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Hiedra, Part Seven

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 2, 2001

Title: Hiedra 7/?
Author: Scynneh
Disclaimer: I do not own them. *cue wailing* Rating: NC-17, oh, yes, there's sex, did I mention that?
Spoilers: The SmutHut AU, y'know, off-camera, everyone that should be is screwing each others' brains out. Oohh, yeah, now you remember. Previous parts can be found at:
Dedication: To everyone who is enjoying this. Love y'all!
Feedback: Yes, that is nice.
Distribution: Yes, if you want it, let me know.
Author's Notes: This one took a bit, sorry, I think that I'm back in the swing of things, that sounds like sweaty fun to me.

        Ethnocentrism limits one's routes and choices. This fact had become apparent to Kyle sometime during the last few minutes. If he had been to the idea that humanity was the best species on the market, and all boundaries redefined by another culture was to be considered inferior, then he would have kicked himself later. Not every member of a cultural group is the same; standards should be adapted as life changes, and following that flexibility, will be enjoyable experiences. he wondered why such and advanced race, with powers that he had barely seen, but been subjected to, would send its offspring to a backward little planet where a bread-maker was something of a status symbol and an awfully nifty device to have.

        Everyone is related to everyone else because marriage is done within the confines of the class system; princes marry princesses. Or, that's the way it was 'back when grandfather was young and Stonehenge had just been deposited in the middle of a field.' Now, that would nullify all the playtime set aside by the imaginative, and such would be awfully dull, bland. Everyday and vanilla coating on top.

        Thank Dionysus that someone discarded those principles and another expressed that same liberation so that it appealed to Guerin and Deluca, Kyle thought, adjusting himself so that Tess fit securely along his side, giving her back support and only increasing their combined field of vision.

        Maria had thrown away all thoughts she may have had about teaching her alien a lesson, she and he had reached a similar place: pleasure was paramount and that made a decent enough springboard back to what comprised their lives, and while no one was more satisfied with this than them, the slow careful seduction was the most filling course on their menu as of that moment.

        Michael lifted Maria up with ease, holding her just below her breasts, letting her tremble, knowing each splaying of his hands by rote, but he did not immediately move closer, choosing to stay still before encouraging her to balance her hands on his shoulders. Then he let one hand trail around her breasts; not impacting with the mounds of flesh which seemed designed for the fit of his palms, and whose owner was nearly shaking with excitement.

        Cool jets of air peaked rosy nipples and further swift fingerings had Maria strung tightly, her nails digging into the flesh of Michael's clavicle with such force that Kyle was sure that too much more would d result in flesh wounds.

        Max would never have resorted to something like this to let off any tension; he only knew a single, poor way to run a country, or planet- doing everything himself. If he couldn't handles something, than everyone else was expected to bend to his decision and remain compliant.

        Michael was different; wanting and needing to know, and doing that by spreading himself out. In more ways than one, as Kyle could now personally attest. A glance at the jock was an engraved invitation on paper wrung out of paranoia and attraction that one would have to be a fool to decline. Being of more than moderate intelligence, Kyle did nothing of the sort.

        If he were to have the magic wand waved over his head and he were suddenly 'the King', he wouldn't do as Max thought prudent, Kyle reflected as he and Tess scooted over to where Michael was driving Maria slowly insane with his not-touches. no, he would enjoy his powers a bit, delegate authority and responsibilities. Have some fun.

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