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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive January 31, 2001

Disclaimer: I do not own them. They belong to the WB and Jason Katims as well as Melinda Metz.
Description: Isabel makes a decision about Alex so Max and Michael go to inform him of it. Along the way some truths come out about the aliens and their relationships with Maria, Liz, and Kyle
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Deals with m/m slash.
Author: Shadowgrl
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"It's time," Isabel stated as she entered Max's room. Both Max and Michael sat up, taking in Isabel's decidedly rumpled state. "Are you sure Is?" Max asked. "I'm sure," she replied. "Tell him. Tonight." "We're on our way."

Max and Michael swung themselves out the window. It was 2:07 in the morning on a Saturday.

Alex groaned as a tapping at his window woke him up. "What the. . ." he muttered under his breath about inconsiderate, not-of-this-earth aliens who thought they could just come knocking on people's windows any time they wanted. When he finally managed to get the window open he glared at the two grinning aliens who were lounging against the tree outside. "Hey Alex," Michael drawled. "Can we come in?"

"Max. Michael. What are you doing here? Is something wrong? There better be something wrong. Do you know what time it is? Why are you staring at me?"

"You do realize you're yelling at us right?" Max asked.

"Of course I realize I'm yelling at you. I meant to yell at you."

"Did you mean to do it naked?" Michael was interested.

Alex looked down at himself. Yep naked. "Shut up," he muttered and quickly dove back under his sheets.

"Guess not. That's okay, makes our job easier right Maxwell?"

"What? Okay Michael, Max what are you doing here? And please tell me something hasn't happened to any of the others."

"Relax Alex. There's nothing wrong. Isabel asked us to tell you about a decision she made. About you." "About me. She made a decision about me? Umm do I wanna know what it is?"

"Well that depends Alex. You see, we've found out some things about our, well I guess you could call them our hormones and our psyches. Our species, and by 'our' I mean Michael's, Izzy's, Tess's and mine, seem to need a little something that neither our human or alien side need in order to mate. Guess its just one of those side effects you get when you're engineered."

"Alex, Isabel made a decision. She wanted to be with you; completely. I'm sure you know what I mean by that." Michael grinned. "But before that can happen, you as a male, need to be accepted by the other males in the, well, we'll call it a pack."

Alex did not like the look on Michael's face. He looked dark and dangerous. Like something was about to happen and it was going to be something big. He looked primal. Alex snuck a look at Max who was now casually leaning against the bedpost next to his head and saw the same look on his face. Definitely primal, Alex decided. And maybe, almost, hungry. Michael was stalking, that's really the only word for it, closer to him. Alex felt his throat go dry. He quickly decided he'd better make sure he had a handle on what was going on.

"Okay what do you mean by 'accepted'? I mean, you guys already trust me."

"It's not about trust Alex," Max purred as he sank down on the bed next to Alex.

"It's about knowing you, from the inside out," Michael continued. He took a place on the bed on Alex's other side.

"I don't understand. And why are you looking at me that way? You guys are acting way weird."

"Alex you're tensing up. Here let me help you."

Before Alex could say anything he found himself laying face down across Max's lap. His stomach was even with Max's groin. He felt Max's hands begin to run against his shoulders, massaging him, and the protest he was about to give died away in a moan of pleasure. Michael's hands began to knead his scalp and Alex thought he was gonna die. This felt really really good. He still wanted to know what the decision was, not to mention this accepting thing they had been talking about but for now this felt good. He had been really tense the last few weeks and Max and Michael were succeeding in very quickly getting rid of that tension.

Max continued the massage and shared a look with Michael. Slowly Max began to let his hands drift down Alex's back. He didn't want to scare Alex. He had learned from Kyle. It had not been pretty. Michael followed Max's lead and slid his hands from Alex's head down to his back around to his chest. It was awkward but they could change Alex's position later. He began to gently stroke Alex's chest, moving closer towards his nipples. Concentrating hard on sending reassuring vibes from his hands to Alex's mind he took the time to note that Alex wasn't as scrawny as he had always thought. In fact he was pretty nicely built. Wonder why he dresses like such a geek? Michael thought. He's certainly got a nice upper body.

Max's hands had reached the small of Alex's back and were rubbing little circles into it. He and Michael shared a look and held their breaths. This could be the defining moment; this was the same place Kyle had realized something was happening. Max moved his hands lower until he was kneading Alex's ass. Alex didn't even seem to know. In fact, Max smiled as he felt a definite bulge throb against his upper leg, Alex seemed to be enjoying himself. Or maybe not; Max and Michael both felt Alex tense up at the same time. Before he could do anything Max flipped him over. Michael moved quickly and took Alex's erection in his mouth; using his lips, teeth, and tongue to keep Alex's body occupied.

Alex was in heaven. Max's hands were rubbing his back and Michael's had at some point moved to his chest. He wasn't sure when that had happened but he thrust the thought away as he let the sensations carry him away. He shifted a little as something hard and hot poked him in the stomach but it didn't really register. He was too involved in the hands tracing paths on his body. He absently wondered if Liz or Maria had ever been the recipient of one of these massages and envied them if they had. He barely noticed the hands on his back moving lower. The realizations struck him at the same time. First and most importantly, Max's hands were no longer on his back. They were, in fact, on his butt, tracing small designs on him. Secondly, that hard, throbbing thing that had poked him was Max's cock; or rather Max's aroused cock. Michael's hands were playing with his nipples. Alex's own cock was hard. And finally Alex realized Max and Michael were hitting on him. He tensed his body preparing to launch himself off the bed and down the hall when he found himself once again flipped, this time to his back. He had one moment in which he opened his mouth to yell only to have it turn into a moan as a hot mouth engulfed his cock and began to suck and tease it. All thought fled Alex's mind. He could only feel pleasure.

Max breathed a sigh of relief that Michael had moved so fast. He firmly thrust erotic visions of Michael and Alex out of his thoughts and began to undress. He then repositioned himself up by Alex's head. He had hoped to get Alex a little more relaxed before he informed him of what was going on but this would have to do. Max lay down next to Alex stretching his body out. Alex's hips were pumping up and down and soft groans of pleasure were coming from his mouth but Max could also see the confusion in his eyes. "Ssh Alex don't worry. I'll explain everything. Just relax and let your body take over. Listen to me at the same time."

Michael dimly heard Max reassuring Alex but he was more interested in what he was doing. Max would tell Alex what was going on. Michael wanted to concentrate on Alex's cock. It was thick and big. Michael was amazed. Alex's body was completely unlike what he had thought it would be. And he had thought about it; thought about this. Max hadn't been sure but Michael had known Isabel would want Alex. Michael had known all along they would be initiating Alex into the world of hybrid sex. But it was much better than he had fantasized. Alex's hips were bucking wildly and Michael reached up to hold them down. He wanted this to last. He drew his mouth off Alex's cock and began to lick. He was rewarded with a moan. Then came a gasp that Michael knew he hadn't caused. He looked up the length of Alex's body and saw Max. Max, always efficient, was both explaining things to Alex and playing his role with the seduction at the same time. His tongue would trace Alex's ear and then dip in. He nibbled on his neck. That had caused the gasp. Max had found a sensitive spot. Michael grinned. With Alex occupied Michael quickly stripped off his clothes and moved up Alex's body. He lay himself on Alex's other side and wrapped his hand around Alex's cock. He began to move it up and down alternating between fast and slow jerks; never letting Alex know which one came next.

"Alex, you're being initiated into our world. We need something different than you in order to mate. It's difficult to explain but the dreams we had of the Four Square were wrong. They weren't what was meant to be. That was what our other dreams were about. We never told anyone about them but they explained our sex drives to us. I know you don't understand but you will. Isabel wants you. But in order to have you, you need to be accepted fully by her family. That's us. By wanting you Isabel has also placed a desire for you in us. We're connected through our desires. She wants you, Michael and I want you, and Tess wants you. It's a circle."

Alex was only dimly aware of Max's words. It was like he was hearing them through a fog in his brain. He heard something about hybrid sex drives and awakened desires. He thought he understood but he wasn't sure. If Max and Michael could just let him get his breath for a minute he could concentrate more on it. But as Max stopped talking to bite down on his nipple and Michael gently squeezed his balls Alex knew they weren't going to stop. He tried to rationalize what was happening. Isabel wants me. She really does, but in order for that to happen this has to occur first.

Max started to continue his explanation but Michael interrupted him. "Alex this is how it is. Each member of our little alien group mates with a member of the opposite sex. Just like most humans do. But we also need a member of the same sex. Our thinking is when they built us they put in this safeguard so our hormones wouldn't go crazy and we wouldn't start making alien babies with everyone we met. Our minds and bodies focus only on select individuals we have a connection too. In my case it's Maria, in Isabel's it's you. So this brings us to where we are now. We're bringing you into the fold so to speak. Kyle has already gone though it so you have nothing to worry about." Michael gazed down into the dark eyes that were looking up at him. He and Max had both stopped so that Alex could take the explanation in. "You have a choice now Alex. We showed you the pleasure you can have but we also gave you an explanation. Now you have to make up your mind but you have to do it fast."

Alex considered this. It was all a blur but something Michael had said stuck in his mind. "In my case it's Maria." That asshole had let Max sleep with Maria. Alex swung his fist at Michael's jaw. Neither Max or Michael expected it so Michael fell off the bed. "How could you let Max sleep with Maria! I thought you loved her." Alex was completely naked standing over Michael's prone body and he didn't even care. He was furious. "I never slept with Maria," Max calmly stated.

"What?" Alex said.

"I never slept with Maria. She's a female Michael's a male. We needed the members of the same sex remember?"

"Oh." Alex muttered. "God, Michael, I'm sorry." He bent down to help Michael up only to find himself yanked down to the floor. Michael's mouth covered his in the first kiss of the evening.

Michael growled low in his throat as he felt Alex trying to get away. He rolled over pinning Alex down under him and forcing his tongue into Alex's mouth. Alex needed to learn he couldn't go around hitting him. This was the second time and it was one time too many. He grabbed Alex's hands in one of his and pulled them over his head. Alex was helpless under him. Michael would have continued but there was an annoying tapping on his back. "What," he growled at Max.

"Let him go. He hasn't said yes yet."

Alex scrambled away from Michael. Both of the aliens were looking at him like they were lions and he was a deer. It was very unnerving. He decided to try and make them focus on something else. "You didn't sleep with Maria?" he asked Max.

"No Alex I haven't. I told you members of the same sex. I couldn't have brought Maria in."

"That's right," Michael smirked. He was tired of the games. All he wanted to do was wrap his mouth around Alex's cock and suck him until he came. And he would do whatever it took to get them to that point. "Max didn't initiate Maria. Isabel did. Of course that was before Tess came so she'll have to be initiated again but we've decided to wait until Maria feels a little more comfortable around Tess. It shouldn't be too much longer." Michael calmly waited for Alex's reaction.

Max shook his head. He knew how Michael felt; he wanted to fuck Alex too but telling him Isabel and Maria had slept together was probably not a good idea. He chanced a look at Alex and found him sitting there on the bed, a look of shock in his eyes. He exchanged a worried glance with Michael. "I think we broke him," Max said. "Isabel is not gonna be happy with us. How did we let this get so out of control? It was supposed to be simple. I expected much more trouble from Kyle and he was docile compared to Alex. Maria was surprised but she was okay with it after it was explained to her."

"What about Liz?" Max and Michael both jumped as Alex asked the question in a low voice.


"What was Liz's reaction? I wanna know. Does she know about this?"

"I haven't chosen Liz officially yet. There's been so much going on with Tess; she finally just a week ago decided she wanted Kyle. And then we realized Maria had to be redone. There wasn't time to think about it. So no. Liz doesn't know anything about this. I don't really think she'll be too accepting of it. I'm kinda afraid to tell her about it. Plus she and Tess and Isabel don't get along and well, they're the members of the family that would have to bring her in."

"This is of the weird. We are all sitting here completely naked and to be brutally honest, completely hard. And we are talking about my friends' sex lives. Meanwhile the two of you are waiting for me to say yes so you can jump me so I can jump Isabel."

"Yeah and are you gonna say yes any time soon cause I have plans for you," Michael muttered.

Alex blinked. He looked at Max and Michael. They stood before him naked and proud. Suddenly Alex had absolutely no difficulty seeing them as leaders of an alien race. And he could no longer deny that he wanted them. Both of them. He had for a while. He had never really thought about it; he had just absently noticed that a shirt clung to Michael's chest or Max's jeans were tight on his ass, but it had been there. He made a decision. He loved Isabel and she apparently loved him too if she sent her brothers over to seduce him into the family, which has to be the weirdest welcome to the family tale I have ever heard and one that I will not be sharing with my kids, Alex thought wryly. He could be with her and Michael and Max. He would have Maria as his sister and Tess and Kyle too. Soon Liz would join them too, he was sure. Alex got up and sauntered over to Max and Michael. He wrapped his arms around Max's neck and pressed his back against Michael's chest.

"Initiate me," he whispered.

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