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Three of a Kind, Part Two

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the Roswell Slash list June 28, 2000

Title: Three of a Kind Part 2/3
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Michael/Max, Kyle/Max, Max/Liz
Disclaimer: Any characters you recognize...they're not ours. Others...are...LOL. Just borrowing them for our amusement and hopefully yours...<G>
Distribution: please ask before archiving, would like to know where our baby is going :)
Feedback: we thrive on it...makes us write faster :) And of course it is MUCH appreciated!
Spoilers: pretty much the whole first season
Authors notes: This contains M/M slash, a little bondage thing but not totally kinky. If that's not your cup o' tea, then kindly pass this one by :)

Kyle had never felt anything so wonderful as the tight heat of Max's ass clamped around his cock. As he pumped into the other boy, Max moved to his rhythm and it wasn't long before Kyle exploded. Barely had time to empty his seed when Michael was shoving him away.

Michael was eying Max's thick cock. Gripped the hard shaft in one hand then slid the tip into his mouth, watched Max's face, so beautiful, as the other boy closed eyes and moaned with pleasure. Michael took his time, licking and sucking and stroking Max's cock until his friend exploded, shooting hot cum into his mouth. Swallowed every drop before moving up over Max's naked body to share a kiss. All the while his hands roamed over Max's skin, loving the feel of silk over hard muscle.

"'re beautiful, Max," Kyle breathed, as he watched Michael touching the other boy. Then an idea occurred. "Shower," Kyle whispered.

"Yes," Max replied, obediently rising from the bed to take Kyle's hand and let himself be led into the bathroom. Didn't mind that he was the only one naked. All that mattered was being fucked. Nothing had ever felt so good before.

Michael let Kyle draw Max into the shower first. Almost laughed at how quickly Kyle doffed his clothes then pulled Max under the warm spray of water. Felt himself grow hard again as he watched Kyle soap up Max's glorious body, then turn the boy away from him, taut buttocks presented to him. Moaned and reached for himself as Kyle pushed himself inside of Max ever so slowly.

Max moaned as well. Pushed back to take Kyle in all the way, then shuddered at Kyle's cock butted his prostrate. Felt a hand grasp his cock and then reality faded away as pleasure took over.

For the next two hours, Michael and Kyle fucked Max in every way, shape and form. Then the trio collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.

Come dawn, Max came awake. Felt a heavy weight on him and realized that he was not alone in his bed. Opened eyes and was stunned to see Michael draped over him. Made to move and realized something wasn't right. Someone was behind him. More than him. Fury gripped Max as he tried to free himself from the tangle of bodies. "What the hell is going on?" Max thundered.

"Oops," Michael whispered, as he jolted awake. Looked at Kyle who was behind Max and grinned. "Guess the party's over."

"Not by a long shot," Kyle replied as he felt his cock stir in Max's ass. Knew the boy was pissed and no longer drunk, but taming a sober Max would be just as much fun.

"Get off!" Max hissed at Michael, pressing hands against the bare skin of Michael's chest to push him off but the other boy wouldn't be dislodged, molding his body to Max's and pushing him back against Kyle, driving cock all the deeper into him. Kyle moaned his appreciation, his mouth nuzzling the arch of Max's throat as he stroked in and out of him. Michael ground throbbing cock against one strong thigh as his hand caught Max's cock, to stroke it to reluctant life. Claimed Max's mouth in a bruising kiss as Kyle strained up into him, pumping hard and fast as he reached his climax.

With that the spell was broken, Max shoving Michael away from and Kyle hastily rolling off the bed before Max could turn on him. Glaring indiscriminately at them as he struggled off the bed, grasping the bedspread to drag it around himself, Max ordered, "Get out!" Michael sighed and started forward, to offer some kind of apology or entreaty, but a textbook on Max's dresser shot into the air to whiz by, just inches from his head. "!" shouted Max as other objects on the dresser rose into the air.

Pausing to snatch up their clothes, the two boys beat a hasty retreat.

* * *

"Well, that didn't go over so well..." complained Kyle as they emerged from the Evans house and headed to Kyle's car.

Michael waved a hand in dismissal. "You don't know Max as well as I do. Sure, he was drunk... but getting him drunk, it just loosens his inhibitions. Just shows us the true Max. Deep down inside him, he wanted to do this. The trick to get him to realize that."

"Get him drunk again?" asked Kyle with a snort.

Michael laid an arm across his shoulders, shaking his head at the other boy's inability to understand. "No. We got our rocks's time to take it slow. Make him come to us..."

"Sounds a little too subtle for two guys not known for their subtlety." responded Kyle.

Michael clapped a hand to his chest, expression wounded. "Hey, I can be subtle...when I want to be."

"So what's your oh so subtle plan, then, Chief?" queried Kyle as he headed to the driver's side of the car.

"Patience, Grasshopper." was all Michael would say, with a particularly smug smile.

* * *

Max was confused. He didn't know how he was supposed to feel after what Michael and Kyle had done to him. The fact that they had paired up was confusing enough. But to get him drunk just to fuck him? That was fucked up.

Monday morning came and Max headed off to school. Dreaded running in to Kyle and Michael but didn't know how he could avoid them. Hadn't seen, nor heard, from them since Friday night. Made it through his first three classes without bumping into them and felt relieved. But then he entered the boy's bathroom and ran smack into Michael. Turned to go but Michael was on him, one arm wrapping around Max's waist to pull him back and Max could feel Michael's erection through their jeans. "Why are you doing this?" Max hissed as he wriggled in an attempt to get free. Didn't want to make too much commotion or they would be heard.

"I'm hot for you, Maxwell," Michael whispered in his ear. "I know you can feel it." Rubbed his groin against Max's taut buttocks and almost blew a load. Then Michael bent his head to suck at the nape of Max's neck, leaving a hickey. That accomplished, he released his friend and sauntered towards the door. "Later, Max," Michael stated, then he was gone.

"Shit!" Max hissed, as he went to the mirror. The hickey was highly visible. But he had no choice but to return to the mainstream and his next class was PE. With Kyle.


Kyle kept his distance from Max during PE class, but lingered in the locker room after everyone had changed to confront the other boy. "Hello, Max," Kyle purred.

"Get lost!" Max hissed, slamming his locker closed and heading for the door. Found his way blocked by Kyle. Could have used his powers to get past the guy, but Kyle was still in the dark about the fact that Max was part alien.

"How about a kiss?" Kyle cooed, puckering up. Got a knuckle sandwich for his trouble and went down on his knees cradling his nose. But when Max tried to go by him, Kyle grabbed for an ankle and brought Max down on top of him. Rolled and managed to pin the other boy, the pain in his nose forgotten by being so close to Max. "Damn, you are beautiful," Kyle breathed as he looked into the other boy's eyes.

Max heaved upward, throwing Kyle off him. "Fuck you!" Max snarled, then he got up and ran for the door.

Kyle smiled as he watched Max go. "No..fuck you," he whispered and knew that it was only a matter of time before his cock was buried deep in Max's tight ass.

End of Part 2

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