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The Challenge, Part One

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list January 6, 2001

Title: The Challenge
Authors: Shelly and Sherri
Feedback: is always desired <G>
Rating: PG13 till the sex bits then will rate accordingly
Disclaimer: Don't own the Roswell gang or the Dawson's Creek know who does...LOL.
Distribution: please email for permission with location, thanks!
Summary: Max and Pacey meet up in Capeside and smut ensues <EG>
Author's Notes: This story will feature graphic M/M sex so if that don't float your boat then don't read it...LOL. Please forgive any inconsistencies with characters or background on Dawson's Creek cause neither of us are big fans of the show, we just thought pairing Max with Pacey would be kinda cool...LOL.

Pacey was bored. He was also a bit pissed. At Joey. He knew that she was having second thoughts about choosing him over Dawson. So be it. Let her work out the details. He wouldn't force her to be with him. Nope. Today he wouldn't think about Joey or Dawson. Pacey wanted to see a movie, eat too much and generally laze about. He was on his way to the movie when he did a double take at the guy across the street. Ran over and said, "Chris?"

Max looked up from the map he had been studying and frowned at the guy who was staring at him. About his height, probably the same age. Complete stranger. "No...I'm Max," he said.

"Weird," Pacey replied. " and Chris could be twins."

"Great..two dupes," Max drawled, then he bit his lip to realize he had spoken his thoughts out loud.

Pacey frowned. "Dupes?" he repeated.

Max sighed and shook his head. "Nothing. Um...nice meeting you," he said and made to move on his way.

"Lost?" Pacey countered, intercepting the guy. Didn't want him to leave and wasn't sure why, but there was something about Max that intrigued him. Actually, did more than that. Pacey felt the stirring of desire.

"Just passing through," Max stated. He realized the other guy was staring at him. Intensely. Made him uncomfortable. "And you are?" Max prompted.

Pacey laughed and introduced himself. "Sorry...I have notoriously bad manners, ask anyone who knows me. So...where are you from and where are you going?"

Max bit his lip then decided to tell the truth. "I'm from Roswell, New Mexico...and I don't know where I'm going."

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?" Pacey queried. Guessed the kid was about his age. Couldn't stop staring at him. Max was beautiful. Chris had been beautiful too..and they both had the same amazing amber eyes.

"I have to go," Max said, shouldering past Pacey, only to feel a hand on his arm.

Pacey knew he couldn't let Max go. "Want to go sailing?" he invited. Wanted to spend some time with the guy. Get to know him better. To touch him. Felt hard muscle bunch under his fingers. Max was skinny, but he was built.

Max frowned at Pacey. "You don't know me," he said, pointing out the obvious.

"But I will get to know you if you go sailing with me," Pacey countered, matter-of-factly.

"Why do you want to know me?" Max queried. But a part of him wanted to go. Had never been sailing but had always dreamed of it and, for some reason, he trusted Pacey.

Pacey shrugged. "I just do," he replied, smiling. "So...want to?"

Max found himself nodded, then he was following Pacey as they headed for the docks.

* * *

It was a nice day to go sailing, the sun bright overhead, with just enough of a breeze to keep the boat in motion. Under the heat of the sun, Max shed his coat, revealing underneath it a gray T-shirt that clung nicely to lean torso. Sprawled back against the railing, Max tilted his head up to the sun's warmth, his eyes closed against the spray of water as he soaked in the sun, and Pacey was free to study him to his heart's content.

It was weird how he resembled Chris Wolfe but in the short trip here Pacey had determined that the resemblance was superficial at best. Max was a little shy where Chris had been brash and was Chris' polar opposite in that he seemed to be completely unaware of the effect he had on others. As beautiful as Chris but not conscious of it, not using it as Chris had used it. Why he'd draw that conclusion so quick after such a short acquaintance, he didn't know...but it just seemed...right.

"Roswell, New Mexico..." he said aloud, hands on the wheel, and Max straightened a little, lowering his head and opening eyes to focus on Pacey, elbows resting on the railing. "Isn't that supposed to be where they had that big UFO crash scandal back in the 40s?"

"Yeah." said Max shortly, beautiful features twisting briefly in a grimace, showing unease in his expressive amber eyes.

Translation: back off the subject. Focus on something else. "You're a long way from home...why come here?" asked Pacey curiously. Probably as sensitive a subject...but better to focus his mind on something else than ogling Max.

"Somewhere to go...I don't know..." admitted Max. He hadn't really had a plan of where to go, when he had left Roswell, only to get as far as he could from his home. To leave behind all the troubles and pain...

"It's a nice town. Not a bad place to lose yourself for a while. You planning on staying around for a few days?" He made his tone very nonchalant, as if it didn't matter a whit to him whether Max did or not, even his heart was starting to thump a little fast in anticipation of his response. C'mon, you are *so* sad, developing a little crush on someone you barely know, he scolded himself.

"I...don't really have anywhere to stay." confessed Max, ears burning a little in embarrassment at hearing the words come from his lips. God, he sounded like he was all but begging Pacey to take him in...and he didn't even *know* Pacey. "Probably keep moving..." he added, looking away from Pacey's steady gaze.

"You can crash on my couch, if you like...that's if you're going to hang around town..." said Pacey with a shrug, trying not to sound too eager about it.

Max scuffed the toe of his shoe on the deck, considering the other boy's offer. He didn't really have a planned destination and here was as good as anywhere...for now. Besides, his funds were running a little low, he wouldn't have enough for a motel if he was to keep the jeep's tank filled. He lifted his eyes to meet Pacey's, seeing only friendliness in the other's expression, no ulterior motive, and managed a smile. "Maybe for the night...that would be nice..."

"Great!" said Pacey with a grin. He'd settle things with his brother later, he shouldn't have any problem with a guest for a couple days. "Wanna try a turn at the wheel?" he offered to Max.

Max's smile became a little wider, more genuine as he moved forward. "Can I?" And let Pacey guide him into place, setting his hands on the wheel.

Max loved his turn at the wheel. Loved the sea breeze in his face and the tang in the air. They sailed for about an hour when Pacey had taken over the wheel, guiding them into the dock. Not back home, to a place across the bay.

"They have a great amusement park here," Pacey said, smiling at Max. "You game for a few hours of junk food and rides that are guaranteed to make you barf?"

"Sounds great," Max said softly, but his eyes were shining with enthusiasm. He remembered how his parents had taken him and Isabel to an amusement park every summer. "I'm a little hungry," Max allowed.

Pacey laughed. "Well...I'm a LOT hungry." He tied off the boat and jumped onto the dock. When Max followed he poked the other boy in the ribs. "I think we need to fatten you up," he teased.

Max sighed, but his eyes glinted with merriment. "Now you sound like my mother," he countered. "Please...nothing resembling a fritatta."

"No problem," Pacey replied, and he was thrilled to see Max smiling. Sensed that the boy didn't do that often that was a shame, for Max had a beautiful smile. Made his face glow. "How about a burger and fries with cotton candy for dessert?"

"Deal," Max stated, as he fell into step with Pacey. And, for the first time in almost a year, Max felt as if the weight of the world had shifted off his shoulders. Once again, Max felt like a seventeen year old kid instead of King of a world he didn't even know. And, for the next few hours, he vowed to have fun.

* * *

Pacey was entranced. Max amazed him more and more with each passing minute. The guy could eat like a horse yet was thin as a rail. But Pacey learned there was a whole lot of muscle beneath jeans and T-shirt. They both took a turn at ringing the bell with the sledge hammer. Pacey didn't even get close but Max swung the heavy mallet with ease and dinged on the first try. He was also a deadly shot at the rifle booth, and killer at the dart throw. "You've done this before," Pacey commented, as they stood in line for the Ferris wheel.

"I like amusement parks," Max confessed. "They bring back some good memories." A shy smiled curved Max's lips as he looked over at Pacey. "Thank you," he whispered.

"My pleasure," Pacey replied, then the devil made him blurt out, "But it will cost you."

Max stiffened. "What?" he asked, feeling a bit nervous now. Felt that he could trust Pacey, yet the guy was a stranger. By now Max should have learned to trust no one.

Pacey shrugged. "We'll figure out something later," he drawled, then he slapped Max on the back. "Relax. I won't ask for your first born. Promise."

"Right," Max replied, feeling the tension drain out of him as he realized he was being teased. "But I do owe you," he allowed, then he turned to step up in line. It was almost their turn.

* * *

They stayed at the park till almost closing. By the time they returned to the boat, Pacey knew that it was too late to head for home. "We'll have to sleep on the boat," he said as he led the way below deck.

"Won't your parents be worried?" Max asked.

"No parents," Pacey replied. "Just my older bro and he'll be pissed, but he'll get over it."

Max smiled. "Kinda sounds like my friend, Michael."

Pacey was intrigued. He grabbed a soda from the mini fridge and held out the can to Max. "What about your parents?" he prompted. "They must be worried about you being gone."

"I'm sure they are," Max allowed. "But I couldn't stay." He gave Pacey a look that said *don't ask* and was pleased when the guy changed the subject.

" still owe me," Pacey stated, grabbing a soda for himself.

Max grinned. "What do you want me to do?" Max queried. "Swab the decks?"

Pacey shook his head and found himself moving closer to Max, till barely six inches separated them. Then he did what he wanted to do since he had first seen Max. "I want a kiss," Pacey whispered, then he claimed one.

End of Part 1

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