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Monsters-A Roswell Nights Version

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list November 1, 2001

Title: Monsters-A Roswell Nights version
Disclaimer: The usual. Not mine.
Description: a "lost scene" from Monsters
Rating: NC-17
Author: Shadowgrl
Author's Note: takes place after Isabel dreamwalks Maria and Maria wakes up and falls out of the bed. This is a slash piece.

        Isabel sat bolt upright in her bed, fury racing through her. How dare Maria dream of Michael in a tuxedo while she made Isabel green and glittery. And how could she even think about saying Michael made her feel safe. Didn't she know, didn't she understand? Isabel couldn't sit still any longer. She swung herself out of bed and began to pace her room like a caged animal. She stopped in front of her mirror and looked at the reflection it showed her. Gone was the image of ice- cold perfection it usually showed her. In its place was an image of a girl with tousled blonde hair, flushed cheeks, eyes glittering with annoyance and full lips compressed into a thin line. Anger and pain fairly radiated off her. Isabel nodded her head with a sharp snap. Well, if Maria didn't understand on her own, Isabel would just have to make her.

        The first thing Isabel did the next morning was pay a visit to Michael. Knowing Michael as she did, Isabel was fully aware he was attracted to Maria, but she was going to make sure that attraction went nowhere. Maria was hers and Isabel did not share. Not even with her brothers. Michael was not happy at being woken at half past six but Isabel didn't care. After she warned Michael off of Maria she felt a little more secure and in control of the situation. Michael hadn't taken her words well but then again, Michael never had liked being told something was off limits. But that didn't matter to Isabel. She had waited a long time for this and now she was finally making her move.

        For as long as Isabel could remember she had envied Liz Parker and Alex Whitman. Maria DeLuca was the kind of person that would do anything for a friend and Isabel had always wanted to be one of those friends. But her non-human status had meant she had to work extra hard at fitting in and that had meant she had to be popular. Maria, although well known and liked, was not, in the classic sense of the word, popular. So Isabel had to watch Maria and her friends from the sidelines instead of being right there with them. As they grew older, her feelings had changed. It had been a year now since she had realized she loved the little spitfire. But, again, because of her alien status, she had done nothing. She had sat by and watched Maria date and kiss boys that did nothing for her all the while knowing that she, Isabel Evans, could make Maria burn. Isabel had even resisted the incredibly strong urges to visit Maria's dreams knowing it was wrong although she did visit Alex and Liz. And then when she did visit she had found Maria dreaming of Michael. The pain of that betrayal was intense. Rationally Isabel knew there had been no real betrayal but her heart was in charge right now and it was hurting.

        Isabel had a plan though. She would visit Maria in the dream world and teach her who she really belonged to. She had practiced manipulating the dreams around instead of simply observing them and was satisfied with the results. Maria would belong to her soon.

* * *

        It was about a week after Isabel's first visit and Maria was just now able to sleep through the night. Of course, Isabel's promise that she would no longer visit Maria's dreams unless it was necessary had a large part to do with that. God, she had never been more embarrassed in her life than when Isabel had shown up with her smirks and 'I'm better than you' attitude. And then she had made fun of Maria's attraction to Michael. And she was pretty sure Isabel had said something to Michael too because he practically ran in the other direction whenever he saw her coming. Maria sighed as she got ready for bed. Isabel had been acting weird today. She had smiled at Maria and it had sent a chill down her spine. Not in a scary way. Okay, so it was a little scary, but in another way that Maria didn't want to acknowledge. And she had been dressed differently too. In red. Red leather pants to be exact. It had been eye-catching and very revealing. Maria had wondered whose attention Isabel was trying to get with that outfit. She had certainly been enthralled. The leather pants had clung to Isabel like they had been glued on. They showed every curve and Maria knew from experience that Isabel was probably not wearing any panties. Not even a thong would have fit under those pants. And the top. God! Black and backless but for two little ties in the back so there was no bra possible at all. Low cut. Maria wasn't even sure how Isabel had managed to not get sent home to change. And poor Max had looked so upset. He had looked apologetically at Liz when Isabel had sauntered up. No, Maria thought. He hadn't look at Liz he had looked at her in apology. Which was weird. She wasn't a prude. Isabel had looked great in her outfit. So it showed a lot of skin. It didn't bother Maria. Except for that strange urge she'd had to see if Isabel's skin really was as soft as it looked. Maria shook herself out of her thoughts with incredible speed as the implications of that last one hit her. She shoved Isabel and her skin from her mind and climbed into bed. These aliens were not going to get to her. Maria refused to let those Czechoslovakians take over her life the way Liz had.

* * *

        Maria looked around in confusion. This wasn't her dream. Her dream had been a big grassy field and she had been on a swing. This was a room covered entirely in mirrors. Even the ceiling and floor were mirrors. Which was definitely odd. Maria turned around in a circle. There was a bed off to one side. A hot tub and a couch were on the other side. It was all done in black and red satin. Maria walked over to the bed. Black satin sheets with a red comforter. An interesting color combination. Reminded Maria of Isabel's outfit. Maria yawned. She was tired. And she supposed it 'was' her dream. It couldn't hurt to lie down. And she had never been on satin sheets before. She crawled up the bed and snuggled down under the comforter. Mmm, this was nice. She closed her eyes and lay there for a few moments. Everything was peaceful.

        Slowly, Maria began to feel like she was being watched. But that was impossible because this was a dream. Trepidation began to go through her. What if Isabel was here? She had said she wouldn't visit again but she had never promised. Maria was afraid to open her eyes but the feeling of comfort she'd been experiencing was gone, replaced by nervousness. So, reluctantly, Maria opened her eyes. She was greeted with an astonishing sight.

        Sure enough, Isabel was there. But a completely different Isabel than Maria had ever seen before. This Isabel was dressed entirely in black shiny leather. Her blonde hair was pulled away from her face in a bun. Her face was devoid of any emotion but her eyes said she was angry. And there was a slapping sound coming from her. Maria looked down at Isabel's hands because that was where the sound was coming from. She paled in shock. Isabel was tapping a riding crop on her right palm. This was not the Isabel Maria knew. This was Dom Isabel and she looked pissed. Maria swallowed and tried to speak. Before she could even say one word the riding crop was pointed an inch away from her lips.

        "You will not speak, Maria. You will not do anything unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

        Maria glared at Isabel and said "no."

        Isabel moved so fast that if Maria had blinked she would have missed it. One moment Isabel was looming above her and the next she was in her face. And she looked even angrier than she had before. As Isabel straightened up from glaring at her, only the increased tapping of the crop on her palm gave away her irritation. Glancing warily at the crop, Maria decided to reconsider her answer.

        "I told you not to speak. Now, do you understand?"

        She nodded her head yes to Isabel's question.

        "Good. I'm glad to see you learn fast. It will make it easier on you." Isabel waved her hand over Maria and her clothes were instantly transformed. Gone was the tank top and boxers she had worn to bed. In their place were a black lace bustier and a matching thong. A flush spread up Maria's entire body as she realized she was practically naked in front of Isabel who was most definitely enjoying the view.

        "Now Maria, you have been a naughty girl and you need to be punished. But just so you don't think I'm being unfair I will tell you why you are here. You had some nasty dreams about me. And don't bother trying to deny it because I was there. I remember every detail vividly. In fact, my very outfit is from the dream you had last Tuesday. That was a steamy one."

        Maria was mortified. She tuned out the rest of what Isabel was saying, desperately wishing for a hole to open up and swallow her. Isabel was right. Maria had been having some very explicit dreams about Isabel lately. She didn't know why. They had just started. And that outfit was very familiar. Although Maria was pretty sure Isabel had added the riding crop. Her attention was brought back to Isabel when she realized Isabel was no longer talking. Maria glanced up to see Isabel looking at her with a slight smile on her face.

        Or more specifically, Isabel was looking at her breasts with a smile on her face. Maria struggled to hold in her gasp of surprise as Isabel casually reached out to fondle her left breast. But she was unable to contain the whimper of pleasure as Isabel twisted the nipple and it hardened from the pleasure.

        "Like that?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer she repeated the action on the other breast. Isabel then casually flung herself down on the bed next to Maria. "Time to get down to business," she said with a grin.

        Isabel reached down between Maria's legs and began to stroke and fondle her softly. As she felt the wetness and heat begin, she left the area and traveled up to Maria's hips. Isabel lightly trailed her fingers over the thong, deliberately taking her time and enjoying Maria's mounting frustration. After a few minutes she grew tired of playing with Maria. She slid her fingers under the thong and flicked Maria's clit once.

        Maria' yelped and her hands scrambled to find a purchase on Isabel but the leather was slippery and she was unable to. Isabel frowned. That would not do. She pinned Maria's hands together and pushed them up over her head. Closing her eyes she materialized two sets of cuffs and placed Maria's hands in them. She then cuffed the other side to the headboard bar. With Maria's hands taken care of Isabel turned her attention once more to her breasts. The position of her arms had pushed her breasts up higher and they were now almost falling out of the bustier. Using her teeth, Isabel edged down the bustier down over Maria's left breast. Pausing to anticipate tasting what before she had only dreamed about, she lowered her head and engulfed Maria's entire breast in her mouth. Isabel delighted in not only the feel and taste of Maria, but also in the guttural cries of pleasure coming from her as Isabel suckled and nibbled at the creamy flesh. Isabel sent her hand on a downward path to Maria's thighs once more and began to tug at the thong, being careful to not give too much pressure, as she had no intention of letting this end so soon.

        After a few minutes of pleasuring Maria, Isabel lifted her head and took in the results of her handiwork. Maria's eyes were glazed with passion and were such a dark green they looked almost black. Her cheeks were flushed and her mouth was open, little pants of air the only sound escaping. She could see Maria's pulse beating rapidly in her throat. Her throat. Yes, it needed to be marked. To be claimed. Isabel lowered her head and began to suck and nip at the side of Maria's neck. Maria whimpered underneath her and thrashed around the bed in pleasure. When Isabel was satisfied she lifted her head and looked. Yes, there would be a nice large hickey. No amount of make-up would be able to cover her mark up. And that was the way it should be.

        Looking at her lover, Isabel suddenly felt control leave her. Playtime was over. Release was needed for both of them. Then it would be time to lay down the rules. With a suddenness that left Maria breathless, Isabel ripped the thong from her lower body. The bustier was tugged down around her waist and Isabel's leather outfit vanished with a wave of her hand. The cuffs disappeared and Maria was free to touch the body that was now pressed fully to her own.

        Their mouths met with a clash and Isabel plunged three fingers fully into Maria's sheath at the same time. Maria's scream was caught in Isabel's mouth, as was Isabel's answering groan as Maria tightened herself around Isabel's fingers. Maria's own hands were not idle. One was wrapped in Isabel's hair, ripping the bun out and causing the now loose strands of hair to cascade wildly down Isabel's back and over her shoulders. The other gripped Isabel's ass and ground it down into Maria's pelvis, which was thrusting up, desperate to achieve friction and release.

        Isabel's other hand took Maria's out of her hair and dragged it down to her body. Never separating their mouths, Isabel positioned Maria's hand at her own entrance. Maria took it from there and slid three fingers inside. Together, their mouths still locked and their fingers pumping wildly, they continued to writhe against each other, their rapid movements providing the needed friction against their clits.

        About to lose control, Isabel wanted Maria to come with her. Ripping her mouth from Maria's and her hand from her slick, hot passage, she simultaneously bit down on Maria's nipple and thrust her fingers back into her lover. Maria screamed in a combination of pleasure and pain, her walls clenching around Isabel's fingers, the feelings causing her to thrust her own hand even further up into Isabel, making her climax as well.

        As their bodies shuddered with the aftershocks of passion, Isabel slipped her fingers from inside Maria and lazily licked them off. Maria's eyes never left her mouth as she did so. She then took Maria's hand and held it in front of her mouth. Obediently Maria opened and sucked her fingers clean one by one.

        Isabel slithered off Maria and stood up. She smiled down at her lover.

        "You think this was just a dream don't you?" Her smile grew even wider as Maria nodded her head. Isabel leaned down next to Maria's ear.

        "It's not," she whispered. Then she disappeared leaving a very confused and suddenly afraid Maria lying on the bed.

        When Maria woke up the next morning she felt incredibly tired and sticky. She stumbled to the bathroom wondering what sick person came up with a 7:45 school day and climbed into the shower. Maria let the hot water cascade down on her, washing away her sore muscles and general feeling of lethargy.

        She got out and dried off. As she blew her hair dry she absently picked up a hand mirror. Maria squinted and wiped away some of the fog. The next sound heard was a scream and the shatter of breaking glass.

        Maria stood in the middle of the bathroom staring at her reflection in the wall mirror with wide eyes. Isabel's words flashed back to her: "You think this is a dream. It's not."

        There, on her neck, was a large, very visible hickey. And it was glowing.

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