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Male Bonding

Reply to Roswell addicts

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive June 26, 2002

Male Bonding
Author: Roswell addicts
Category: Slash Max/Michael/Kyle
Rating: Nc-17
Disclaimer: We don't own the characters we are borrowing them.
Summary: What happens when Max/Michael/Kyle get creative. Read to find out
Authors notes: Please guys this is our first story so be gentle with criticism. If you like it please tell us what you think and if you want it on your website, ask and you'll receive.  

Friday, 2: 01 pm West Roswell High, Ms. Johnson's English class 

        "And now the groups for the assignment, I'm sure you all have been waiting for." Mrs. Johnson started ten minutes before the bell. "Smith, Whitman and Lewis. "Parker, Evans." Immediately, Max and Liz looked at each other with dreamer's eyes, "that's I Evans, and Deluca." "And for our last group, M Evans, Guerin and Valenti." Ms. Johnson said after a while, still somewhat surprised to see Michael attending her class. "Now class, remember, this is an assignment to test your level of creativity. You are meant to make the most out of whatever experience you encounter. By Wednesday, I want from all the groups, a written report on your experience. I am not going to tell you what to do; you have to figure it out for yourselves. Have fun class. " The bell rang immediately after she finished and the halls of west Roswell high were filled with students rushing to leave school and begin their weekend.

        In the hallway, leading to the main entrance of the school, Michael and Max began talking about the assignment. "Damn, what a wrong day to come to school. Being in a group with you is bad enough but Valenti? I think I'll kill him before this thing is over." Michael complained. "I heard that and trust me, the feeling's mutual asshole," Kyle said from behind after which Michael turned round to lunge at him, with his fist in the air. Max quickly, being the leader he is, stopped them, resting both hands against their chests. "Michael, don't do this, it's not worth it." Michael nodded, not particularly listening to Max, but trying very hard not to respond to the arousing feeling of Max's hand on his chest. He discarded the thought, thinking of the incredible head he got from Maria, the night before.

        "We might as well do this and get it over with right?" Max asked rhetorically. "Yeah Whatever." Michael said. "I don't have a problem," Kyle also answered. "Where are we going to meet?" Kyle asked. Michael took a second before offering his apartment, thinking of any "appointments" he may have previously made with Maria. "I am working till six tonight so I guess I'll see you all at about 6:30?" He asked. Max and Kyle nodded simultaneously.  

Friday 5:56 Crashdown Café Back Room 

"Aren't you lucky spaceboy? You get to leave soon. I have to be here for another 2 hours." Maria said, moving closer to him and pressed her lips to his. He responded quickly and took control, pulling her even closer to his needing body. His lips nibbled, bit, and devoured her mouth, savoring the strawberry flavor of her lips. She bit and suckled back. His fingers ran through her ever-wavy hair. Maria arched her back in response to Michael's touch. She didn't stop him from unbuttoning her uniform, running the risk of getting caught, infact, if anything, it made her more aroused. His talented hands moved up to cup her round, perfect breasts. It wasn't long before his mouth accompanied his hands, suckling her nipples through her silk bra. She arched even more at his touch. Her breathing quickened as she helped him take off his shirt, while rubbing herself against his now painful erection. He moved upwards to her neck. He was sucking on the hollow of her throat, and with the corner of his eye, glancing at the clock, saw that it was 6:20. "Shit, I gotta go." He said, trying as quickly as possible to put his shirt back on. " Why?" She asked, half whining. "It's that project thing. I'm late. I have to go." He tried explaining. He kissed her hard, one last time and left through the back door.

Friday 6:40 Michael's apartment 

        As he ran up the stairs to his apartment, glancing at his watch again it was now 6:42. He was worried they had gone, and he definitely didn't want that to happen as it could have meant canceling a future "appointment" with Maria. He reached his door, without thinking, he pulled out his keys, and as he was about to put in the hole, he found his door slightly open. He gently pushed it fully open, and found Max and Kyle sitting on his beat-up couch watching the hockey game. "What the hell are you two doing here?"

        "Well, if someone had kept his appointments."

        "I was tied up."

        " Well then, can we get started? Some of us have stuff to do other than projects" Max said 'What else do you have to do but think of Liz' Michael thought. After several moments of silence, Kyle decided it was time he said something.

        "Any Ideas?" Still Silence. Michael noticed how Max distantly stared out the window. "Hey," he snapped his fingers at Max, "your fellow nerdy Lizze is at the Crashdown so if you want a quickie, it's only a 5 minute drive." Kyle laughed inwardly but Max had a confused look on his face, staring at Michael. After a few seconds Max asked, "What did you mean by that?" Kyle couldn't hold it in any longer, he burst out laughing and it only took a second for Michael to join him. Max soon got the joke and couldn't help laughing at his slow thought pace. Soon the apartment was filled with laughter and the guys were finding it hard to breathe. The joke soon died down, partly because they recognized their very awkward position.  

        They quickly returned to their previous positions, and from the looks they all gave each other no one would bring up what just happened. "So I think we really should get on with the project." Max said. " Okay, so what should it be about?" Kyle said. "I'm in the mood to talk about chicks, what do you all say?" Michael said, trying to liven up the conversation. "So Max, what base have you been with Liz?" Kyle asked with a naughty glint in his eyes. "Yeah Max how far have you really been?" Michael urged him on. "Common guys, quit it. That's personal" Max said, with a shy smile on his face. "Common Max, I think she'll be a good screw. I came pretty close, but I couldn't get all the way. Have you?" Kyle asked. Michael smiled and looked at Max. "Guys, Please can we actually get on with this friggin' project." "I thought we are doing the project," Michael said. "Yeah" Kyle added. "Okay if it will get you two to work and me out of here quicker I'll tell you." Michael and Kyle stared at him intently. "She, she, um, blew me." Max finally got out. "It was in the, um, bio lab during detention and she was um, under the desk and Mr. Pavlosky came in." After they finally shut their jaws, Kyle said, "You are fucking kidding me right?" Max shook his head. "He's gotta be bluffin'. Max wouldn't even call "getting head", "getting head" much less receive head in the bio lab during detention." Michael said. "Fine, if you guys don't believe me, then I won't tell you what happened after we were busted by Mr. Pavlosky." Max said with a glint in his eyes. "Shit man, you were busted! You gotta tell us more." Kyle said. " Fine I'll tell you guys all the stuff me and Liz have been up to when we finish this project." The guys nodded. Moments after, they still hadn't made an attempt to start with the project and Michael joked, "Kyle, man, stop staring at Max's crotch." Kyle got angry partly because it was true. "Fuck you alien bastard, you must have been staring to know that I was staring." Max at this stage was highly uncomfortable. "Who are you calling a fucking alien bastard, when last did you hear from your "so-called' mother?' Kyle, filled fury and rage, didn't know how else to react and lunged at Michael, immediately chocking him. "I'm gonna fucking kill you for that shit you just said." Kyle said straddling Michael. Michael managed to get on top not wanting to harm him with his powers. Once Michael pinned him down, he said, out of breath, "Do you know that I could have killed you if I wanted to?" Kyle didn't respond, he just stared at Michael, also panting. "Answer me, damnit?" Without responding, Kyle quickly rolled him over and kissed him hard and full on the lips. Max stared with his jaw hanging. Kyle noticed that Michael made no attempt to stop him, and stuck his tongue deeper in his mouth. Michael didn't care about principles anymore and couldn't help but kiss Kyle back. A moan escaped Max's lips as he became aware of his painful erection strained against his Levi's. Meanwhile, Michael and Kyle had gotten more comfortable with Michael's shirt off and Kyle's hand snaking down to relieve Michael of his aching pain. 'What the fuck am I doing?' Michael thought, but he couldn't continue the thought because everything he was doing felt very right even though it unlike him. Another moan escaped Kyle's lips and they both knew things were going to get even more interesting. It took all of Kyle's strength to drag his now swollen lips away from Michael. He got up and notioned with his fore finger to follow him to the bedroom. Michael, before entering took one look at Max, and saw that he also wanted to join the fun. "Well, do you need a special invitation?" Max with a smile playing on his lips, walked towards the bedroom. He blinked twice when he walked in as he saw Michael, sucking Kyle's nipple, with Kyle's head thrown back in throes of pleasure. 'Fuck, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing but it feels so good,' Kyle thought. Max stared in amazement as he watched Michael and Kyle, he found it so amazing and didn't recognize his hand wander downwards to help his aching and now obvious bulge.  

        'I wonder why Michael had to leave in such a rush. We were just getting started and now, I am so hot and horny.' She thought as she walked towards the backroom. She sat on the couch, looking to see if anyone was around. Her hand then roamed towards her shorts, unbuttoning them. She slipped a finger into her now wet slit and then frantically massaged her clit. "Michael," she moaned, "Oh Michael harder, fill me up with your huge cock." With her head thrown back, and her moaning, she didn't immediately notice when someone walked in. She jumped, immediately trying to hide any evidence of her actions. It was Isabel. "Just looking for Michael," she said nonchalantly. "Guess he's not here." She finished, and immediately walked out. Maria was speechless. It happened so fast. She silently prayed Isabel didn't see her. Isabel, on the other hand was shocked at what she saw. She inhaled deeply as she walked off. She knew she would never look at Maria the same way again. 

        Kyle was definitely enjoying what they were doing, but he was anxious to go further. He managed to get on top of Michael, and began to suckle Michael's neck. His then moved down to his nipples and sucked them, causing Michael to moan. Kyle's hand then began to work on Michael's zipper. His hand began working on Michael's erection, while he was sucking his nipples. He then moved down, and experimentally brushed his lips against Michael cock. "More.Uhh." Michael moaned. He flicked his tongue at the tip. He then took about four inches in, his head bobbing in a steady rhythm that got Michael more excited. Kyle tasted pre cum and sucked in more. He tried to take all 8 inches of Michael but gagged. He didn't let that stop him and continued sucking. Michael was in heaven, and couldn't hold back anymore, before he could warn Kyle, he spilled his seed into Kyle's mouth but Kyle sucked every last drop. After Michael and Kyle caught their breath, they realized Max was by the wall, with his head thrown back, pumping his hand back and forth down his swollen cock. He came, moaning and spilled his semen on his thigh. He came down from his high, only to find two pairs of eyes staring at him intently. His face went bright red, and Michael couldn't help but smile to himself. He walked towards him, never breaking eye contact, intending on licking him clean, but Kyle stopped him. "I'll do it." Michael didn't argue, and Kyle got on his knees, licking up Max's thigh. Max couldn't help immediately getting another hard on. Kyle quickly finished, but couldn't help but notice his growing erection. Kyle tentatively licked the top. Max at this point moaned and threw his head back. Michael just watched in fascination. Kyle then took Max's swollen member in his mouth, sucking, blowing, and humming on his dick. "Come for me, Max." He began, "I know you want to." Max couldn't hold back and shot his warm seed down Kyle's throat in three squirts. Kyle gulped down greedily, and then withdrew from him with a satisfied smile on his face. Kyle got up and crushed his lips on Max. Max could taste himself, and couldn't help but like they began moving slowly towards the bed. They both fell back but never breaking it. Their tongues dueled for dominance. They continued kissing for a while, with Kyle on top of Max, and then suddenly Kyle broke the kiss. Max wondered for a while what Kyle was doing, but soon after Kyle straddled him, his erection directly in front of Max's mouth. Max took initiative, and licked the tip. Kyle moaned with his eyes squeezed shut. Max then took more of Kyle's now swollen cock into his mouth, sucking up and down in a steady rhythm. Michael, sitting on the bed saw Max's erection, straddled his thighs and began sucking on his cock gently but with vigor. Moments later, Kyle and Max came simultaneously. One would have thought that after all the action they got their cocks would've been spent, but if anything, they wanted more now than ever. Kyle looked back, to see Michael staring at him with his eyes full of emotion. He could see they wanted the same thing and he knew Michael would never initiate it and decided this was the right time to do it. "Michael," he began, getting Michael's full attention. "I can see it in your eyes that you want to go all the way, so I want you to know that it's fine and I know you'll never hurt me, so take me now Michael, Please." Michael couldn't deny Kyle's words or pretend because it was exactly what he wanted. He simply moved up to give him a deep, passionate kiss. After they both pulled away, Michael got off of the bed to get lubricant from his bathroom. While in there, he looked at his reflection in the mirror and assured him self that he was making the right decision. He walked into Kyle and Max passionately kissing. Michael moved to join them on the bed, and Kyle and Max stopped kissing once they noticed Michael on the bed. Max immediately crushed his lips on Michael's and one hand snaked down his body, noticing his toned muscles, to stroke his already erect member. He elicited a groan from Michael. Now, Kyle was softly stroking his member. "I'm ready Michael," Kyle moaned. Michael didn't say a word. He just moved behind Kyle who was on all fours. Michael lubricated his dick and prepared for entrance. "Are you sure?" He asked Kyle. Kyle turned his head round and stared in his eyes. "I need this more than I've needed anything in my life. Please make love to me Mike." Michael didn't need any more encouragement and began sliding into Kyle's tight hole. "Are you okay?" Michael asked as he slid a few more inches in. Kyle winced but replied "Go on." Kyle relaxed and let out a cry of pain with a hint of pleasure. Michael now moved deeper into Kyle's rectum and with more force. "Shit Michael, harder." Kyle said as he moved to meet Michael's thrusts. They set a steady rhythm and soon Kyle's muscles were gripping Michael's member like a vise. Max, while watching couldn't help but get incredibly turned on. Max started to stroke himself to relieve him of some pressure. He figured it wouldn't be enough and kneeled in front of Kyle, his cock right of Kyle's mouth. Kyle is in an unbelievable state of immense pleasure and once he felt Max's cock stroke his mouth, he positioned his mouth and immediately took Max's member in his mouth. Michael, on the other hand, with his head thrown back was in ecstasy. He furiously pumped into Kyle and Kyle returned his thrusts. Michael knew he was close and he wanted Kyle to cum with him so he reached around and stroked Kyle's member. This gave Kyle pleasure so he sucked Max's member with an intensity and fierceness that Max had never experienced before. Soon they were all close to the brink of true bliss. Michael pumped harder, and stroked faster, Kyle sucked harder and soon they all came together and hard. "Ahhhhhh.." They all groaned as they collapsed on the bed, spent from all their sexual activity. There was silence for a while but Michael broke it by declaring, "That was one fucking experience. Excuse the pun." And with that they all burst into fits of laughter. 

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