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Hiedra, Part 9a

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 19, 2001

Title: Hiedra 9a/?
Author: Scynneh
Dedication- Ash-eep, sorry that this has taken so long. Belated birthday wishes.
Disclaimer: Hah, as if Michael and Maria wouldn't have put on a public display of fighting then making up in the hallway in Heart of Mine. No, I don't own them- they come to me for relief from stupid plots and I do what I can-sweaty and sore, but largely unharmed, see?
Feedback: Yes, please.
Rating: Well, gosh, what d'you think? NC-17.
Spoilers: Smutverse its where they should be all the time. oh, and Kyle LIKES Tess here. Not as a sister either. *beg*

Author's Notes: This has been difficult to write- time constraints with a lot of crap from the OTHER SIDE of life interfering. Thank you all for your patience, or lack.

        Tess was nervous as she heard the approach of bare feet on the floor. The creak of boards warped in their settings and the occasional smack of a paddle of what she pictured in her mind as 'a line of skin begging for fingers', was sufficiently tempting that the small girl was turning her head to get a look at the one in charge of her discipline when a certain tall, messy-coiffed alien took her face gently but firmly in his hands and turned her back to face Kyle.

        "Nope, sorry lil' girl, or peeking, this isn't supposed to be easy to figure out, you know that. it's all in the build up", he reproved, and if her hands hadn't been clenched at her sides ,Tess would have given him her opinion on his speech. But she was too busy waiting for the sharp contact that she longed for, and wished that Maria would leave off with the prologue and get to the first chapter already.

        "Did you realize that we forgot the really important stuff?" Kyle demanded.

        "Like condiments?", Maria wondered, only to have Michael pinch her. Slapping him, she stared at the athlete. "No, seriously, what?"

        "No one thought of a way to keep her still." He moved his head in the direction of Tess' hands, which were trying to follow the directions given by nerves that were shorting out as a result of all the non-fulfilling minutes she'd been subjected to.

        Michael grinned. Well, then you'd better take her mind off her trials, shouldn't you?"


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