the other boy slip away. Soon Pacey was back at the wheel and guiding the boat to the docks. "Do you mind if I stay on board?" Max queried.

Pacey shrugged. " okay?" he studied Max and thought the other boy looked gorgeous, but a bit pale.

Max smiled, touched by Pacey's concern. "I'm fine...just tired. I thought I'd take a nap."

"You do that," Pacey stated. "I won't be gone long, Max. When I get back we'll eat...and talk."

"That's all?" Max teased.

Pacey had a come back. Letting his eyes rove over Max from head to toe and lingering on groin, he drawled, "Then I'll have dessert." At his words Max blushed and Pacey laughed with delight. Making love to Max was going to be incredible. And worth the wait. "Later," Pacey said, giving a wave, then he was gone.

Max sighed and sank down onto the bunk once he was alone. It was warm so he stripped off shirt, leaving on jeans but kicking off shoes and socks. Then he stretched out and it took only a moment for him to drift into sleep. And, for once, he didn't dream.

* * *

Pacey shopped quickly, not wanting to leave Max alone for long. In truth, not wanting to be parted from the boy. Max was like a drug, addictive. Once he'd had a taste, Pacey was a goner. He had to have more. So he bought supplies to last until the next port then headed back to the boat. Remembering that Max might be asleep, Pacey moved quietly as he went below. Took a moment to put the groceries away then turned his attention to the figure on the bunk. Caught his breath at the sight laid out before him.

Max was wearing only jeans so his chest was bared to Pacey's gaze. He'd never thought about another man's body before, but now he studied Max, admiring the smooth golden skin stretched taut over sculpted muscle. Max was a thing of beauty. And even as he gazed upon the boy, Pacey felt the need to touch. To see if the golden skin was as smooth and perfect as it looked. To test the hardness of the sweetly curved muscles. And to that end, Pacey glided over to the bed.

"Liz.." Max whispered as he felt a soft touch against his skin. But then the touch became a caress as strong fingers brushed over him and he knew that it was Pacey who touched him. Max opened his eyes. "I'm...I'm sorry," he whispered.

"It's okay," Pacey replied, his hand coming to rest over Max's heart. The golden skin was smooth and warm and he could feel the thump of Max's heart beneath his palm. "You love's only natural to dream about her."

Max sighed. "We can never be together," he breathed.

Pacey nodded. "I can relate to that. I love Joey but...I don't think it's meant to be. She belongs with Dawson. But that's okay...because I'm beginning to realize that...I belong with you." Before Max could protest his statement, Pacey rose from the bed to retrieve something from the mini fridge. "Strawberry?" he asked Max, holding out the luscious, ripe, red fruit.

"Yes," Max replied, then he parted lips as Pacey pressed the berry to his mouth. Took a bite and sighed in pure bliss. Had a flash of memory of Liz and a bowl of strawberries, but the memory faded quickly. Liz was his past and Max was beginning to accept that Pacey was his present...and maybe even his future.

End of Part 3

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