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Interlude in Strobelights

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 25, 2003

        "Hey baby, get me a whiskey and soda."

        Isabel rolled her eyes. "I'm not your baby," she said acidly, pouring up the drink and sliding it down the bar. The recipient, a young looking college boy who had probably gotten in with a fake ID, looked torn between being annoyed and aroused at her attitude. He settled for grinning and tossing the money on the bar before sauntering away.

        "Now now." Kyle brushed by, patting her on the ass. "Be nice to the customers or they'll go away."

        "That would be the point, actually," Isabel said.

        Kyle grinned. "You don't mean that. You love your job. Especially the uniform."

        "No," Isabel said, and slapped away his hand, which was wandering up her thigh to the edge of her short plaid skirt. "You love the uniform, you fetishist freak. I just tolerate it."

        "Appreciate it while you can, Isabel. Next month's uniform may well involve pom-poms."

        "You're an ass," Isabel muttered.

        "You love me," Kyle said cheekily.

        "Eat me," she threw back.

        Kyle was already on his way to the dance floor to catch up with Maria. "Been there!" he responded cheerfully, before disappearing into the crowd.

        Irritated, Isabel tugged the hem of her skirt down, knowing it was useless; the skirt hung low on her hips and it was still impossible for her to bend over without flashing her red underwear to the world. She didn't really mind the uniform so much, except for the unwanted attention it garnered her. Which was the point, of course. They had started the club, all of them together, and it had been Kyle's idea (of course) that they try to be L.A.'s answer to Coyote Ugly. That was fine with Isabel, except instead of dancing on the bar they had monthly fetish weeks. One week each month, they would pick a theme and decorate accordingly. This month's theme happened to be School's In, in honor of Liz getting accepted in USC.

        Accordingly, the bar was decorated with textbooks and bottles of beer, permission slips pinned to the walls, and desks scattered among the usual couches. It had been Maria's idea that they all go for private school uniforms, and so the staff was forced to work in button-down shirts and ties, with the girls in obscenely short plaid skirts. Isabel planned on killing Maria in some creative, painful way, but so far hadn't settled on a good enough method.

        A low voice broke Isabel out of her thoughts. "Boy trouble?"

        She looked up, and into the eyes of a girl. A tall, dark, extremely attractive girl. Isabel blinked. "What?"

        The girl looked amused. "That guy you were talking to. He an ex?"

        "Among other things," Isabel said. "What can I get for you?"

        "What would you recommend?" The girl leaned onto the bar, giving Isabel a slow, seductive smile.

        "Recommend?" Isabel said to the girl's breasts, which were clearly eager to escape from her tight tank top. "Me?" Her eyes snapped up to meet the girl's.

        The girl looked amused. "You'd recommend you?"

        Isabel stared at her, wondering when exactly she'd lost the power of coherent speech. "Well. No, I mean-"

        "Because," she said, and Isabel realized that the girl had a hold of her tie, black-polished fingernails gripping the fabric and pulling Isabel closer. "I admit I'm interested in finding out how you taste."

        As Isabel was trying to wrap her mind around that concept, Kyle appeared behind the girl's shoulder. "Hey, Liz is here. You can go on break," he said, raising an eyebrow at the sight in front of him.

        "Great," Isabel said breathlessly. The girl released her tie, and smiled. "So what's your name?" she asked, coming out from behind the bar and pulling the girl onto the dance floor.

        "Faith," the girl said. Behind her, Kyle was wide-eyed and mouthing "can I watch?" Isabel grinned and pulled Faith closer, flipping Kyle off.

        "So, Faith," Isabel said, pulling her close as they pushed their way into the middle of the floor. "Tell me about yourself. What are you here for?"

        Faith placed her hands on Isabel's hips and brought their lower bodies together, sliding a leather clad leg between Isabel's thighs. "I just got on parole and I'm looking to get laid. You?"

        "I have a fifteen minute break and I'd like to do something worthwhile with it." She slid a hand to Faith's back and up beneath her shirt. "Now."

        "Lead on," Faith murmured.

        Isabel took Faith's hand and pulled her to the back wall, where there was a mock library set up. A couple of bookshelves stood against the wall, with a few empty desks in front of them.

        Faith slid her hands to Isabel's waist, and pushed her back against the bookshelves. The club smelled like smoke and alcohol. Faith wondered if Isabel's skin would taste like it.

        Lightly, Faith traced a line around Isabel's neck. "You know what would look good on you?" she murmured in Isabel's ear.

        "What?" Isabel asked breathily.

        "A nice leather collar," Faith answered. Slowly, she slid her hands down Isabel's waist, barely caressing the sides of her breasts. "And maybe a nice corset," she continued. "Could you do that? Be all laced up? Confined? Those pretty breasts of yours spilling out the front?" Faith leaned forward, barely touching Isabel's lips. "I think you could. I think you'd like it."

        "You don't know what I'd like," Isabel murmured, thrusting her hips up as Faith hands moved to her thighs. "You don't even know my name. And really," she continued breathily as Faith tugged at her tie. "Can't you just go with one fetish at a time?"

        Faith smirked, hands wandering up beneath her skirt. "Do you like this, then?"

        Isabel gasped as Faith's hands slid into her panties, nails scraping softly over her ass. "That's fine," she said, struggling to keep her voice casual.

        "Fine?" Faith said, rubbing her thumbs over Isabel's inner thighs.

        "Fantastic." She twisted her hips, trying to coax Faith's capable hands elsewhere.

        With a grin, Faith leaned in close and nipped Isabel's earlobe. "Shh," she said, and dropped to her knees.

        Isabel gasped, fumbling along the wall for the light switch she knew was somewhere around there. Shakily, she turned it off, and their little corner was plunged into shadow, track lighting snuffed out. The only illumination came from the strobe lights on the dance floor and the bar, on the opposite side of the club.

        Spurred on by the sudden shadow, Faith tugged down Isabel's panties, pulled them over her patent leather Mary Janes, and stuffed them in her pocket. She gripped Isabel's hips tightly, and touched her tongue to Isabel's clit.

        "Fuck," Isabel gasped, banging her head against the bookshelves as she jerked back from the sudden shock of pleasure. The heat was overwhelming, her shirt sticking to her back from the dancing, forehead beaded with sweat, pussy on fire as Faith plunged her tongue in, thrusting in and out. Her knees buckled, fingers twining in Faith's thick, dark hair. Faith pushed a finger inside her, blunt-nailed fingertip caressing her inner walls as she sucked at Isabel's clit. Her other hand dug into Isabel's hip, thumb roughly stroking her inner thigh.

        Isabel frantically untucked her shirt, unbuttoning the bottom buttons just enough so that she could slide a hand up her abdomen and to her breast, lightly twisting a nipple. Faith ran the tip of her tongue over Isabel's outer lips and then up the length of her sex, teasingly. She pulled away briefly, head appearing from beneath Isabel's skirt. Isabel whimpered.

        "Let me get that," Faith said smoothly, knocking Isabel's hand away from her breast and replacing it with her own. Her head disappeared back beneath Isabel's skirt, the plaid pleats catching on her hair, mussing it. She resumed her enthusiastic exploration of Isabel's pussy, tongue flicking over Isabel's clit as her hand teased Isabel's nipple, rolling it between her fingers. Tremors ran through Isabel's body, her knees trembling as Faith increased the pressure, fingers back to thrusting inside her, lips and tongue working at her hypersensitive clit. Isabel gasped, barely stifling a scream as orgasm hit her, hard.

        Faith popped up a few moments later, licking her lips. "Tastes good," Faith observed.

        Isabel nodded, trying to remember her own name. With a wicked smile, Faith leaned in and kissed her.

        She had just moved to kiss Faith's neck when the light snapped on.


        Wincing at the sudden brightness, Isabel looked over at Maria, who was standing in her own uniform and knee socks get up, full lips pursed in shock. "Your break was over five minutes ago," Maria said, staring at Faith, who was grinning at her.

        "Right," Isabel said, fumbling to button her shirt. Maria rolled her eyes and stepped forward, slapping Isabel's hands away and finishing the buttoning, then straightening Isabel's tie. "Sorry, I got a little-"

        "Lost track of time blah blah blah," Maria waved a dismissive hand at her. "It's fine." She leaned in closer. "But don't think I'm not getting the full story later," she whispered into Isabel's ear. "With details." She walked away.

        "I have to get back to work," Isabel said apologetically, tugging at her skirt. "Later, though-"

        "When do you get off?" Faith asked.

        Isabel resisted the urge to snicker. "Two. You want to stick around?"

        "I'll meet you then," Faith said. "Back entrance."

        "Great." Isabel grinned and headed for the bar. Kyle and Liz were waiting for her.

        Liz finished serving a customer, then turned to look at her. "I don't think I want to know," she said, taking in Isabel's decidedly disheveled appearance.

        "I can't possibly express how much I do," Kyle said seriously.

        "Sorry I'm late coming back," Isabel said, ignoring Kyle's leer.

        "Hey, any time you want to have lesbian sex while at work, you're more than welcome to," Kyle said generously.

        Liz looked up. "I lied," she said. "I want to know, too."

        "Everyone's a comedian," Isabel said, and turned to serve a customer.

        "She thinks we're kidding," Kyle muttered behind her.

        The strobe light flashed blue, illuminating Faith heading for the door. Isabel watched her go, feeling a pleasant sort of tingle all over.

        A bit of red silk was sticking out of one of Faith's pockets. Isabel suddenly realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

        She checked the clock on the wall.

        Two o'clock, she decided, couldn't possibly come soon enough.

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