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Hiedra, Part Ten

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 4, 2001

Title: Hiedra 10/10
Author: Scynneh
Disclaimer: Michael's apartment is the Smut Palace. Ownership issues?
Spoilers: Ah, Tess is not evil, and she would NEVER touch Max. Unless she was beating the crap out of him for touching her. Having vented, I feel a tiny bit better.
Rating: R, just some cuddling and sweaty bodies. Oh, and one bad word.
Author's notes: The previous installments of this series can be found at my site:
Dedications: To everyone who wrote and told me how much they loved this story; threatening and cajoling for more, thanks so much. I will do more installments later, so if you feel the need for one, give me a juicy idea. Melissa, this was YOUR challenge, and see what happened! You should give me more of the same. Pairing: Maria/Michael/Kyle/Tess

        They lay in a drowsy cradle of sweat and satiated limbs, none of them overeager to move and break the connections which hung shiny bright in the air around them; much as perspiration clung to their skin.

        But Maria, who appeared to be still riding on the high she had gotten from taking control of Tess' punishment obviously felt that something had to be clarified.

        "So what does all of this mean to you Kyle?' she asked, and as she spoke, Tess drug her self up from where she had been dozing on Kyle's abdomen, and Michael tilted his own chin towards the jock, though he did not for a second halt his experiments with tangling Maria's hair.

        Kyle could tell from the looks and non-looks that this was the all-important question. And a wrong answer would not only send him backwards, and obliterate any chances of having more sweaty fun, but he'd be lucky if he got his pants on before he was shoved out the door. Or through the window, he corrected himself, watching Tess as she considered her nail polish. Incorrect answer will result in going back to getting relief with a magazine and cold showers. That did not sound like fun, so he frowned, tiny line between his eyebrows. And if he answered this offensively, he idly wondered if he'd be spread over the floor like mayonnaise by Maria's fists.

        "We're dong this because we're friends," he said carefully. And because sometimes, the tensions need to be let out. And for another thing, I had better wash my sheets," he added, "those baby blues make me think of nurseries."

        His words appeared to give the others what they'd been seeking, Maria nodded, the blond beside him yawned, and Michael's eyes shut more; he seemed a large cat, hair mussed, but not bothered. Kyle felt as though he'd been stamped with an approving seal, because the women grabbed him and piled around his tired body, their hips sleek and comforting mounds, one girl on top of him the other on Michael, her hand picking at his arm, the tickle of the hairs on hair comfort. Tess smiled and murmured, "The fact that I'm sleeping there with you in that bed from now on should encourage the purchase of some nice maroon silk ones."

        "Silk?" Kyle gaped, mentally adding up the costs of new sheets, comforters and from Tess' giggle, there were accessories on the way.

        "Just kidding," she said after his calculator screamed in mortal agony and had the machine equivalent of a coronary. The eye twitch must have given his financial distress away.

        Maria smiled. "She's right, you'll sleep here; if you feel like it." Giving Michael a kiss that checked all of his teeth and then proceeded to find each individual indentation in his back molars, she rather effectively pointed out that there were benefits to staying in the alien's apartment.

        "Oh, yes," she whispered, that voice dropping an octave to the danger level, and Kyle wondered if he was going to suffer dehydration before going home. Tess separated the sugar couple and Kyle was unsure why he thought of them as a hard candy. Peppermint, maybe, Maria touch but sweet, and Michael the more unfathomable tartness.

        The girls were, without a doubt, a sight to be watched, and as they proved that again, Kyle felt comfortable in brushing the waves off Michael's face and sliding on top of him.

        "Mmm," was the opinion of the artist, and Kyle grinned as Michael submitted to having a hickey placed prominently on his neck. The flavor of that skin made Kyle suddenly bite down. and though Michael's body moved in reaction, he didn't break any of Kyle's bones, or get a tiny bit upset.

        Leaning back, Kyle examined his mark and was pleased to see the flesh bruising in the unmistakable aftermath of teeth's kiss.

        Maria and Tess had left off kissing and when they approached to see the bite. Tess smiled wide and Maria licked the blemish, and that seemed an accepting gesture.

        Sitting back, she laughed and looked at them, saying in her dew-softened voice. "Oh my fucking love god. I think we've got it made."

        Tess rolled her eyes and knocked the other girl to the floor. then ran for the bathroom, Maria quick to follow. Kyle and Michael watched them. shrugged at each other and did the same, Michael letting Kyle do ridiculous things with his hair as they went.

        In the bedroom, the bed was promptly filled with sleeping forms, but seconds before sleep took him too, Kyle looked at his family and smiled.


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