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Defy Convention, Part Two

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive January 26, 2002

        Running down the nearly empty corridor, Maria's jumbled thoughts flew through her head. I kissed Alex. Or did Alex kiss me? But I spent last night - this morning - making out with Isabel. So am I with Isabel? I think I am. But oh my god, Alex... Stop running, the last thing you want to do is get stopped in the halls by some random teacher. She slowed to a walk and immediately stumbled on her ankle, sending pain shooting up her leg.

        Remember when you told Ms. Colas that you wouldn't run unless something was chasing you in the seventh grade? Now are you beginning to realise that was the best advice you ever came up with? She kept walking, trying not to wince. The pain distracted her from questions she couldn't answer. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left Alex, right Isabel, Alex, Isabel, Alex, Isabel, Alex, Isabel. Dammit!

        All of a sudden she realised she was in front of the Eraser room. The door opened, and Isabel gestured for her to come in. Doing a quick hall check, Maria decided the coast was clear and headed in. Isabel smiled her supermodel smile and all thoughts flew from Maria's head.


        Liz headed down the hallway right before the lunch break, noting all the couples together kissing. Every couple she saw reminded her of Maria and Isabel in the Crashdown, making out. Maria's been my best friend since second grade, and I didn't figure out she was a lesbian. Not that it really matters, but, still, I'm her friend, I should have known somehow.

        And she wouldn't be so worried if it wasn't for the fact that, hello, Isabel's an alien. Liz wasn't sure alien/human relationships could work. Take Max Evans, for instance. The scientist part of Liz wanted to try a relationship with him, just to see if aliens and humans could have a working relationship. Of course, the data was semi-corrupted because he was obsessed with her. Kind of creepy. An alien stalker. The connection had shown he wouldn't hurt her, but still... In any case, she owed him her life, so she'd better tread carefully, and not hurt his feelings.

        Up ahead, Max was standing by his locker,, pulling out books. Liz took a breath and walked over.

        "Max, hey."

        "Oh, um, hi Liz." He shut his locker and they started walking. "How's it going?"

        "Good, it's going good... you?"


        She turned to face him. "Listen, Max, I just want to tell you this, and break it to you gently, because... it might come as a shock to you. Like, a major shock."

        "Liz, just get on with it."

        "Okay. At the café, at about one in the morning, I went to get my journal... and I saw Maria and Isabel making out on the tables."

        Max blinked. "Whoa."


        There was a pause.

        "Then what did you do?"

        "I... I left."

        "You left?"

        "Yeah." Liz shot him a look. "Why?"

        Max looked thoughtful. "Oh, because I would have stayed to watch."

        Liz wrinkled her nose. Max, she's your sister... eww...

        "That is, if Isabel wasn't my sister," Max hastily added, looking around nervously. He gave Liz a sideways look. "Why didn't you stay and watch?"

        "Goodbye Max..."


        "Oh my god..."

        As Maria kissed her way down Isabel's neck, she moaned with pleasure. How is it that this is so much fun? I just wish I could figure out what's missing... there's something, I just can't place it... Maria kissed her, and she cast the thought away. Wrapping her arms around the smaller girl, she manoeuvred her against the wall.


        Maria's cry of pain broke Isabel's reverie.

        "What happened?"

        Maria winced. "I hurt my ankle earlier. "

        Isabel sighed and sat Maria down to look at the injured limb. "Why didn't you say anything earlier? Alien powers come in handy sometimes."

        Placing her hand over Maria's ankle, Isabel willed the swelling to go down.


        //Maria, in the floral dress she was wearing today, crying.

        Alex hugging her.

        Them kissing.//

        End Flash.

        Isabel pulled her hand back like she'd been bitten, then stared at Maria in shock, eyes wide.

        "You kissed Alex," she accused, Maria's emotions from the connection still flooding through her. "And you enjoyed it!"

        "I - he kissed me! And how do you know?" Realization dawned. "The connection."

        "Yeah." Isabel looked away. Maybe that's what's missing. Maybe she doesn't feel the same way... "I should go." She stood up.

        "Isabel, wait!" Isabel turned to look at Maria. "Don't go," Maria said softly. Wordlessly, Isabel sat down.

        "Why did you-"

        "Ssh," Maria soothed. "I care about you, okay? It's just - Alex has been acting strange ever since Max's accident. I'm not sure what's going on with him any more. I think that he might have kissed me..." her voice caught "kissed me to get me to tell him what we've all been hiding from him. The... the alien thing."

        Isabel's heart sank. "Do you really think Alex would stoop that low?"

        "I don't know. I feel like I don't even know him anymore. But that kiss... it did mean something. To me." It was Maria's turn to look away. "I'm sorry."

        There was a silence. Then, "I'll look into it."

        "What do you - oh." Then, "Ohhhhhh."

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