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Three of a Kind, Part Three

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the Roswell Slash list June 28, 2000

Title: Three of a Kind Part 3/3
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Michael/Max, Kyle/Max, Max/Liz
Disclaimer: Any characters you recognize...they're not ours. Others...are...LOL. Just borrowing them for our amusement and hopefully yours...<G>
Distribution: please ask before archiving, would like to know where our baby is going :)
Feedback: we thrive on it...makes us write faster :) And of course it is MUCH appreciated!
Spoilers: pretty much the whole first season
Authors notes: This contains M/M slash, a little bondage thing but not totally kinky. If that's not your cup o' tea, then kindly pass this one by :)

Max left school one period early and locked himself in his room. Told his parents he had a lot of studying to do. Did that for the next four days till the weekend came. Kyle and Michael harassed Max in the same pattern all week long, but he did get a break at the end of the day on Friday. Kyle and his father were going out of town and so were Michael and Maria. Max's parents and Isabel were going away too so Max would be by himself. Would have spent the time with Liz but she was visiting a sick Aunt.

The week had been exhausting, and at night Max had slept restlessly, haunted by sexual dreams. Images of himself and Liz only her face changed to become Michael or Kyle. So tonight Max intended to get a good night's sleep. Drifted off easily and deeply. So much so that he never heard his window open. Never saw Kyle or Michael slip inside, and never felt them bind his wrists to the bed posts, until it was too late.

Max jerked awake as Michael straddled him, giving one last tug on the soft rope that bound Max's wrist to the bedpost. Max yanked on the ropes, head rolling from one side of the pillow to the other, so that he saw he was tied to the bedpost, and then glared up at Michael, who waggled a finger before his face.

"Ah, ah. No using of powers. Don't want Kyle to you?" he whispered, Kyle having gone to shut the bedroom door. Max's glare turned murderous as Michael peeled blankets off him and promptly sat down on long legs before they could kick at him. Sighed to see that Max was wearing just boxer shorts, the muscles in upper chest and stomach drawn taut with tension.

"Nice..." said Kyle appreciatively as he came up beside the bed and handed a pocket knife to Michael, so that Michael could cut away the boxers that shielded Max. Tugged away the scraps of cloth to toss them aside and sat back to admire his handiwork, in the now naked Max that lay under him. Drew in a deep breath and reached out to place his hands on either of Max's head. Had an idea on how to make Max a little more...receptive to their attentions...

Max frowned up at him. "What are you..." And gasped as he felt Michael's mind connect to his, flooding his with images. Images of himself and Michael on this very bed, Michael straining up into him and Max arching to meet the other's thrusts. Shower and all three of them, water pounding down on them, slickening skin, hands and mouths traveling across wet skin, bodies moving together. Heat and a great singing pleasure...

A hand stroked slowly across the bare skin of his chest and he flushed at the surge of heat it roused in him, closing his eyes so that he could concentrate all the better on blocking it out. But behind closed lids the dreams that had plagued his sleep all week came to the forefront. Dreams of kisses and caresses and faces over him that flickered from Liz to Michael to Kyle...

He shivered as he felt the press of warm mouth to his throat, the nibble of teeth, as hands slid over his skin, stroking and caressing, too many hands too many places. Hand sliding up his calf and under his knee, turning his leg so that he could feel the flick of tongue along the soft skin of his inner thigh, the brush of cheek against half-hard cock. And then a mouth swallowing him whole, as the other trailed kisses down to his chest, to suckle at flat nipple.

"Stop..." he whispered unsteadily, struggling to keep from responding to the slide of mouth up and down hardening cock. Michael's mouth came down over his, silencing him, Kyle the one that worked him to explosion.

Max slumped back against the bed, drained, and Kyle dipped a hand into jean pocket to withdraw a tube of lubricant. Popped off the lid and coated fingers liberally with it before he slid a hand under firm buttocks, to feel for puckered opening...

"NO!" Max hissed as Kyle's finger slipped inside him.

"Easy," Michael whispered against Max's sweet lips. He was on the side of the bed, leaning over his friend, giving Kyle access between Max's long legs. "We only want to make you feel good, Maxwell," Michael stated.

Max caught his breath as two fingers moved inside him. "Please don't do this, Michael," he begged. It was so wrong. Max loved Liz. She was all he wanted, or needed.

Michael bit his lip as he gazed into Max's incredible amber eyes. Eyes that were the mirrors to Max's sweet soul. Eyes that were pleading with him. Eyes that Michael could drown in. Almost reached up to untie his friend when he saw amber eyes shimmer with unshed tears, but just then Max moaned, eyes closing, and the spell was broken.

"Mmmm..." Kyle murmured as he entered Max's tightness. Pressed in deep, tip of cock butting the other boy's prostrate and felt Max jerk in response. "Sweet...sweet, Max," Kyle whispered. "You were made to be fucked by me."

"I love Liz!" Max hissed, silently cursing his body for responding to the pleasure that surged through it with every deep thrust inside him.

Kyle laughed. "I believe you do love her, Max," he conceded. "But I'm willing to share you with her. You need more, Max. I need more. You were made for loving. And it would be selfish of Liz to keep her for herself."

Michael couldn't have agreed more. He leaned over Max to kiss sweet lips as Kyle pumped into the taut body. Couldn't wait for it to be his turn. Plunged his tongue into Max's mouth and swallowed his friend's moan as Kyle began pumping faster, getting close to climax. Knew it would be his turn soon when he heard footsteps approaching. Lifted his head to see a figure at the foot of the bed and whispered. "Oh my god. Liz."

"What...what are you *doing* to him?" cried Liz, the spell broken by Michael uttering her name. How long she'd been standing here staring transfixed at the scene before her, she didn't know. Not that long...but it seemed like an eternity. Watching a naked Kyle stroke into Max and Max arching up into each plunge, soft breathy moans issuing from between parted lips. Horrified at seeing Max tied to the bed, his best friend and her former boyfriend taking advantage of him, all but raping him....and at the same time...more than a little excited. Weird as it might be, the sight of Kyle over Max, the clenching of taut buttocks with each thrust in, made her feel all tingly inside...

At her cry, Kyle looked back over his shoulder at her, eyes widening in disbelief, but his body started to tremble violently as he reached his release and he turned back to Max as he buried himself in the boy's tight ass, cock flexing violently as he groaned with his release.

"Get *off* him! Off!" demanded Liz, striding forward to swat at Kyle's bare back with her hands.

"Ouch! Jesus!" Hastily Kyle removed himself from Max and rolled away, off the other side of the bed so that it lay still between him and Liz, Michael hurriedly scrambling off as well to avoid her wrath. She glared at them before looking to Max, a blush staining her cheeks at seeing him naked but unable to keep her eyes from roaming up and down his slim body. Beautiful, just beautiful...


Reluctantly she tore her eyes from her study of Max's body and her blush deepened as she climbed up onto the bed to straddle him as she undid the ropes that bound his hands to the bedposts. As soon as one hand was free, Max curved his arm around her waist to pull her down against him, her knee length skirt riding up to show white panties. Through the thin silk material she could feel the heat of him, the throbbing length of him nestling against her and rousing a fierce ache in her that made her knees weak. With trembling fingers she released his other hand and gasped as it stole up her skirt, to tear panties from her as he settled her over him.

In he went, tearing past the thin membrane of her virginity and drawing a sharp cry of pain from her. A cry that he silenced with the press of his mouth over hers, banishing the pain, leaving only a curling warmth in her, emanating from the dampening center of her and spreading out. His hands clasped her hips, encouraging her to rock atop him...

Max gasped as the connection was made between him and Michael, seeing himself through Michael's eyes, as he'd never seen himself before. Long, taut, golden skinned body, sensual mouth that begged to be devoured, every inch sheer perfection. He blushed at that thought, bringing a rosy glow to golden skin, and drew in his breath as Michael stroked a hand slowly up his chest, fingers dancing lightly across his skin. Felt the pleasure of the soft touch doubled by the connection, could see himself through Michael's eyes, eyes lowered almost demurely and lids at half mast, so that long lashes lay against his cheeks. The touch of Michael's mouth to his, electric...his hands roaming over him, feverish now, as mouth drank greedily of his.

And then Michael was in him, sliding deep, till they were fused together, just one entity. Felt each plunge with an intensity that was almost painful, his body moving in perfect harmony, rising in counterpoint to each retreat and falling with each advance.

Liz watched as the two of them moved together, the bow of Michael's back and ripple of muscle with the drive in, Max's long legs sliding around his waist to pull him in deeper, arching up into the slow thrusts. His eyes closed and lips parted to issue soft moans as his head fell back, exposing the long line of his throat to Michael's feverish kisses. Urging Michael to go faster and harder, with breathy whispers and the impatient thrust of hips. Stroked herself in time to the movement of Michael in Max and climaxed with a shudder as Michael came, groaning and back arching with his release.

Lowered his head to give Max a lingering kiss and then left him, to slip off the bed and gather up discarded clothing. But Liz caught his arm again and pulled him towards the bed. "Stay with us..." she invited, drawing him onto the bed with her and Max, so that the three of them could cuddle up together and fall into sleep.

To say that Isabel was stunned was an understatement. She had been out to the movies with her girl friends and had come home wanting to talk to Max. Opened the door to his room to find him not alone in bed. FInding Liz there wouldn't have been such a surprise, but to find Max sandwiched between Michael and Liz was mind boggling. "What the hell is going on here?" Isabel demanded.

The trio on the bed came awake as one, unashamed by their nakedness. They were joined together as one. Max was deep inside LIz and Michael was buried deep inside Max. Bodies and minds and souls were one.

"Come join us, Isabel," Michael invited.

"I..I don't understand," Isabel stuttered. "How? Why?"

Michael shrugged. "You feel it, Izzy. I love Max and I love you. And you love me and Max."

Isabel recoiled in horror..."Max is my brother!" she hissed.

"I think it's different for us," Michael countered.

"Be one with us, Iz," Max beseeched his sister. For them it would be a special love, but he could feel that Isabel would become part of Michael, Body and Soul. IT was meant to be the four of them. Liz was a part of it. Always had been.

Liz smiled at Isabel. "We belong together," she whispered. She rose from the bed then turned to exchange a look with Michael. "Watch," Liz breathed, making Isabel face the bed.

Isabel swallowed hard as she watched Michael move over Max. Watched them kiss, listened to Max's deep moans of pleasure as Michael entered him from between long legs. She felt herself grow wet as the boys moved together as one. It was the most erotically beautiful thing she had ever seen. "Oh.." Isabel whispered, when she felt Liz's hands caressing her. Hadn't noticed the other girl undressing her.

"Come," Liz said, drawing Isabel over to the bed even as Michael climaxed in Max. Smiled as Michael held out one hand to ISabel, claiming her. Then LIz fell into Max's arms, where she belonged.


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