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Drive, Light, Motion.

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive January 26, 2002

Title: Drive, Light, Motion.
Author: Rosie
Category: L/T slash, PG-13
Summary: Tess POV on Liz. Post Destiny.
Authors Note: Be nice. My very first slash fic.

        Food goes unnoticed as I sit at a booth near the front of the Crashdown. My eyes, transfixed on the beauty moving from table to table. Liz Parker, in the pale green waitress uniform of the Crashdown Café, wearing silver antenna on her head. They would look ridiculous on almost anyone else, but nothing could make her look less than perfect.

        What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I feel this? I have no reason to. I wasn't genetically engineered for Liz Parker. I'm destined to be with Max Evans. Max and Tess. Zan and Ava. That's been my drive for all these years. It's been Nacedos drive, so it's been mine. I've never really had anything of my own.

        But these feelings for her... they're my own. My own drive. 100% Tess Harding. Whoever she really is. She's driven to watch Liz, to know that she can't have her.

        It's different with Max. My entire life I believe that I will have him served to me on a platter. Believed he would love me, because he had to. He loved me before. Or did he? Did he ever love me? I can't remember. He can't remember. But I believed that he was what I deserved. When I arrived, he would remember me. That my drive would make him remember. But he didn't.

        Maybe we're the same. Both driven to her. What's so special about a petite brunette waitress from Roswell, anyway?

        She's serving something to Alex now. The lights from the ceiling reflect on her hair, and he says something to make her laugh. Even from this distance, I can see the light in her eyes. Laughter lights up her face. Liz is full of light, she just hides it. But when she laughs, it's impossible to keep hidden. Why should she hide the light that makes her even more beautiful?

        We're opposites. Even though her appearance is dark, with her dark hair, dark eyes, she's light. Even though my appearance is light, with my light hair, light skin, I'm dark. To her, and to everyone else, I'm dark. I'm the man stealing slut from some far off planet, out to destroy all their lives with speeches of Destiny. Well, someone had to tell them eventually. And all I wanted was to be accepted. To be in that light. To take some of that light with me whenever I leave to go back to the empty house Nacedo left me in, and treasure it, using it to warm me up when the nights get cold.

        I suddenly realise that Alex is leaving the café, and no one else is left. I am alone with Liz Parker. Does she even realise I'm here? She turns and heads towards me. Of course she realises I'm here, my presence is so foul to her that she can sense me even if I'm completely silent.

        She's walking towards me, taking off her antenna as she goes. Her hair moves in slow motion, each individual chocolate coloured strand finding it's own path. I stand up, suddenly uncomfortable. Staring at her all night has become routine. Liz knows this. She opens her mouth and I'm distracted by the motion of her lips moving to reveal perfect white teeth. But not distracted enough to hear what she's saying.

        "Nacedo's still posing as Pierce, right?" she asks. I nod, not sure as to where this is going. "Then you're all by yourself in that big house."

        "Yeah," I agree, still watching the motions of those lips. Her eyes look concerned. I can see them sizing me up, a subtle motion but a motion none the less.

        "Why don't you stay here?" she suggests. I look her straight in the eye. She takes a deep breath, and I realise she's nervous. "It's late, and I don't want you to be alone."

        Does she realise that I'll repeat those words to myself, over and over, savouring, analysing, wondering what those words mean? Could she...

        I follow her to her room. She lends me a nightgown, and although I offer to sleep on the floor, she insists I sleep on the bed. In bed with her. It's a double, so it's really no big deal. At least that's what I tell myself.

        Soon she's asleep, but I'm not. I'm driven to watch her. The glow from the street lamps light up her face, and I can see the subtle motions of her body moving as she breaths.




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