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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 23, 2004

Title: She
Author: ScarlettLily
Rating: R
Category: you have to read to see
Disclaimer: Jason Katims owns everything "Roswell" but I just like to play with them.
Spoliers: after "Graduation"
Summary: the short telling of an unlikely couple

      My life has been a mess until now. I don't know how else to describe it. But since she has entered my life, it has gotten so much better. She is the sunshine, the moon... she is everything.

      We are not supposed to be together. We both know and don't care. We were in love with other people before falling for each other. All that maters is that we are together now.

      It started off simply enough. We were both having relationship problems and it seemed safe to talk about it with each other. We never left our significant others but when little things added up and we could not take it anymore, we could run to the other and vent. Then little things began to come to our attention. Our significant others annoyed us more, our friendship got closer. We would not want to let go of each other after the crying and frustration was released. Little caresses became more noticeable. Everyone saw that we were inching closer and closer together and shutting the others out. More fights erupted and everyone else could see something that we could not. We didn't know that we were falling in love. It finally became too much and we all splintered. Everything fell apart. She and I ran. We ran as far away as possible.

      When we were finally alone, we were free. We saw that we could do whatever we wanted. We could drink cheap beer and smoke cigarettes and flirt with whoever we wanted. And we did. We felt alive.

      One night we came back from our latest exploits and something was different in here eyes. Something attracted me. A primal urge took hold of me as I crossed the room and kissed her. My senses exploded. I forced myself away from her to look at her. At that moment, and every moment since, she was the sexiest person I had ever seen. I've had my share of lovers but none as beautiful and enchanting as her. She saw something different in me too, I could just tell. I could not take it anymore so I kissed her again. No one has ever made me lose control with just a kiss.

      The kisses between us became more heated and we started to slowly move towards the bed. Her knees hit the edge of the bed and we fell together. Our limbs became entangled and I could no longer tell where I stopped and she began. I began to kiss her neck and she started to purr. That simple noise turned me on so very much. Then I started to kiss down her body and encountered those perky globes. I slowly began to strip her shirt away to reveal a black lace demi bra. She had meant it for someone else but she was all mine now.

      She began to protest that I was doing all the work but I pushed her to the bed and shut her mouth with a kiss. I slowly began to remove her other clothing expect for a black lace thong. I took out the handcuffs that I knew we kept by the side of the bed. I put her hands apart from each other on the headboard. I kissed her again and moved down to her breasts where I lavished all my attention on the first one that I encountered. She moaned for me and begged me to do more. I moved my attention to the other for a few minutes until I saw that her pussy was dripping wet for me and begging for attention. I obliged. I licked her like she was fresh peach and she loved every sweep of my tongue, every plunge of my fingers, everything. I would get her so close to cumming but then bring her down again until I knew she could not take anymore. Then I put all of my effort into sucking her clit so very hard and plunging my fingers as deep as they would go. She exploded all over my face and fingers and I licked up every drop of her. I released her from her bonds and she continued to lay there and stare at me. Finally she went up on her elbows and kissed me. Such a sweet kiss. I fell asleep in her arms.

      I woke up alone the next morning. I looked around and found her sitting naked writing in her journal. Probably analyzing her first experience with me like the little scientist that she is. I could not help but sneak up and kiss her neck. She turned around and looked at me. Then I knew what I had to say.

      "I love you Liz Parker."

      She looked like she had been waiting to hear those words all her life. She kissed me again and said, "I love you too Isabel Evans."

      She then proceeded to take me back to bed and show me just how much she loves me. And we have been together ever since. Screw that she was Max's soulmate or that Kyle and Jesse still fight over me. I love Liz and she loves me. That is the meaning of my life: her.

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