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Fire: Liz POV

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 13, 2002

       'Four Aliens and a Baby' missing scene.

        I couldn't move. I couldn't. I heard the explosion and I sat there in the car, watching the base go up in flames. Tess was always all about flames. She used flames to destroy the skins. Her strongest power - more powerful that mindwarping - was definately the ability to make things spontaneously combust.

        Like the night when Tess came to my bedroom window, offering no explanation for her prescence - there was fire. A long, hot night, better than anything Max could ever offer. Our hatred for each other, heated battle over who got the alien king had transformed into a bond so strong no one could break it. Hate had turned to passion, passion turned to lust, lust turned to love... and then she'd left, and I had felt her heart burn up, too.

        Even though she'd slept with Max, even though she'd betrayed her... I never knew I really hated Tess again until she showed up. Before I even thought about it, Tess had flown across the room, pinned against the wall, and three words flew out of my mouth.

        "Get up, bitch."

        So many meanings. Why did you leave me? Why did you sleep with him? And most importantly : What took you so long? Didn't you realise that without you, I was freezing? So cold without you I could have died... Things I could never say to her face, not in front of Max...

        Now, she had sacrificed herself to save us all. And she had gone up in flames.

        I stepped out of the car, and walked towards the fence.

        Trying to soak up the dying remnants of her heat.

        And I knew I'd be cold forever after...

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