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Hiedra, Part Six

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 24, 2001

Title: Hiedra 6/?
Author: Scynneh
Disclaimer: 'Just friends' in my world means that they all get together to expand their minds every spare moment. If that's not on Primetime, then I don't own them.
Dedication: To all the girls on RoswellBDSM who give me nice feedback, I told you I'd write it! Special Dedication: Melissa, who cajoled me and gave me hugs. *kisses*
Feedback: Yes, that is of the good.
Rating: NC-17, as if I write much else!
Distribution: Oh yes, indeed. Let me know.
Spoilers: The girls have seen the guys in their state of 'satiation', and have decided that a truce for mutual satisfaction is in order....*cue flashing lights*
Author's Notes: I think that this story speaks for itself. Getting to know each other should be a weekly thing...actually, more often than that.

        After sex, human males are unusually difficult to wake, this Tess learned when she and Maria entered Michael's apartment to find the boys more or less how they'd seen them from across the street. That wasn't true for aliens though, she thought, smiling as their footsteps made Michael lift his head, survey the visitors, and relax again. She would have bet that he had heard them before they even reached the door, and that had they been enemies, he would have shrugged off his comfortable companion and done some damage. But as they meant no harm, he had wisely gotten in a bit more cuddling. Adorable, Buddha Boy snuggled. Tess couldn't wait to bother him about that surprising side to his character.

        Maria strode over to the knotted male pile by the window, and leaned down to taste the perspiration on one of Michael's shoulders, savoring the taste of him mixed with Kyle, and as he moved to free his chest, she placed a leg on each side of his, furthering their contact.

        Her nipples were hard, tensed against her tank top; pinpricks of painful awareness, and she knew that he could feel them; the way that she'd laid on him, he could feel every millimeter of her body, and could probably accurately guess where the sundae she shouldn't have had for lunch had gone to. But he didn't, mostly because he wasn't stupid, she was nearly astride him, what male would be that much of a fool to comment on hip width, or anything else that didn't lead directly to pelvic activities. He was loose, pliant as she pulled one arm away from Kyle and towards her. He seemed to know precisely what she was searching for, sleepy or not, and responded almost immediately.

        Their lips met, kisses soft, and his fingers stroked her face, down to the curve of her jaw as his tongue pressed inwards along her lips. His tongue caressed the soft flesh insistently, and from the best seat in the house, Kyle found himself up close with what appeared to be a game for them, normal in their anything but lives. She denied, tantalized, he coaxed, and then they both won. The younger Valenti realized that he was being aroused by just the sight of them kissing, and not much else. Yet.

        Maria had taken over the situation with all of her considerable aplomb, and Kyle marveled at her confidence. She was so tiny, almost porcelain-doll size, but that attitude fooled everyone into thinking she was some sort of giant Kodiak, fully prepared to protect her brood. And they were a part of her family, funny that she should feel the need to protect males who were taller and stronger than her, and that they would think nothing of letting her do so. It was funny, and sweet to Kyle's way of thinking. And sexy, his mind added, watching Michael allow her to be the dominant one, while that would last a very short time- just until the other boy became in control of his senses enough to make up with her- in a way they'd all enjoy.

        In a war situation, it's numbers that count. Man for man, the Germans were, and one must be careful not to say this in the American Legion Hall, better than the U.S., it's true. Here, in this room, where preferences and tones of voice were being blended, and desire was the binding, the more the merrier was the motto.

        Sweetly attached, that was how they appeared. Gumdrops and lime Cremesicles and black licorice 'cause there was black licorice tilting over them; sensuality about them that even distance couldn't gloss over. School-time spats might make them seem adversaries, but clearly, the nights mended any fences clipped with words put out for their more uptight friends.

        It was all apparent in their body language; intimacy so blatant that Kyle simply couldn't believe certain individuals would disapproved of this tie, or be unaware of the implications the barest touches heralded. Fallacies abandoned like punctured tires on the asphalt, they apologized and forgave most eloquently, all without moving even a breath apart.

        Anticipation served as a right stimulant, and when Tess braced him on her should so that they could better bear witness to the lovers' reconciliatory mood and what it heralded, he smiled his gratitude into downy hair.

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