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Heidra 9b

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 24, 2001

Title: Hiedra 9b
Author: Scynneh
Disclaimer: As if they would know about clothing if I had them....*sigh* And Alex would appear on the side of the road, having been sorely tried by his journey home, but unharmed.
Dedication: All who have been waiting, yes, I said there would be spanking...
Feedback: Gives me happy thoughts.
Spoilers: This is my imagination, there are no such things as 'Evil Plotlines', just smut for all.
Rating: Ah, spanking, four healthy young individuals set on bending each other in different directions, not for the little tykes.
Author's Notes: Sorry about the wait for this installment, I have been sparring with other ideas and various worldly things that have prevented me from sharing smut.

        Kyle sat beneath Tess, idly reflecting that, days ago, none of this would have seemed plausible to him. Porn aside, this sort of thing rarely ever happened to normal people. But, since this was Roswell, and strange things had been happening for decades, such was not entirely unimaginable.

        He inhaled the scent of alluring eagerness, while licking Tess' juices from his lips. If she had to wait much longer, he fully expected her to fly to bits above him- but whether it would be his mouth or Maria's touch that made her disintegrate, didn't really seem to be something to be prideful about, and as his tongue teased her clit, he concluded that there was no loser in such a situation.

        "Don't let her climax yet Kyle," ordered the unmistakable honeydew whip that was Maria's voice, and Kyle grinned, hearing Tess upgrade from ordinary blasphemies to outright verbal abuse. Her rage flushed her skin and being in such close quarters with that inferno should have ignited his own body. Instead, he only moved closer, wanting to feel that heat from inside.

        Then there was a whistling sound, what Kyle remembered hearing when playing badminton in gym, the slap pf the paddle on soft skin, and he put his hands on Tess' hips to hold her down.

        The muscles in Tess' tiny buttocks strained under Kyle's fingers, contradicting with every smack that landed on them. Soon there was sweat to make securing the small girl even more difficult.

        The blows fell hard, and from the way that Tess arched her back and writhed, this was what she had been longing for.

        Maria's gasps were nearly as harsh as Tess', and Kyle though it likely that the opportunistic females could find satisfaction in this alone.

        Tess was not overly aware of her surroundings, the paddle and her clit, the pain and the pleasure dominated her mind, and when one's demands were less on her mind, she knew that she would drift off again.

        So she hummed pieces of melodies that would have been perfectly at home in the halls of high schools where uniforms were in black with red trim. She guessed that her rear was as bright as an apple made from Christmas candies, and wanted only for fingers delicate in origin to give her confirmation. Yet, she was bereft of stimulation along her most secret of paths, and sought to gain more from Kyle's exploring tongue. Each of the swaying movements was a plea for him to allow her to have him, as he took her, and Maria's claim on her was made plain. She heard Maria's laughter at the sight of her method of requesting another pleasure, and as the athlete groaned, she smiled; permission had been granted.

        He pulled her downwards, Maria following after, not letting a single patch of skin go neglected, and at the moment that he penetrated her, the paddle struck the inside of her thighs, perilously near where she was joined with Kyle. That only made her scream, and that outpouring of release was thrown back at her by Kyle as he brutally thrust into her, finding his own relief soon after, filling her with the fluid that she imagined to be full of hidden qualities, much like the group gathered together.

        When Kyle had at last grown still, Tess realized that the paddle was gone, and that she was held between the other three, Maria, combing her hair, Kyle fascinated by her eyes, staring back at her, and Michael running artistic fingers on the length of her arm. They were bound, the tiny girl thought with more than just physical satisfaction. These ties were not flesh alone, but emotions that grew stronger with time.

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