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Hiedra, Part Eight

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 5, 2001

Title: Hiedra 8/?
Author: Scynneh
Feedback: Yes, that kind of thing is good when I am slow with a chapter....
Disclaimer: *snickers* Yes, and tonight on 'Roswell', Tess shall find herself on the receiving end of a disciplinary Maria....if you have never seen an episode like that, then I do not own them.
Rating: NC-17, there may be some light restraining here.
Spoilers: Kyle, Maria, Tess and Michael are in Michael's apartment. They are having an orgy. Any other questions?
Author's Notes: Yes, I know that this story has taken awhile to get out- I am working on the sequel to Extasis, and that takes my attention off this smut....this is short because SOME people wanted to have more!!

        Something good needs to be said about Columbus; true, the man went to a place that had already been explored, later peoples figured that out, but he didn't, and even as he lied to Queen Isabel, he expanded trade, and there were connections across oceans that had never been there in the past.

        Others like to dangle the hope of something just out of reach, Queen Elizabeth of England did so masterfully, staving off battles with the prospect of marriage, until, she was past childbearing years, and then, no one cared, she could launch the Armada, there was no other choice. What's the use in marrying a woman that cannot give a king the heir he needs? None, and when things are held aloft that are tantalizing young maids, more will hurry to look at them than would to an old hag.

        Tess knelt beside Michael, almost giggling as Maria used the freeing of her legs to rub Michael's arms, trying to move him back to the part where he touched her.

        "Pin here arms," she told Kyle, openly grinning when Maria glared at her.

        "Don't worry Maria, we're going to make you feel so good." Leaning down, Tess covered disappointed lips and slowly wooed the other girl to her idea. Not long after, Maria was sliding to and fro, indicating that if the men did not get involved, she would have no trouble starting out with Tess again. but Michael had a plan which did not stipulate non-involvement for either him or Kyle, so in moving around the girls, he revised and stuck.

        Kyle wasn't positive what had happened between lying with Tess as a watcher, and then ending up holding Maria's arms down, nor was there any cue card mentioning what to do with a Tess who was rather annoyed at having been nudged away from the girl on the floor. Somehow though, Guerin had quieted both girls, found a spot where Maria's legs parted, and directed Kyle to his own task. Valenti was to remain still, and if someone were to cause movement at the improper moment, they would be punished.

        That particular rule was clarified when Tess did not follow through on her promise to Maria, and spent her time teasing the helpless girl with feather-light touches that were not at all fulfilling, circling rosy nipples, never touching the places that needed her attention, withholding pleasure. A sensualist through all of her bluster, Maria was shrieking in under a minute.

        Michael had been kissing his way over her pubic mound while Tess embarked on a 'tickling session', but when his lover's cries became more anguished and he saw what was happening, he frowned.

        "Tessie," came the scolding voice, and Kyle would have sworn that Tess had been looking for his attention when she refused to make Maria scream blissfully. Her eyes gleamed at the tall boy giving her a remonstrative look, and she deliberately gave one more pass with her fingers before moving back. The things that aliens were into, or girls for that matter, never failed to make him think that he had been missing all the fun.

        "Bad girl," Maria snarled, her face a portrait of frustration, and Michael gestured for Kyle to let her up. He had barely done so when Maria got to her feet and tackled the other girl. They rolled around on the floor, not really fighting, just struggling to get things clear, or whatever women before they screwed each other, or their boyfriends, respectively. Maria restrained Tess by grabbing her arms, and securing them behind her back.

        "If I didn't know better, I'd think that Tess wanted to get spanked," that voice husked, and Kyle thought that Ms. Deluca could easily have operated her own telemarketing business, without any product but her rising and falling tones needed to make people pay for her time. Combined with her suggestion, such seemed inevitable., does Tess get smacked a bit for being a bad girl??

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