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Three of a Kind, Part One

Reply to Shelly and Sherri

Posted to the Roswell Slash list June 28, 2000

Title: Three of a Kind Part 1/3
Author: Shelly and Sherri
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Michael/Max, Kyle/Max, Max/Liz
Disclaimer: Any characters you recognize...they're not ours. Others...are...LOL. Just borrowing them for our amusement and hopefully yours...<G>
Distribution: please ask before archiving, would like to know where our baby is going :)
Feedback: we thrive on it...makes us write faster :) And of course it is MUCH appreciated!
Spoilers: pretty much the whole first season
Authors notes: This contains M/M slash, a little bondage thing but not totally kinky. If that's not your cup o' tea, then kindly pass this one by :)

Kyle was bored. He hated English but it was a required course. Glanced at the clock on the wall and almost groaned out loud to see that there were thirty minutes left till the end of class. Sighed softly and looked to his left. Sitting three rows over was Max Evans. Kyle should have hated the guy, since it was because of Max that Liz had dumped him. But didn't. In fact, Kyle often found himself dreaming about the other guy. Hot, wet, sexual fantasy kind of dreams. Definitely wet dreams. Hell, could easily have a waking dream right now. Felt his dick growing hard as he stared at Max. The boy was a beauty. Dark hair, amber eyes that were like endless, soulful pools. Had an awesome body too, Kyle knew that from PE classes. Kyle grimaced as his cock throbbed in his jeans. Could see himself bending Max Evans over the desk and ramming his cock into the tight ass. Almost exploded at the mere thought and jumped up to beg for a bathroom pass.

The bathroom was empty and Kyle heaved a sigh of relief as he stepped into a stall, closed the door, then freed his cock so he could jack off whispering Max's name.

"You do that too."

Said a voice from above just as Kyle shot his load off. He looked up to see a familiar face smiling down at him from the next stall. Michael Guerin. Kyle flushed with embarrassment. "What are you doing here?" he demanded.

Michael shrugged. "Had to pee." Pointed to Kyle's now limp cock. "So...Max makes you hot?" he queried.

"So what if he does?" Kyle shot back, defensively. Figured it would do him no good to lie about it now.

"So...I do that too," Michael stated. "Been doing that for years."

Kyle left the stall and Micael did the same. Kyle stared at the other boy. " and Max are best friends," he whispered, as if it were some deep, dark, secret. Hell, the entire school knew that Max and Michael were best friends.

Michael laughed. "So what if we're friends?" he countered. "Max is beautiful and I'm dying to fuck his cherry ass."

"You and me both," Kyle confessed, and he felt a sense of relief at being able to say it out loud.

"Want to?" Michael countered, a gleam in his blue eyes.

Kyle frowned. "What are you saying?"

Michael draped an arm over Kyle's shoulders. "I sleep over to Max's a lot. I happen to know that his parents went out of town this morning and won't be back for two days. And that Isabel is spending the night at a friends." A lustful glint sparkled in Michael's eyes. "Want to join me in initiating Maxwell into the pleasures of male on male sex?"

"Max will never go for it," Kyle protested. "He's as straight as they come and burning for Liz."

"True," Michael allowed. "But what say we don't give him a choice? You with me?" The image of Max in a tank top and shorts burned in Michael's head an he felt his cock harden.

Kyle grinned. "You're on," he enthused. "What time?"

Michael considered."Make it ten o'clock outside of Max's house. We'll enter by the window. He'll be up studying for the midterms on Monday. See you then." With that Michael exited the bathroom.

"I'll be there," Kyle whispered to the empty room, then he washed his hands and headed out as well.


Max was slumped in his chair with a Trig book on his lap, a cherry cola at his side and a bag of Doritos on the floor at easy reach. He was comfortable in loose sweats and a tank top and he had Shawn Colvin playing in the background. A tap at his window made him jump and the Trig book fell out of his lap. Max picked it up then sighed as he rose from the chair. Knew it had to be Michael. "What now?" Max asked, as he opened the window. Stepped aside so that Michael could enter, then frowned as Kyle came in as well. "What are you doing here?" Max demanded of Kyle. It wasn't like they were friends. And Max knew Kyle and Michael weren't friends either. Something was up.

Kyle smiled at Max, trying not to drool at the sight of the other guy in a tank top and sweats. Muscles gleaming in the lamp light. Tight ass outlined by the thing fabric of sweats. "Um...Michael invited me over," Kyle answered.

"For what?" Max countered, frowning.

"For this," Michael replied as he moved to Max and clasped his friends face in both hands. Then Michael bent his head and claimed a kiss.

Max was too surprised at his friend's sudden action to react at first but when he felt a tongue push into his mouth, he grasped Michael's hands to pull them away from his head and staggered back, wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand as he glared at Michael. "What the hell's gotten into you?" he demanded. Blushed at the lewd grin that Kyle gave him and took a wary step back as the two moved to flank him. "What's going on?"

"We have come to relieve you of your sexual frustration, Max, ol' boy." pronounced Kyle. "And ours, while we're at it." From his jacket pocket he withdrew a silver flask and waggled it before Max's eyes. "How bout a little drink to loosen ya up?"

Even as Max shook his head in denial, Michael wrapped both arms around and bore him down to the bed, holding him there while Kyle uncorked the flask and grasped a handful of hair to lift dark head, pouring a good jolt from the flask down Max's throat. Michael clapped a hand over his mouth so that he wouldn't be able to spit it out, holding his hand in place till Max swallowed, coughing at the burn of whiskey.

Almost immediately the effects of the whiskey hit him, his vision blurring and head reeling, one sip having the equivalent effect of six shot glasses on a teetotaler. "Wow..." he said muzzily, struggling up to a sitting position and clapping hands to a head that felt so light, he thought it might float away if he didn't hold onto it. Looked blearily at Michael as the other boy knelt over him and grinned a big goofy grin, grasping Michael's chin in one hand to pull him down for a kiss.

"Hey, no fair...I'm the one that gave you the booze!" protested Kyle and took a swig himself as he watched the two boys kiss, Max drawing Michael down on top and long legs going around Michael's waist to pull him closer. Felt himself harden as Michael slid a hand under Max's tank to caress lean chest as mouth ground against Max's.

They came up for air, both gasping, and Michael trailed kisses down the length of Max's throat as hands fumbled at the waistband of sweat pants to drag them down, exposing briefs that were starkly white against golden skin. Max laughed throatily as Michael made a sound of impatience as he was only able to get the sweat pants down to knees and canted hips so that buttocks were flush against the other boy's swollen groin, to rub teasingly against him.

"God, Maxwell..." hissed Michael, struggling to control himself, to not explode under the seductive pressure of taut buttocks. Reached behind himself to unhook ankles from around his waist and push Max's legs down so that he could drag sweat pants and briefs down. Shuddered as Max's hands unzipped his pants and slapped at the hands that tried to slip inside his jeans, knowing that if he let Max touch him now, he was going to blow his load without even feeling the tightness of Max's ass around him.

Tugged his own jeans down off his hips and to his knees before he moved between his friend's long legs, Max obligingly parting for him, arching up to present a better target. Cock held in one trembling hand, Michael guided it to Max's opening and pressed inside. Felt Max opening to him, allowing him in, but still damned tight. Halfway in and muscles clamped greedily around him, Max thrusting hips down to take him completely in.

Two strokes and Michael was done, his body jerking convulsively as he exploded into Max's tightness. Max made a sound of disappointment as Michael drew out of him but Kyle was there, grinning as he shucked his jeans and moved to take Michael's place. Hot passage slickened as it was by Michael's cum, it didn't take much for Kyle to drive home. Felt Max shudder as throbbing tip met prostate and then they were rocking together, Max moaning with each hit to prostate as Kyle strained in him.

End of Part One

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