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Wipeout- A Roswell Nights Version

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 1, 2001

Title: Wipeout- A Roswell Nights Version
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't I wish though. They belong to Jason Katims and the WB.
Description: Maria gets a surprise visitor.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Wipeout; afterwards
Author: Shadowgrl

        Maria hummed softly as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. It had been a long day. She was tired but she felt on edge too. Hardly surprising considering the day she'd had. Remembering, she shivered with the memory of fear and turned the water level hotter hoping to warm up. She had never been so terrified, not even when Liz had been shot. This Nicholas was bad news, especially if he could get his hands on technology like what she had experienced today. It had been terrifying to realize she and Liz were the only humans left in the town. Well, until Kyle and the sheriff had shown up that was. And then she had almost died when that Skin attacked her in the UFO museum. Of course it had been her. She was always the one getting into trouble. So it made sense that the Skin had attacked her. Thank God Tess had been there.

        Maria snorted. I can't believe I just thanked God for sending Tess to Roswell. She's only ruined all of our lives since she pulled in with her psycho alien father. Hell, I can't believe she saved my life. If I had been her I would have stood there and laughed, I mean, I've treated her so meanly. Why did she do it? She doesn't care about me. She doesn't even like me. Actually I don't think she likes any of us; not even Max. How could she? Even I have to admit he is really nasty to her. And then she goes and saves me. Damn that makes it really hard for me to hate her. Maybe that was her goal though. Save the human and Bam! instant trust. She's devious enough for that.

        Maria sighed as she got out of the shower. She was cold again. She was always cold; even when the temperature reached 100 she was shivering. She had grown to accept that she would probably never be warm. That was fine; she knew how to compensate. She pulled on her thick terry cloth robe and left the bathroom. Does this mean I should be nice to Tess? I mean what's the etiquette when someone you loathe risks their life to help you? Why isn't there a book on these kinds of things?

        Still grumbling to herself she entered her room and walked over to her stereo. She picked out one of her favorite soundtracks, Bring It On, and pushed play. She felt a rush of air behind her and started to turn around only to feel a hand go around her throat. She froze. The hand squeezed lightly, in a warning way. Maria got the message. Stay still. She fully intended too.

        The hand left her throat and Maria took a deep breath. She wasn't stupid though and decided to stay still. She was startled when a blindfold was slipped over her head and tied tightly in the back. She couldn't see anything. This was weird. And had she mentioned terrifying? The hands were back, this time on her waist. A body stepped up behind her moving in close while the hands pulled her back. Maria was now pressed fully against this person. Judging from the feel of what she was pressed so tightly against it was a woman. Well, Nicholas had female Skins; look at Courtney. Maria prepared herself to find out what Nicholas had sent the Skin for, although why he had sent her to Maria was beyond her. She didn't know anything. At least she didn't think she did.

        Maria waited tensely but the person was just standing behind her. Her hands were still on Maria's waist and she had buried her head in Maria's neck. This was definitely strange. Maria decided to remain still in the hopes of not dying. But as time passed and nothing happened she got a little impatient and a little angry. She wanted to know what was going on now! She took a deep breath. "Please. What do you want?" She asked the question softly hoping it wouldn't anger her captor. The person behind her stirred. They seemed startled, like they had been daydreaming or something. Irritated with herself for not realizing she'd had a chance to escape, she muttered angrily "I'll thank you not to doze off during my kidnapping or whatever this is." However, she didn't have much time to regret speaking as the hand suddenly reappeared at her neck. Maria felt a sharp pinch on her neck by her shoulder and that was the last thing she knew as she fell unconscious.

        When Maria woke up she was on a bed. Or more accurately she was tied to a bed. And she was naked. Somehow she wasn't too surprised. At least the blindfold was gone, although that worried her a little. No blindfold could mean it didn't matter if she saw who had taken her because she wouldn't be around to tell anyone. She wished she hadn't thought of that. Maria tested the bonds. There was resistance to her tugging but she also noticed how the bonds didn't chafe against her wrists. She craned her neck up and realized the ropes were not actually ropes. They appeared to be scarves; silk scarves. That was weird. Well, weirder. She tugged a little more, this time trying her legs, which had been tied slightly apart but not enough to be spread- eagled. That was a relief at least.

        The sound of the doorknob turning caught her attention. Maria took a deep breath preparing to meet her captor. However, the person who opened the door was the last one she expected to see. In shock she watched the person enter the room and close the door. She walked over to the bedside table and began to unload the items in her arms. A tray of ice and a feather. Maria opened and closed her mouth a few times. She wasn't naïve; she knew what those items could be used for, especially on naked people tied to beds. She had to nip this in the bud right now! Finally managing to get her vocal cords working she choked out a name, hoping to God there was a reasonable explanation for all this.

        "Tess what's going on?

        Tess ignored Maria. She finished arranging the items on the table and then stepped back. She looked down at her prisoner with satisfaction all over her face.

        "Maria. I suppose you're wondering why you're here."

        "Actually I'm wondering if you've finally gone off your rocker! What are you doing? Why am I here, where are my clothes and for God's sake don't look at me! I mean God I'm naked here."

        "I'm well aware of that fact Maria. Who do you think undressed you after all?"

        Maria took a deep breath. Calm down Maria. This is Tess. You may not like her but you CAN trust her. She saved your life and besides she's Tess. Who is obsessed with Max. So ignore the naked, the ice, and the feather, and try to find out what is going on. "Okay Tess. Can you please explain to me what is happening because I am very confused."

        Tess smiled. Maria had decided to be reasonable. That was progress. She had not missed the way her eyes had widened when she saw the ice and feather. She had glanced at Tess in shock; probably trying to convince herself that Tess wasn't interested in her like that. She was about to find out differently.

        "It's very simple Maria. You do remember what happened tonight right?"

        Maria nodded.

        "Good. Tell me."

        O-Kaay, Maria thought. She was there; why does she need me to tell her? Oh well, humor the insane alien and maybe you'll leave the room tonight instead of in the morning. "Okay Tess. Tonight you saved my life when a Skin was about to attack me."

        "Correct. I saved your life. So now as custom dictates, it belongs to me to do with it as I wish. And I wish for you to be my lover."

        Maria gulped. "Okay, I'm stuck on this 'belonging to you' part. What's that about, what custom? Cause I'm pretty sure I don't practice it."

        "It's a old custom Maria. Many ancient cultures practiced it. When a person saves someone's life they have extended that person's time of life. The person is living on time that was never supposed to be. Therefore, the rescuer receives the benefit of that time. In essence the rescued belongs to the rescuer. I am the rescuer, you are the rescued. You now belong to me. As for what is happening tonight; its very simple. You are being punished."

        "Punished? For what? I didn't do anything."

        "You risked your life. The life that belongs to me. It didn't then but it does now and I am retroactively punishing you for being so careless. Also, you left your window open tonight. It wouldn't have made a difference to me but a human would have had no trouble climbing in and hurting you. So, punishment. I'll be gentle I promise. It won't be much of a punishment I suppose, since you'll be screaming my name before I'm done, but still. It should be adequate, barely."

        Maria desperately tried not to panic. She still had time. Tess was fully clothed. Maybe she could talk her out of this idea she had. "Tess I think you need to reconsider things. Okay you saved my life and I thank you for that although I had planned to wait until tomorrow to tell you. But about this lover thing. Let's think about this. I mean, not that I'm a big believer in Destiny or anything but it seems pretty important to you. If you, um, hook up with me how is that going to affect your relationship with Max? I mean, I don't think he'll be happy or approve. And he's the King right? So pleasing him is pretty important. And then there's Michael. He's not gonna be thrilled with your plan either."

        "That is very true but you're forgetting a few things, Maria. Things like Max isn't interested in me and I don't care what Michael thinks. You belong to me now Maria. I realize you never thought of me in a sexual way but you don't have to be afraid. I am not going to hurt you. Now let's get started shall we?"

        "I'd really rather not."

        Tess said nothing but she did smile. She casually picked up the feather and lay down on her side next to Maria. Maria looked at the feather in dread as Tess twirled it around her fingers. She lowered the feather and lightly stroked Maria's cheek. Maria couldn't help flinching away but the feather followed. Looking up she saw that Tess wasn't even looking at her, all her attention was focused on the feather. Feeling a little relieved but still very nervous about this, Maria waited for the next touch. It came on her ear, lightly brushing the lobe. The touches continued; Maria never knew where they would fall next. Some were on her nose, some her eyes, always on her face though. Maria had long since closed her eyes; her fear had left but her apprehension remained. There was nothing she could do though except submit to Tess's ministrations.

        Tess carefully gauged Maria's reactions and decided to move the feather lower. She had waited a very long time for this and although she wanted to go slow and not scare Maria, she couldn't go too slow or she would lose control. In order to make this as perfect as possible for Maria Tess could not afford to lose that control. So she had to speed up. She lowered the feather until it was just hovering above the curve of Maria's breast. She slowly drew circles around the milky white globe with the feather; drawing ever closer to the nipple. So far Maria had not made a sound. Tess wanted to change that. She gently scraped the edge of the feather across Maria's nipple. She was rewarded by the sudden puckering of it into a little nub and also by Maria's gasp. Smiling she did it again and received a whimper. Maria was probably not happy about it but her body was responding. Tess leaned over Maria's body and repeated the process on Maria's other breast. She then casually began to move the feather lower. She discovered, very rapidly, that Maria was extremely ticklish on her sides. She lingered there with the feather, taking pleasure in Maria's giggles and squirming. But her body was also making its needs known and Tess soon abandoned Maria's stomach. She also decided to replace the feather with something else.

        Tess quickly removed her clothes. She didn't want to tear them later if things got out of control. She then took back her former position by Maria's side. Tess lowered one hand to Maria's breast. She began to fondle it, deliberately keeping away from the nipple. She also gave in to temptation and lowered her mouth to Maria's. The first kiss was hesitantly received, Tess didn't have to force Maria's mouth open but Maria wasn't exactly kissing her back. Patiently Tess dropped soft kisses on Maria's lips, occasionally slipping her tongue in Maria's mouth. She was thrilled when on one of these trips her gentle stroke against Maria's tongue was returned. Tess rewarded Maria with a low groan. She shifted her body fully on top of Maria's, wanting both her hands to be free to roam her body. And roam she did. Her hands traveled everywhere they could reach and still keep her mouth attached to Maria's.

        Maria was drowning in Tess. Tess was all she could feel, all she could taste. And it was good. Tess's hands were everywhere; a hundred times better than the feather had been. Fear, apprehension, nervousness were all gone now, replaced by desire and a desperate need to have her hands free so she could touch the smooth hot skin pressed against her own. Maria groaned in protest when Tess's mouth left hers only to whimper with pleasure as Tess lowered her head and took her nipple into her mouth. She suckled at it and with each tug Maria felt it all the way down through her body. But Tess wasn't done yet. She reached over and pulled an ice cube out of the tray. With a wicked smile that sent a thrill though Maria she took Maria's other nipple in her mouth. At the same time she lowered the ice cube to the one she had previously kissed. Hot and cold, from one extreme to the other. Maria bucked up against Tess; shuddering moans leaving her mouth as Tess tortured her.

        Tess moved off and began to trail the ice cube down Maria's body. Maria, for her part, never took her eyes off that ice cube. It moved down her chest to her stomach and Maria began to get a little nervous. Was Tess taking that where she thought she was? Not even the feather had gone there. Maria wasn't sure about this. She would rather have Tess touch her than an ice cube. Almost as if she could read her mind, Tess stopped. She balanced the ice cube on Maria's belly button and moved her hand between Maria's thighs.

        Tess groaned at the feel of Maria's heat. She was scorching. And so incredibly wet. She allowed her fingers to wander, slipping inside to test the heat. Maria bucked against her hand and Tess was thrilled to hear Maria groan her name, turning the normally one syllable word into a long drawn out moan of pleasure. Her fingers danced around Maria's clit, deliberately trying to see how close to the edge she could push her. But it became too much for Tess and she had to draw back. She took some deep breaths, struggling to keep her body under control. When she was satisfied she opened her eyes to see Maria looking up at her.

        "Tess," she whispered. "I don't know what you've done to me. Please, can you untie my hands? I want to touch you too."

        Tess paused to look in Maria's eyes. What she saw nearly made her cry. It was desire. For her. She had dreamed of it for so long and now it was taking place in reality. Tess finally had her dream. Although she hadn't told Maria, she'd had every intention of letting Maria go and leaving Roswell to spare her the embarrassment of seeing Tess everywhere she went if she had been unable to give Maria pleasure. But now she could see that she wouldn't have to do that. Maria wanted her. Tess silently reached up and untied the binds around Maria's wrists. She gently brought Maria's arms down and began to rub the circulation back into the wrists. Maria allowed her to do so, all the while she hummed under her breath. Tess didn't recognize the song but it didn't matter. When she was sure Maria's hands were all right she placed them on the bed at Maria's sides and waited for Maria to make the next move.

        The sudden speed Maria moved at stunned Tess. One moment she was lying under Tess quietly; the next Tess was on the bottom with Maria leaning over her kissing her ferociously. Tess wasn't about to protest though and it wasn't until Maria drew back that Tess realized her hands were now tied. She blinked in astonishment. She wasn't surprised at Maria's actions but she was surprised at the sheer speed Maria had moved. Not to mention the pure deviousness with which she had distracted Tess by the kiss.

        "No more games, Tess. I want you and I want you now." And with that statement Maria lowered her mouth to Tess's own heat. Maria continued to play and Tess had only enough time to wonder if she could die from pleasure before the ability to think coherently disappeared. She twisted and writhed against Maria's mouth, seeking release from the almost unbearable stimulation. Suddenly the fact that she was an alien popped into her head and with a mental sigh of disgust for her lack of realization before, she made the bonds around her wrists disappear. Tess reached down and pulled Maria up her body. They kissed violently with tongues battling for dominance and teeth clashing. Gone was the gentleness from only a half-hour earlier. This was a battle and to the victor went the spoils.

        With the both of them fighting for control and their bodies writhing frantically against each other's the only question was who was going to lose control first. Tess was determined to make this memorable and she slipped her hand down Maria's body once again seeking her core. Finding it she slipped three fingers inside and began to thrust them back and forth. Maria keened with pleasure into her mouth and retaliated by wrapping her hands in Tess's hair and plunging her tongue even deeper into Tess's mouth.

        As Tess's fingers moved faster and faster inside her, Maria began to lose control of her body. It flowed against Tess's feeling like liquid heat, flesh transformed into a blanket whose sole purpose was to wrap around Tess forever. Maria thought she could live with that. And then Tess's thumb found her clit and pressed down and Maria could think no more. She came with a wild cry, arching her lower body down against Tess's own. She heard Tess cry out underneath her and dimly realized she must have also climaxed. They had lost control together. Maria thought that was the way it should be.

        Their bodies lay limp and replete against each other; light sheens of sweat glowing softly on their skin. Maria's head was buried in the curve of Tess's neck while Tess idly ran her fingers through Maria's hair. After a long while Maria raised her head.

        "So did the alien kidnapper, human prisoner game work the way you had hoped, lover?"

        "As usual, Maria, you exceeded my expectations."

        "Well I try my best. What do you say next time we play a game that involves a special delivery or something."

        "Whatever you want Maria. Whatever you want."

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