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Boat Scene

Reply to Merlin7 and Sherri

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive February 9, 2001

Boat Scene by Merlin7 And Sherri
This is from RITES OF PASSAGE using those characters, which we do not own. NC17 and beyond.
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Cam was flipping out. Frank had sent him to the boat house to find rope or duct tape, which was to be used in securing his father and older brother. Not good. DJ had ordered Cam to get it, otherwise Frank was threatening to shoot them. So Cam was making a frantic search and coming up with nothing.

"Chill out, Cam," said a soft voice. Red. He had followed Cam under orders from Frank. Didn't mind. He wanted a moment alone with the guy. Cam was the reason Red was here. The reason he had hooked up with Frank, his cell mate, and agreed to break out of prison. Red was in love with Cam. Had fallen in love with the beautiful boy in the picture on his cell wall, but Cam in person was even more exquisite and the fool didn't even know it. But Red would let him know. Would show him how he felt. "You have to relax," Red continued, moving closer to the boy. Could almost smell his fear.

"Go to hell!" Cam shot back. "What the fuck are you doing here, anyway?" Cam continued as he whirled to face the shorter man. "IT was only supposed to be Frank."

Red shrugged."I'm part of the deal, Cam. Get used to it. Hell...I'm the reason you're here you damn fool!"

Cam shook his head and regretted it. Tension headache made his temples feel like they were going to pop. Nothing was going as planned. He wanted to run away. "What are you talking about?" he demanded of Red. "What does this have to do with you?" The plan was for him and Frank to get the money at the mill then lie low for a while before heading off to Canada. Then they would be together and happy. Cam was desperate to be happy.

"I wrote the letters," Red stated, almost laughing at the look of surprise on Cam's beautiful face. "That's right...I'm the one who understands you, Cam. Not Frank. Frank is just using you. I love you."

"You're full of shit!" Cam hissed, returning to his search for the duct tape. Knew that Frank would be expecting him back soon. Couldn't risk his father or brother getting hurt.

Red sucked in a pained breath, but should have known this wouldn't be easy. Cam was under too much pressure now. Couldn't think clearly. Couldn't get past his fear. "I'll show you," Red whispered, as he grabbed Cam by the arm and pulled the boy around to face him. Found himself pushed back but recovered his balance and began stalking Cam till the boy was forced to backpedal. Was easy enough to trip Cam and when the boy his the deck, Red straddled him. As Cam pushed up Red grabbed handfuls of the dark hair and kissed him.

Cam was too stunned at first to react, but then he began to resist. Felt like his hair was coming out by the roots as Red held him tight. Found it hard to breath as the other man's lips crushed his, then a tongue thrust into his mouth and Cam almost gagged. He was just about to bite down on the invading tongue when Red pulled back. Back, but not off him. "Why?" Cam demanded.

Red smiled, loving the rosy wet look of Cam's sensual lips. Luscious and bruised by his kiss. The boy tasted sweet. "I've been wanting to do that for the past eight months," he whispered. "From the moment Frank showed me your picture. Jesus, Cam...don't you know how beautiful you are? I'm fucking hard just looking at you."

"Get off!" Cam hissed, as he pushed at Red. But the other man, though smaller, was strong and Cam found himself on his back and pinned. "What do you want from me?" he demanded, feeling a flare of fear.

"I want you to love me the way I love you," Red whispered. But then he threw back his head and laughed while grinding his groin to Cam's. "However...due to lack of time and the awkwardness of the situation, I'll settle for a quick fuck." As he spoke, Red's fingers worked at Cam's belt.

Cam swung his free arm at Red, connecting with the other man's temple and Red fell off him. Cam scrambled to his feet and went back to searching for the duct tape. If he didn't look at Red then the guy didn't exist. He couldn't deal with this now. Couldn't accept what he now knew to be the truth. Red had written those letters. IT was read who knew him so well...who loved and desired him. Who accepted Cam for who, and what, he was. Red was the man that Cam was falling in love with. But he was also a stranger. A stranger and an escaped convict.

Red shook his head to clear it from the blow then rose to his feet. He pulled out his gun and moved forward to press it into Cam's ribcage. "Lower your fucking pants or I'll shoot you in the leg and fuck you anyway," Red ordered.

"You say you love me," Cam countered, trying to move away from the barrell of the gun, but Red held fast. "Yet you would shoot me?"

"Whatever it takes to get what I want," Red replied. "And I want you, Cam. Dammit but I want you so fucking bad!" With his free hand he kneaded Cam's tight ass through the soft denim of the boy's jeans. "I've dreamed of fucking you for so long. I can't wait any longer."

Cam blinked back tears. "Please don't do this," he begged. He really couldn't deal with this right now. His father and brother's lives were at stake.

Red cocked the trigger on the gun as a warning. "Do it," he repeated. "You're the one wasting time, Cam."

"Bastard!" Cam hissed, even as his fingers fumbled at his belt.

Red licked his lips as he watched Cam unfasten his jeans, tugging the zipper down to show the white cotton briefs underneath and a teasing hint of tanned skin. Cam raised his eyes to Red's and the other man waggled the gun at him, encouraging him to remove the jeans. Reluctantly he slid jeans down off slim hips and peeled off first one leg then the other, letting jeans fall to the floor.

"Shirt." ordered Red huskily, eyes caught by the bulge in briefs. Forced himself to lift his eyes and watch as Cam shrugged out of flannel shirt to toss it aside. Grasping the hem of gray tank top, he pulled it up over his head, the lean muscles in his abdomen and chest rippling with the movement. Red stepped forward to touch fingers to warm skin and felt Cam flinch under the touch, though he didn't move back. Let his fingers travel down stomach and across the bulge of cock before he stepped sideways, to grasp the tarp that had covered boat and drag it down onto the floor.

"On your back." he ordered Cam.

Cam gave a slow shake of his head, swallowing hard, and Red moved forward to press the muzzle of the gun against his ribs. "You think I won't shoot you? Do it."

Looking into his eyes, Cam knew that he would do just as he threatened. Slowly he sank down to his haunches and stretched out on the tarp, blinking back the tears that came to his eyes. Gun in one hand, Red undid his trousers with the other and tugged them down to expose himself as he knelt over Cam. "Suck me." he commanded, grasping cock in hand to thrust it against stubbornly closed mouth. Cam glared at him through the sheen of tears and Red smiled nastily in turn. "You ever get fucked up the ass, Cam? Know what it feels like when they do it to you dry? Up against a wall, your pants down around your ankles, and having it shoved into you hard, till it feels like it's getting to split you open? I do. And if you don't get to will too."

Lips parted and Red shoved himself inside, sighing in pleasure as he felt the swipe of wet warm tongue. Mouth and tongue working him till he was about ready to explode and only then did he draw back, breathing hard as he pinched the head of his cock, to stall his release. Licked his lips as he stared down at Cam and whispered huskily, "You know what to do..."

Cam brought knees up as he slid briefs down, Red snatching them from his hand to toss them aside as he moved between long legs. Felt the cool metal of the gun against one leg as Red pushed his knees back and bit his lip at the eager prod of cock between his buttocks, stabbing into him and drawing a soft moan from him. Sliding deep into him, filling him, hot and throbbing in him as Red pushed deeper, grunting as he strained.

"Never done this before, have you? God, you are *so* tight..." Another thrust and he connected, striking the very spot he desired. Felt Cam jerk in surprise, eyes widening, and the greedy clamp of muscle around him as the tip of his cock stimulated prostate. Red looked down into soft brown eyes and saw the confusion and shame there, shame at his body's reaction. Stroked hands up thighs to press knees back and leaned forward to claim sensual mouth in a soft kiss as he stroked slowly into the boy's tight passage.

Cam closed his eyes against hot tears as Red pumped into him. Felt his body jerk at the wave of pleasure that jolted through him every time Red butted his prostate. Knew what was happening but had never experienced it for himself. Had never been inclined to be the *bitch* as it were.

"You were made to be fucked, Cam," Red whispered before stealing another kiss. Pulled back for a moment, and nearly out of the tight ass, as he gazed down at Cam in wonder. "You really have no idea how beautiful you you?" he breathed. Let his fingertips glide over Cam's face, the perfect features and smooth skin. Traced the outline of sensual mouth then down over sculpted chest and abs. Let his fingers curl around Cam's thick cock and smiled to himself as he began stroking it to hardness.

"Please," Cam begged as he felt himself harden. Felt himself burning with the need to explode. Hated his body's betrayal.

Red laughed. "Please..what?" he countered before bending his head to suck the tip of Cam's cock into his hot mouth. Knew just how to pleasure the boy and moments later Cam spurted in his mouth. Red swallowed the salty cum then kissed the boy, letting him taste himself. But now it was time for his own pleasure, before Frank came looking for them. Red settled himself between Cam's long legs, pressing thighs back to spread the taut buttocks, then he pumped in and out of the tightness, no longer caring if he pleasured Cam or not. Needed to please himself. Less than a minute later, Red exploded. Just in time for Frank shouted for him and Cam.

Cam scrambled to his feet the moment Red pulled out of him. He ran to the dock and dove into the water, no longer afraid of it as he had been as a child. Rinsed himself off as best he could then climbed back out. Searched for briefs and saw them in Red's hand. "Give me those," Cam demanded.

"Not," Red replied, tossing the briefs into the water. He let his eyes rove over Cam's wet, naked, form. Felt himself grow hard again. " can have your pants," he allowed. "That's all you need."

"Bastard!" Cam hissed, as he snatched his jeans and fought to pull them on over wet skin. Snatched up gray tank top as well and pulled it on, but Red denied him the flannel shirt. Cam glared at him then scooped up Shoes and duct tape and ran for the cabin. KNew that the moment he entered the others would know what had happened. But he had no choice.

Red ran behind Cam enjoying the view. He wasn't finished with the boy....not by a long shot.

Cam was painfully aware of the eyes that watched him as he entered the cabin and he looked away from the stare of brother and father, silently extending the duct tape to Frank. Heard Red enter the cabin behind him but his focus was on Frank as the older man nodded to his brother and father. "Do it, Cameo."

Reluctantly Cam went to bind father and brother to their chairs. "You didn't have to come up here. You should have waited for me..." he said to Frank as he drew a strip of tape around his brother's legs.

"Too late for that." said Frank with an indifferent shrug as he watched Cam kneeling beside his brother's chair. Admired the way that jeans clung to long legs and tight butt, tank top molding to wet skin. His picture simply hadn't done him justice, the boy was beautiful. Once he was done, Cam straightened, eyes meeting Frank's briefly and then turning away, uncomfortable under the intensity of his stare.

" them." instructed Frank, nodding to the two men in the chairs. "Cam...upstairs."

Cam stood still, tempted for a moment to disobey, but Frank's casual glance at his brother and father told him more than words what would happen if he chose not do as he asked. "It's going to be okay. Everything's going to be okay..." he said to his father and brother as he backed up a step before turning away to head for the stairs.

"Cam..." called DJ after him, anguish in his voice, but Cam pretended he didn't hear him as he went for the stairs.

Frank followed behind him as he took the stairs up to the second floor, indicating with a nod for Cam to enter the master bedroom. The bedroom that had been his parents' room, when they had all come up here, back in the summers of his childhood, and then his father's room, when he came up each spring to check the cabin out. Entering the bedroom, his eyes caught by the huge bed, he remembered one summer, how he'd awoken from a nightmare and gone to his mother for comfort, how his mother had held him and they'd fallen asleep together, taking comfort from each other's presence. Had always been closer to her, well before the split between him and his father...

Frank caught him by the arm to spin him around, pushing him back till he came up against the wall, using his own body to pin Cam there as he grasped a handful of dark, wet hair to pull his head down for a kiss. As Red had done, as rough as Red, but with Frank there wasn't anything but simple lust. No feeling behind it...

"Have a good time with Red, Cameo?" drawled Frank as he let Cam pull away from his kiss. Chuckled as the boy blushed and ran a finger down to the throat of tank top, tugging it down to expose tanned skin. "Did he do you like a true bitch, on your hands and knees? Or did he take you on your back so you could wrap those long legs around him?" He caressed one thigh, fingers kneading at the strong muscles underneath damp jeans, as his fingers curled in tank top, eyes hot as they met Cam's. "I wanna feel those long legs around me, Cameo. Pulling me in deep. Wanna feel you writhing under me..." He slid his hand around to cup one buttock, pulling Cam closer to him.

"Go to hell!" hissed Cam, pushing at him to send him stumbling back a step.

Frank shoved Cam back, hard, and held him against the wall with one arm across his chest. "You know how it's going to go here, Cameo. You do what I tell you...and I don't waste your daddy. Or your big bro." Cam's eyes widened and Frank lifted his arm from the boy's chest, letting his hand drift up to caress his cheek. "I thought this was what you wanted, Cam. Someone to love the way you need to be loved."

"You don't love never did..." whispered Cam, tears sparking in his eyes. "It was Red all the time..."

"Maybe it was..." conceded Frank. "But he doesn't know what you need, Cameo. I do. Get on the bed. I'll show you what you need..."

Cam did what he was told. He climed onto the bed and waited. Shuddered when Frank reached out to grip tank top in both hands and ripped it open.

"Beautiful," Frank whispered, admiring the boy's sculpted muscles. Frank liked women, but there was much to be said for fucking another man, especially one as young and sweet as Cam. "Undress for me, Cameo," Frank ordered, reaching out to pull Cam off the bed as he did so. "Dance for me."

"Why are you doing this?" Cam whispered, even as he reached for the fastenings of his jeans. Knew he had to do what Frank said or his father and brother would die.

Frank reclined on the bed to watch the show. "Why am I watching you strip?" he countered, with a smirk "You're beautiful to look at, Cameo. Surely you know that."

Cam almost laughed. HIs looks had been the bane of existance nearly since birth. He knew that people saw him as beautiful. Knew his father hated it. "Why are you here?" Cam prompted. "IN this room. You're not gay. Why fuck me? Just to fuck my father?"

"No..I want to fuck you because I'm horny and you're beautiful and I've fucked men before," Frank replied. "Spent alot of time in prison, Cameo. I learned to adjust. Boys like you are tighter than pussy. Better."

"You're a pig!" Cam hissed. Things had never been like this with Billy. Billy had loved Cam. And Cam had been the *Man* in the relationship. Until Billy, Cam had been with women. Nothing serious, just a physical thing. But a part of him had never been comfortable with them. A part of him had always known that men would cheat on women. Hurt them, like his father hurt his mother. Easier to love a man.

Frank chuckled at Cam's words and didn't deny them. "I like the simple things in life, Cam. A good beer, a good football game, a good burger and a good fuck. Nothing fancy for me. Just...real. And it's all about getting my rocks off right now."

Cam didn't want to do this. Wanted to turn and run. But Frank gestured for him to strip and he knew he had to go through with it. For his father and DJ. For their lives. Releasing a trembling breath, Cam pushed his jeans down, wishing he had his briefs on. Wishing he was anywhere else but here as he exposed himself to Frank.

"Turn around," Frank ordered, once Cam was naked. "Slowly." Loved the way the boy blushed from head to toe as he obeyed. Droplets of water from Cam's wet hair slid over smooth skin, rolling over hard muscle. Frank watched one drop slide down taut buttocks. "Come here!" Frank ordered. When Cam reached the bed he shoved the boy down to his knees. "Suck me," Frank commanded, as he freed his cock. "Do what I know you're good at, Cameo."

Blinking back tears, Cam did as he was told.

Frank sighed in pleasure as his throbbing cock was engulfed by Cam's sweet mouth. And like he'd thought, the boy was *very* good at this. Knew how to use tongue and lips and the light pressure of teeth to take Frank up to the edge. Pulled out of Cam's mouth before his explosion and stretched out on the bed, gesturing for Cam to join him. Reluctantly Cam climbed onto the bed and Frank pulled him down, so that cock could slide between taut buttocks and into tight passage. Groaned in pleasure to feel the clench of Cam's muscles around him and gave one buttock a slap, to encourage Cam to move.

Blinking back tears Cam raised and lowered himself on Frank's cock, Frank's hands kneading his buttocks as Cam moved. Pulled Cam down onto his cock and rose to a sitting position, still buried in Cam as he maneuvered him so that Cam was now stretched out on his back, legs around Frank's waist. And began to stroke slow and deep into him, hands running feverishly over bare skin as head dipped to claim his mouth. Pushing so deep into him that the tip of his cock could reach prostrate and send shudders of pleasure through him, till Cam was panting and writhing under him.

Then Frank began to fuck him hard and fast, relishing each moan that slipped past Cam's sweet lips, the rise and fall of slim hips, the clench of hot slick passage around his cock. Best fuck that Frank had in a long time...and he was going to keep the kid around him for quite some time. He jabbed himself hard into Cam and exploded, cock twitching violently with his release. With a sigh he withdrew from Cam and slipped from the bed to zip up his pants. "Stay here." he ordered Cam as he went to the bedroom door to head downstairs. Needed to refuel so that he could spend some more time with Cam...

The moment he opened the door he found himself looking down the barrel of a rifle at Del Sr. Before he could even speak the older man lashed out with the rifle, to hit him on the side of the head and sending him sprawling to the floor. DJ came through the door right behind him and bent to quickly run a length of duct tape around Frank's ankles to bind them together, binding his wrists next. Leaving Del to hesitantly approach Cam, who had drawn a blanket up around himself to cover his nudity.

"Go use the downstairs phone to call the police, DJ." said Del, not taking his eyes off his youngest son. Once DJ had gone Del reached a hand out to touch Cam tentatively on the cheek, Cam flinching back from his touch as he raised his head to meet his father's eyes, tears shimmering in his own.

"I"m...sorry." he whispered thickly. "This wasn't supposed to happen...not like this-"

"Shhh." Again Del tried to touch him on the cheek and this time Cam didn't pull away, eyes squeezing shut at the gentle touch of his father's hand. "I'm gonna fix this, Cam. And then...maybe we can fix what went wrong between us. What do you think? Give your old man a second chance?"

Cam opened his eyes, blinking in disbelief at the crooked smile that curved his father's mouth, and felt a spark of hope. " mean it?" After all that had happened here...he'd do that...?

"Hell, yeah." said Del roughly. "Maybe-maybe I haven't been comfortable with who-*what*-you are...but you're still my boy. And old dogs can learn new tricks...right?" Hesitantly he opened his arms to his youngest and Cam went into his embrace, hugging him tightly.

"I want that more than anything." whispered Cam, tears spilling down his cheeks.

Del stroked his son's hair as Cam's shoulders trembled with the force of the tears that wracked him. It wouldn't happen overnight, it would be tough going...but it would be worth it, to have his son back again. Be a family again...


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