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Into the Brave New World

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list June 14, 2001

TITLE: Into the Brave New World (1/1)
AUTHOR: Rebecca Parker
FEEDBACK: Yes please! This is my first real attempt at "Roswell" slash and it's been awhile since I've written slash at all.
DISTRIBUTION: At my NC-17 site, Beneath the Covers ( All others, please ask first.
DISCLAIMER: Clearly, I don't own anything. Don't sue!
DEDICATION: Purely for Jen'fr who deserves this and more (and better!)

        Kyle fidgeted nervously, pacing the floor of his living room.

        It hadn't been a good year. He had lost his best friend by the hands of someone he thought he could trust; someone he thought he considered a sister. He had watched as the family they had created in the last few months had been shattered by all the lies and deceit.

        And now the headaches had started.

        He sat down, leaning over and folding his hands together as he remembered the last few months with Alex when he had "returned from Sweden". The guy must have gone through a bottle of Tylenol every few days.

        "Killer headache," Kyle remembered him saying. He remembered watching his friend wash down the pills with a glass of water, and then he remembered his friend dead on the floor, his eyes glazed over and staring at the ceiling.

        Kyle rubbed his temples, taking a deep breath as he looked up at the clock. 10:30. Max should have been back by now.

        The headaches had started a week ago, and at first no one had thought anything of it. With all the stress they had been under since Tess left a month ago, they all had their share of headaches.

        Except Kyle's didn't go away. Extra strength Tylenol, Advil, Bayer. Nothing helped. He would go to sleep with a headache and wake up with one.

        It was only when Kyle mentioned it to Max that people started to get worried. Kyle could remember Tess mind warping him at least twice but he couldn't swear there weren't other times. And no one knew exactly how many mind-warps the human brain could take.

        Maria was a nervous wreck; carefully doting on her mother who had no idea why her daughter seemed to be around her 24/7.

        But Amy hadn't had any headaches and the focus had shifted back to Kyle. Over the weekend, Kyle had been hit with a migraine so bad that he had just stayed in bed.

        Ironic, he thought. Only a month ago and Tess had been the bed-ridden one.

        Kyle jumped up when he heard a knock on the door and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Max behind the glass. He hurried over and opened it, smiling weakly as the alien walked in.

        "Max," Kyle said, shutting the door behind him. "What's the deal?"

        "I spoke to Larek," Max said, moving into the living room and sitting down on the couch. He looked up at Kyle. "I was still nervous about going in through Brody again, but I knew I had to take the chance."

        "Thanks," Kyle said, sitting down next to Max. "Was he alright?"

        "Yes," Max said, nodding. "He took well to it, actually. I didn't have long, but Larek mentioned that Brody's body was adapting to our sessions."

        "OK," Kyle said, relieved. He wanted answers, but he didn't want to risk an innocent man to find them. "Is Tess- there yet?"

        "No," Max said, sighing. "Larek said it's going to take another month or so in human time for her to reach them. I warned him of what had happened." Max stopped, taking a deep breath. "He sounded disappointed in me. When I was in New York City at the Convention- it was the same. He questioned the choices I made. It's funny," he said, looking to Kyle. "I thought he would have been happy. All I did was make love to my wife. How was I to know-"

        "Max," Kyle interrupted, a bit exasperated. "It's not your fault. But I don't mean to sound like an asshole or anything, but can we get back to this later?"

        "Yeah," Max said, nodding uncomfortably. "I'm sorry." He got up from the couch, walking across the room and leaning against the television. "I told him what she did- to Alex, to Mrs. DeLuca, to you. He said it was the most dangerous of powers, especially to humans."

        "Great," Kyle said, burying his head in his hands. "Please tell me this gets better."

        Max cleared his throat, nervous to go on. "Yes and no," he said finally, sighing. "Apparently, humans can withstand one mind-warp. Anything else and they-"

        "Die," Kyle finished, getting up and pacing the room again. He bit down on his lip, wanting so badly to scream or to hit something as hard as this news had hit him. He stopped, looking down at a picture of him, his father and Tess. No matter what Kyle said, his father had refused to take the picture down. "She was a part of us- good or bad, Kyle," he had said.

        Kyle took the picture and moved it face down. He didn't want to see it right now.

        He turned back to Max. "Then Amy should be fine?" he asked. "I mean, if my father's going to lose his son, I don't think he should lose his girlfriend as well."

        "Kyle," Max said, crossing the room to his friend. "Let me finish. Larek said there's a way- that I can fix things."

        "Fix things?" Kyle asked, confused. "Max, you tried to heal Alex and it didn't work. Now, maybe I'm not up on the healing alien powers, but something tells me I won't fare any better."

        "Larek said," Max continued, "that I need to make a connection with you. If I heal you before you-"


        "Yeah," Max said. "But he said that we need to have- a connection when I do." He took a deep breath.

        "What type of connection?" Kyle asked, a bit dubious. "What do we have to like- hold hands or something?"

        "'Or something' covers it pretty well," Max said, looking up. "I need to kiss you."

        Kyle stared back at Max for a moment, expecting a laugh or a punch line. "You need to kiss me," Kyle repeated, smiling slyly. "This is some sort of trick, right? Larek just told me to take two and call him in the morning?"

        Max shook his head. "No."

        "Shit," Kyle said, laughing. "You aliens have a sick sense of humor about things. You mean the only way I can live is if I give you a little tongue?"

        "Well, he didn't specify *tongue*," Max said, getting a little nervous. "But yes. Basically. Is that alright with you?"

        Kyle stopped, realizing Max was serious. "So I either kiss you or die? Some choices," Kyle said, mulling it over. "How long does this kiss have to be for?"

        "Larek said it could take up to two minutes. He said we'd know when it worked because we'd feel a change in us," Max said. "Look, I'm not the biggest fan of this plan either, Kyle but I'd rather kiss you than have you die. Especially for something Tess did. I already lost one friend to her. I won't lose another."

        "Aw Evans," Kyle said, cocking his head. "That's touching. Really." He took a deep breath, feeling the smile fade from his face. Max was serious and if this was the only way, he would do it. "So let's do it."

        "OK," Max said, taking a deep breath. "Is your Dad home?"

        "No. He's over Amy's tonight. I doubt he'll be back before dawn."

        "Why do you think that?"

        "He packed a bag."

        "Oh," Max said, nodding. "OK. Let's sit down," he said, walking back to the couch and faintly aware of Kyle following him.

        For the first time in a month, Max was relieved Liz had decided not to get back together, at least not right away. She was still too hurt by the whole Tess situation, and Max didn't blame her. He remembered how he had felt after he found her (or thought he had) with Kyle.

        Max had spent the last month moping over her decision and trying to get her back. But if he was going to spend the next two minutes kissing Kyle, he was glad they were apart.

        "So let's get this show on the road," Kyle said, sitting next to Max, so close that he could smell the alien's aftershave.

        Max nodded, taking Kyle's hand in his. "Close your eyes," he said, surprised when Kyle followed his instructions so quickly.

        Max rested his hands on either side of Kyle's head and closed his own eyes. He felt the familiar surge within his palms as he made the now familiar connection, and as he started to feel what Kyle was feeling, which, at the moment, was confusion and pain; he brought his lips to the boy's.

        Instantly, he felt something new coarse through his body, run down his arms and into his hands, which were held against Kyle's cheeks. Max moved closer, feeling his lips press against Kyle's, feeling his mouth open slightly and his tongue move past his lips.

        His body began to shake as he watched the familiar scenes of Kyle's childhood fill his head. He could feel Kyle trembling beneath him and Max was suddenly aware that he had moved his body on top of the boy's.

        He felt unable to stop himself and deepened the kiss, feeling his heartbeat quicken when he felt Kyle's tongue moving against his own.

        His hands moved down from Kyle's face to rest against his chest, his fingers slowly unfastening the buttons.

        "Max," Kyle said, moving his lips away suddenly.

        Max groaned in frustration, lowering his lips to the boy's shoulder.

        "Max," Kyle said again, his hand pressing into Max's shoulder. "I think we did it."

        Max looked up at Kyle, realization setting in. "Oh," he said, reluctantly returning his hands to his side. He looked up at Kyle from the spot between the boy's legs. "Do you feel different?"

        "Yes," Kyle said, licking his lips. "You?"

        "Yes," Max answered, his hands sliding up Kyle's leg. They stared at each other for another minute before either made a move.

        Kyle reached down, pulling Max up to him and returning to the kiss the two had been so involved in only minutes before. He groaned when he felt Max's body rub against his crotch. He had gotten hard in a matter of minutes, and the contact felt good and excruciating at the same time.

        "Max," Kyle muttered, their mouths still pressed against each other. He slipped his hand under the alien's shirt, quickly moving it off his shoulders and staring at the well-toned chest that Kyle had always admired in the showers.

        Max grinned as he helped Kyle undress him and smiled as he lowered his hand to Kyle's pants and the large bulge that had formed there. He clasped the zipper, pulling it down slowly and watching the look of desperation on Kyle's face as Max let his fingers trail along the cloth of his BVDs as he did so.

        "You sure about this?" Max asked, smiling. "I mean, five minutes ago and you didn't even want to kiss me."

        "Who said I didn't want to?" Kyle asked, grinning as he pulled Max to him, taking his hand and moving it to his crotch, breathing a sigh of relief when he felt Max slide his hand inside the opening.

        Max grinned, feeling his hand curl around the length of Kyle's shaft. "As long as you're sure," he said, moving his other hand to pull down his underwear.

        "Shit," Kyle muttered as he felt Max's hot breath against his prick that was now standing at full mast, throbbing underneath the warmth of Max's fingertips.

        Max chuckled, lowering his mouth to take in the tip of Kyle's cock, feeling himself grow hard as he ran his hand along all of Kyle's 7 inches.

        Kyle couldn't believe this was happening. He hadn't been kidding when he had told Liz that ever since Max healed him he had seen images of him naked. He had pushed the desire to the side- blaming it on Max's alien powers. After all, he had healed Liz and she had gone all gaga for him. Kyle was starting to think it was just an aftereffect of having an alien peek inside your head.

        But as Max lowered his mouth onto Kyle's dick, he was sure that this was real. "Shit," Kyle said, moving his hands down to Max's head, unable to resist the urge to push down.

        Max grinned against Kyle's cock, speeding up his ministrations. Never in a million years did he think he would have spent the evening between Kyle Valenti's legs, his mouth firmly affixed to his cock, but there he was, moving his tongue along every inch of the shaft and loving every minute of it.

        "Fuck," Kyle said, embarrassed that he could feel himself reaching the brink so quickly, but this was, after all, his first blow job. "Max, I'm gonna-" he said, groaning as he felt the moment fast approaching.

        Max moved his mouth from Kyle's length, looking up into Kyle's eyes as his hands alternated strokes. "It's OK," he said, rising up to kiss Kyle again, his tongue darting inside the other's mouth, his hands still working on his cock, and his own becoming unbearably stiff.

        Kyle closed his eyes, feeling as if he was going to pass out from the intensity surging through him. "Damnit," he said as his bodies begin to shake. He groaned as he felt his seed spill from his cock. His breath was coming in ragged breaths as he came down from his orgasm, his fingers clutching Max's bare chest.

        Max smiled, strangely proud of the reaction he had elicited from Kyle. "You alright?" he asked, waiting for the other to open his eyes.

        "Am I alright?" Kyle asked, his eyelids flying open. "Shit," he said again, looking down at his softening dick and the mess he had made between them. "Damn Max. Did Larek mention that part?"

        "No," he said, grinning. "That was an added bonus. Headache gone?" Max asked, resting his hand against the side of Kyle's face.

        "Yeah," Kyle said, nodding. "All gone. As well as another ache I had," he said, grinning. He looked down at the tent in Max's pants and laughed. "Something tells me I need to cure *you* now. And I know just how to show my appreciation," he said, lowering to his knees.

        "Well, a thank you would suffice, but I'm not going to stop you..."

        THE END... (I know, I'm evil!)


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