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The Challenge, Part Two

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 6, 2001

Title: The Challenge
Authors: Shelly and Sherri
Feedback: is always desired <G>
Rating: PG13 till the sex bits then will rate accordingly
Disclaimer: Don't own the Roswell gang or the Dawson's Creek know who does...LOL.
Distribution: please email for permission with location, thanks!
Summary: Max and Pacey meet up in Capeside and smut ensues <EG>
Author's Notes: This story will feature graphic M/M sex so if that don't float your boat then don't read it...LOL. Please forgive any inconsistencies with characters or background on Dawson's Creek cause neither of us are big fans of the show, we just thought pairing Max with Pacey would be kinda cool...LOL.

Max was too stunned by the other boy's action to react as warm lips pressed against his. A soft kiss, a light brush of lips over his and then drawing back a little before returning for more. Pressure this time, Pacey's mouth molding to his, and at the teasing flick of tongue Max jerked back, a hand going up as if to scrub at his mouth but instead fingers simply touched tingling lips. Dark eyebrows drew down in a frown as amber eyes stared in confusion at Pacey, who had retreated as well to slouch back against the wall of the small cabin.

"What...what was that for?" stammered Max.

"Your payment." responded Pacey with a grin. Shifted position so that the growing bulge at his groin wasn't as noticeable, so that he could keep the pose of nonchalance. As if he hadn't been affected by just a kiss. "You said you owed me, right? Consider that payment in full." He stepped forward to clap a hand to Max's shoulder, Max too stunned still to move away from his touch. "You're a great kisser, Max." he said approvingly and laughed when Max blushed a most becoming red, giving his shoulder a parting pat as he went up onto the deck. On the pretense of fiddling around with the boat, to give himself a chance to cool off a bit.

"Go ahead and take the bunk, I'll take the floor." he called over his shoulder as he climbed up onto the deck.

Max stood frozen for a long moment, staring after Pacey's retreating figure, and at last moved over to the bunk to sink down onto it. Shocked by Pacey's action...and nearly as shocked as his own initial lack of reaction. Should have felt disgusted, revolted, by the kiss...but all he felt was confused. It hadn't been completely unpleasant...and that was the source of his confusion.

Groaning he stretched out on the bunk fully clothed and dragged the blanket up over his head. He had enough crap to deal with, without worrying about this too, about *why* he might find the advances of another boy even a little bit exciting.

* * *

Pacey spent a good hour above deck, checking the boat to make certain that they were secure and then wandering the deck, tugging at a rope here, checking a fastening there. Would have stayed up there longer if a sudden gust of chilly wind hadn't sent him scurrying below decks for cover.

Once below he found Max on the bunk, facing the wall with blanket pulled up over his head, seemingly asleep. Coward that he was, he found himself grateful for that, or at least for Max's pretense that he was asleep, to avoid any further discussion of what happened. As quietly as he could he got his own sleeping bag and pillow and stretched out on the floor with a sigh.

Laying on his back, hands tucked behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling, listening to the slap-slap of waves against the boat's hull, the shrill cry of the sea gulls, and the intermittent moan of the fog horn. Finding little success in trying to sleep, even when he closed his eyes, but at last he felt into a light sleep.

And came awake with a jerk when Max cried out in his sleep. Rubbing at his eyes, Pacey levered himself up on his elbows and looked over to the bunk, to see Max thrashing on the bed, obviously caught in the throes of a nightmare. Pushing up to his feet, Pacey approached the bunk slowly, uncertain what exactly to do. He reached out a hand to grasp Max by the shoulder, pulling his hand back when Max lashed out with one arm, as if striking out at an invisible foe, his arm falling back once more to his side as head twisted restlessly on the pillow.

Even in the dim light the tracks of tears were all too evident on Max's face, his shoulders hitching as a sob escaped him, and now Pacey laid a hand on his shoulder to give him a gentle shake. "Max...wake up..." Gave him another shake, harder this time, and felt the muscles tense under his hand before Max's eyes opened, blinking rapidly against the tears that still filled them, running down his cheeks. "You okay?" he asked concernedly.

Max nodded but the misery in his eyes gave the lie, that and the tremor to his mouth, teeth pressing into trembling lower lip to try and still it. Pacey dropped his hand from Max's shoulder and Max pressed back into a corner of the wall, drawing knees protectively up to his chest as he dashed the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand.

"Want to talk about it?" offered Pacey, knowing Max would refuse even before he gave a mute shake of his head. Knew as well that he should give Max his space, just pretend like this hadn't happened, but his heart went out to the guy. He had the feeling that something bad had happened to Max, something that haunted him even now. And maybe had driven him to leave behind family and friends...

He sat down on the bunk, wriggling back till he was against the wall, and slowly slid an arm around Max's shoulders, prepared to pull it back if Max rejected him. He felt Max stiffen again as his arm went around him but just before he would have removed his arm he felt Max shift position, head leaning slowly toward to rest on his shoulder. Pacey hugged him and rested cheek on the top of silken head, letting out a little sigh. He was *not* thinking about how much he wanted to jump Max's bones at this moment, he wasn't that shallow...or so he tried to tell himself.

* * *

Max came awake slowly, not wanting to disturb the warm cocoon that seemed to enfold him. For the first time in a long time Max felt safe and secure. Realized that strong arms were wrapped around him and remembered what had happened. Pacey had kissed him, and now Max was lying in the other boy's arms. "Pacey..." Max whispered, as he opened his eyes and attempted to sit up.

Pacey had been awake for a while, content to hold Max and listen to him breathe. But now, as the boy stirred, he realized that he didn't want to let go. "What?" Pacey countered, tightening his grip on Max.

"Why did you kiss me...really?" Max queried. He went still as Pacey's arm pulled him in closer to the hard body. A part of him didn't want to move. Didn't want to leave the sanctuary that Pacey offered.

"I kissed you because I wanted to," Pacey replied, deciding that it was time to be completely honest. With Max, and himself. "I'm attracted to you, Max. And the damnedest thing about it is that I've never been attracted to a guy before."

Max bit his lip then whispered, "Why me?" Needed to understand, to be certain that his trust in Pacey was not misplaced.

Pacey laughed softly, then he pressed a kiss to Max's head before releasing his grip on the boy so that they could both sit up. He wanted to see Max's face when he replied. Wanted to see the reaction in beautiful amber eyes. "I can give you a million reasons, why you," Pacey stated as he smiled at Max. Was pleased when the boy returned his smiled, albeit shyly. "You're beautiful for one,"

"You don't know me well enough to know whether or not I'm smart," Max interjected with a laugh.

"You're right...I don't know you well enough," Pacey allowed. "But I sense it...and I'm sure that I'll be proven right once I get to know you...much...better."

Max saw the glow of desire in Pacey's eyes and strangely enough, he wasn't afraid of it. Nor did it disgust him. Yet it should have. Instead he laughed and said, playfully, "You're a jerk."

Pacey nodded agreement. "That I am," he said even as he reached out with one hand to touch Max on the cheek. "But I'm a nice jerk."

"What do you want from me?" Max asked, needing to know this as well. To feel like he had something to guide him. A sense of purpose. A friend.

"That depends on what you're asking," Pacey countered, in all seriousness. "If you're asking me...what do I want from you tomorrow...or next week or next year...I don't know. But if you're asking me...what do I want from you right this minute..." He trailed off as Max smiled. The boy had an incredible smile. Lit up his face and eyes so that Max was all the more beautiful...glowing almost. Pacey was enchanted.

Max was amused. "What do you want from me...right this minute?" he prompted.

Pacey had an answer for that. "I want to kiss you," he whispered, his hand moving to cup the back of Max's face so that they were only inches apart. "May I?" he requested.

"I..." Max began, intending to refuse the request, but he fell silent and simply nodded. He needed to see this trough. To understand what he was feeling...and why.

"Bless you," Pacey breathed, then he pressed his mouth to Max's and tasted sweet bliss.

Max closed his eyes as warm lips pressed to his, to better concentrate on the actual sensations of the kiss and not on who was dealing it. Pacey's mouth was soft against his and with eyes shut he could pretend for a moment that it was Liz who kissed him, Liz's mouth that angled to pull on his. But the hands that gripped his shoulders were strong, far stronger than Liz's, and Pacey tasted of spice and a hint of cotton candy, not mint like Liz.

And like with Liz he felt a thrill course through him as the kiss deepened, fingers threading through his hair to pull him closer as Pacey's mouth drank of his. Pulling on his mouth, as if he sought to devour Max, his tongue slipping past parted lips to meet Max's.

Pacey was the one to break the kiss, lowering hands once more to Max's shoulders to steady him as he weaved a little, eyes half closed. Had to stop kissing him because if it went on any longer, then he'd be pushing Max down on the bed and then everything would be going *way* too fast. He felt his resolve weaken as he looked into amber eyes soft with the passion the kiss had roused and Pacey gave Max's shoulder a clumsy pat, retreating a step from him.

"Didn't know I was such a good kisser." Pacey said with a laugh.

Max gave a little shake of his head to clear it and managed a laugh as well. "Oh, I'm sure *someone* has told you what a good kisser you are..." he teased. Pacey's turn to blush, ducking his head as he rubbed the back of his neck, and Max found himself wanting to go to him, to grasp stubborn chin in one hand and tilt it up so that he could taste the other boy's mouth again. What had come over him, to make him so very attracted to Pacey, he couldn't begin to puzzle out...but it seemed...right somehow.

Clearing his throat Pacey shoved his hands into his pockets and forced a smile. "Well...we better be getting headed back to town. Yeah. Right now..." He nodded to himself and scurried up to the deck, knowing that if he stayed below any longer, he was going to do something that they both might regret...or worse, not regret at all...

Letting loose a sigh, Max sank down onto the bunk. Tried to tell himself that forming an attach- ment to Pacey was wrong, especially when he might have to leave, but his heart simply wouldn't listen. His heart craved to have someone like Liz, someone that would love him and cherish him, and insisted that Pacey was capable of both. Didn't care at all that Pacey was a guy and that Max shouldn't be doing this...

Groaning, Max raked fingers through his hair and threw himself down on the bunk, stretching out full length. And tried to turn his mind to thinking of something else.

End of Part 2

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