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Extasis, Part Seven

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 15, 2001

Extasis 7/?
See other parts for disclaimers.
Rating: R, yeah, we're in smutsville, baby. M/F Pairings: Rath/Tess, will be Rath/Maria next chapter.
Feedback: Yes, I would be SOO grateful.

But when the moment is ripe and ready, so to speak, it should be seized and exercised to its limits.

The mass of supple flesh under my hands grew pink with anticipation as I trundled towards my goal. Tess became so impatient that she sought out my own tension and applied pressure emphatically below my belt. In a retaliatory movement, I collapsed my lower body against her legs; thereby halting the demands of Her Overeagerness.

Ignoring her slinging insults, I directed my attention to where we both wanted it. I do enjoy taking long intervals between planning and action, but there is a phrase from a human named Richelieu that I keep in mind.

'Hesitation can be fatal. Act.' Even if one acts wrongly, if in a position of power, the problem can be fixed. It's almost like having 'sexual indulgences'. Comforting that one's soul can be cleansed of all misdeeds one day, and then there is nothing preventing them from going out the following week and repeat offending.

And with my system, there is no need for a priest or doctor; even though a man of the cloth is a Hell of a lot cheaper than therapy, some of us are adverse to hashing out dilemmas on a couch when we could be screwing our troubles out of each other.

I prefer to win this battle not with long pauses, but the way that I win any encounter I get embroiled in: I wear everyone else out.

Tess was rapidly dissolving into a mass of malleable desire incarnate, and I was no more willing to resist her than I was to break out suddenly in joyful song.

My favorite drink is a specialty beverage, Tess by name, and to my continual glee, her tap only needs the most minute provocation to be 'on tap' for hours. By the time I reached the source of that delicious fount of dampness between our bodies, she was running like a freed mustang; strongly, and with no turning back.

"Damn you Rath," Tess managed to gasp. "Get your cute ass down there and get to it, already." I smiled; her words were interspersed with little puffs of air that gave a gauge for her impending climax.

"Where do you want me, Tess," I breathed, the air gently buffeting her curls. "What part of you needs Rath's touch, hmm?" I laid a hand on her inner thigh. "Is it here?" "Bastard," she growled.

"Such language my girl, I wonder what your king would think of you nowSlying hereSlike this..begging me to fuck you." Her muscles contracted, and legs came together like a door slamming. Any mention of our former leader always put her on edge. But that had been part of my scheme. I took the break in teasing to look at Maria, who was watching us with wide eyes, her breathing an ever-accelerating sound in the otherwise quiet room.

"Maria, do you think that was nice of her? And I was going to make her so happy, too." I let my lower lip pout just a little, and felt Tess' cranky shudder as she came to her decision.

"Alright, stop playing 'wounded lover', you jackass. Just get to what you're supposed to be doing." I dipped my chin onto my chest and met her angry gaze.

"Please," she amended hastily, and I smiled benevolently at her. Ah yes, submission.

"From my Lady's mouth to my ears," I intoned, and she snorted.

"I'd rather your mouth went to-" she was cut off as I made contact.

Women are creatures that have too often been overlooked as formidable figures in the universe. Now that a female stands on the throne; however, most men are beginning to believe them not only to be strange and dangerous, but also ambitious and beautiful, yet beyond their reach. I say 'm sorry, but no fucking way.' See, if one can get at a woman's center, her heart, there is nothing preventing a greater understanding of how she thinks. And since there is one spot in particular that yields more answers than any other, it is there that I go to learn about the fairer sex. There is Tess' fury and despair, all neatly blended to create a potent and addicting drink that I have found myself needing with every passing day; it's something to know that another has found themselves lost and unsure if this discovery is worth the trouble and heartache it may cause in the end.

Now, though, she is laughter and wriggling want, and I bring myself to her inner lips so slowly, then find my place. Her clit was erect, begging eloquently for my attention, and I let myself be drawn to its demands. Nibbling thoughtfully on her fingers- the ones that had tried to bury themselves in my hair and physically drag me to my destination, I waited the two counts of cursing and hard breathing that ensued before begging was hit upon as the last option. Yeah I'm a cruel son of a bitch, but hey, she always thanks me in the end. Must be doing something right. And when her voice was one long cry of withheld release, I applied myself to relieving her discomfort. Two fingers went into her tight passage, no waiting, no 'by your leave', we knew the drill, and sure as I was ready to cum in my pants, Tess had been waiting for those digits spearing her forever. Her pelvis came up off the floor and began thrusting in an effort to get to that place I was keeping her from, and I grinned. Dear girl would bet herself off on anything if left to her own devices, and do it with style. But, even though voyeurism was one of my specialties, I wanted to get myself inside her. Find where I belonged, and then make a home for myself in Maria's body. Hollow out a spot that'd only have my name on it. Another finger went in, and I heard Tess' gasp of surprise mix with Maria's. another twist had my had buried in Tess up to the knuckles, and I rubbed my rings against her stretched flesh, manipulating her clit with my free hand. Then I glanced over at Maria; the poor thing wasn't sure what to make of Tess' expression, part indescribable pleasure, and to make things even more complicated, a grimace of pain.

"Tessie likes a little pain with her pleasure", I explained to the newbie, and then returned to the Fountain of Tess.

Maria stared at her Master, Rath, and was unsure if she should laugh or make a break for the nearest airlock. His words had been delivered with the same amount of nonchalance one would expect if saying 'Tessie likes a little sugar with her tea.' The way he had shoved his hand into Mistress' body looked bad, she was moving around as if trying to get away from it, but not. Rath placed a kiss on her curls, and Tess smiled. That expression slackened as Rath made some adjustments Maria couldn't see with his clothing, and then..his hips surged forward, and Tess screamed.

The sound was echoed by Rath as he found purchase on sweat-dampened hips and got a grip. Together, they moved until he was seated fully, then the agonizing stillness was replaced with a flurry of synchronous movements that had him plunging in and out of Tess as she knotted her feet at the small of his back, urging him to less restraint. Maria wasn't sure if she should be frightened or jealous, Tess looked so tense, happy too, but to have a manSinside her body? Maria was beginning to wonder at the set-up of the universe that it allowed such weakness and vulnerability. All of a sudden, the wildly gyrating couple stiffened; Tess hit Rath on the back of his head and clenched a hand in his hair, dragging him down to her mouth. The sight made Maria wince in sympathy, but the male didn't seem to care overmuch about the pain inflicted being visited on him by his lover. Their mouths met and form what she could see, each was doing what they could to devour the other. When Rath pulled back, his lip was bloody from where Tess' passion had marked him.

Maria couldn't take her eyes off the droplets of blood that collected on that full lower lip, coating the silver hoop already there. The drop became subject to gravity and fell onto Tess' upturned face. Rath was grinning as he reached down to where Tess' body joined with his, and flicked his wrist, sending Tess over some precipice, and as she quaked beneath him, Rath strove to penetrate even deeper; after a few moments, his muscles knotted and he snarled out what sounded like Tess' name and a curse, finally rested atop the blond, face buried in her neck.

Tess turned to meet Maria's eyes some minutes later, and when the shorthaired woman reached out a hand to the slave, she completed the connection with obvious confusion as to who exactly was controlling her actions, sliding her small palm onto the rougher one, noting the short but well-tended nails and the perspiration that covered all of Tess. And Rath, as well. Maria could hear her pulse accelerate as the tufted head of hair lifted at her approach and it was all she could do to not wrench away and beg Tess to protect her from him. But pride, and the Deluca spine slapped her soundly back to her senses even as he unwound himself a bit from Tess and rested atop her torso, pillowing his head on her breast. He affected an expression of such sleepy satiation that he could have been a child at his mother's tit, if not for the piercings and the smirk that tugged at his alluring mouth, Maria reflected. That those lips were caked with blood only made him appear even more dangerous, and too fascinating, Maria mentally choked her lust into silence. This was no time for her body to take over for her lack of vocalness.

"You've ah, got some.." Fumbling with the logistics of addressing someone who owned her, and making a point about their looks, Maria waved her fingers in the vicinity of her mouth, and Rath watched her with slitted eyes. His tongue stole out to lick at the crimson wound, and Maria blinked. Untouched flesh good enough to sample remained, the wound had vanished, and she was more sure that she'd been swept up into some undefinable maelstrom than ever before.

I saw Maria's shock when I took Tess to climax, and at the same time, I nearly bit down on her excitement as it floated into my mouth like cotton candy. And when I healed the lovebite Tess gave me, her mental fog ensnaring her with each second that passed in our company, making her look like some little Bambi who'd just realized that there was no bridge to Grandmother's house, only the darkness of the forest, and the Big Bad Wolf had stepped out of the copse of trees to invite her inside his world.

Jesus, I love emulating fairy tale villains. As my inner predator yawned and awakened, I let a smile curve my lips, nonthreatening yet tempting observers with delights never dreamed of. Yup, her lips had become dry as I gained awareness, and from the thoughtful flicker in her eyes, I knew that Goldilocks had decided to taste the dishes and found thus far, that they were 'just right'.


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