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Defy Convention: Prologue

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive January 26, 2002

Title: Defy Convention
Author: Rosie
Rating: R
Category: AU, Alex/Maria/Isabel, Maria/Isabel, Alex/Maria, Alex/Isabel
Spoilers: Up to Heatwave. You have to have seen up to Heatwave for it to make any sense. Heavy spoilers for Blood Brother.
Summary: Alternate to 'Heatwave'. That's all I'm saying.
Dedication: Anyone who's had the slightest bit of faith in my writing, pitiful as it may be. note: starts off I/M Mood Music:

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - Sarah McLachlan
Youthful - Anika Moa
Touch Me With Your Love - Beth Orton
Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse

        Maria was alone late that night, dragging the broom across the floor of the cafe for what felt like the hundredth time. She had no desire to go home, as she knew she could never sleep. The bizarre December heat wave had made it unbearably hot; even in a tank top and shorts she still felt hot enough to combust. No, there was no way she'd sleep tonight; even the thinnest of sheets would suffocate her in the heat. The air itself felt thicker; the night's humidity hanging auspiciously in the air. The tingling feeling that something was going to happen.

        Fanning herself with her hand, she yanked off her tank top, the sweat sticking the top to her upper body reluctantly breaking. At nearly one a.m., the Parker family would almost certainly all be asleep, and the likelihood of any of them coming down into the cafe was slim, so it really didn't matter what she did.


        Walking down the empty streets of Roswell in the middle of the night, Isabel was glad no one could see her now. Very rarely was the "Elle McPherson of the sophomore class" ever seen looking like this. Her face completely devoid of makeup, her hair damp with sweat and cascading down her shoulders, shirt clinging to her skin in the humidity, skirt feeling heavy. It was hard to be an ice princess in this heat.

        Finding herself outside the Crashdown, she momentarily wondered what she was doing there. Then she caught a glimpse of blonde hair. Moving closer, her breath caught in her throat as Maria came into her field of vision, sweeping the floor. Sweeping the floor in a bra and shorts. Their eyes locked, and Isabel idly noticed the broom fall the floor. She found herself moving towards her, as if in a trance. And Maria was moving, too.

        They met at the front door, eyes never leaving the other. The only thing that separated them was the locked door. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion.

        Then Maria unlocked the door, and before either of them could register what was happening, their lips met instantly, and time sped up. The heat expanded, no words passed between them, all attention needed just to feel...


        Without letting go, they manoeuvred their way to the table, still kissing. The heat didn't seem so suffocating any more. Maria knew she shouldn't be rushing into this; an impulsive act like this didn't seem like Isabel's style. Then Isabel kissed her way down her neck, and all thoughts flew from her head.

        The pair were so involved that neither noticed Liz cautiously creep in to retrieve her journal, freeze in her tracks, stare in amazement, hurriedly compose herself and scurry out.

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