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Payment For Services Rendered

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive March 4, 2001

TITLE: Payment For Services Rendered
AUTHOR: Random (
RATING: NC-17 for f/f sexual content
DISTRIBUTION: List archive, anyone else, please ask and we'll discuss it.
PAIRING: Lilah/Darla
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these lovely ladies / Whose escapades I must write / The honor is Joss and Greenie's / How do they sleep at night?!
SUMMARY: Darla's help comes with a price....
DEDICATION: For Charles, who wanted some Lindsey-light fic. I hope this suffices. I only used Lindsey at the end because Lee was too busy arguing his case at the pearly gates.

Lilah Morgan sat perched on the edge of her desk. As she finished her spiel, she smiled brightly, crossing her arms over her chest. Waiting, she studied the young woman before her.

Darla was pretty for a dead woman. The vampire the Firm had raised sat on the leather sofa in Lilah's office, her legs crossed daintily at the ankle. Her blonde hair was pulled away from her face with a tortoise shell barrette, the fringe of bangs complementing her high cheekbones and her round face. Her blue eyes sparkled brightly. Dressed in a short plaid skirt and a tight fitting white blouse, she looked more like a Catholic schoolgirl than a minion of evil.

"So," Darla commented with a pretty voice. It was high and childlike, much like the image she tried to project. "I get to exact revenge on Angel, and in return, I can have anything I want in payment."

Lilah nodded, flashing a bright grin. Darla smiled in return, and stood up. Smoothing her short skirt down her thighs, she crossed the office towards the door. Lilah's smile faltered.

"Where are you going?" the lawyer asked quickly, pushing away from her desk.

Darla reached the door and clicked the lock. "Nowhere," she said as she turned around. "Yet, at least."

The blonde crossed the room, the gleam in her eyes definitely feral. She stopped just a couple of feet in front of Lilah, and studied the tall brunette. Biting her lower lip, Darla cocked her head in contemplation.

"I think I've decided the first thing I want," she said sweetly.

"Great!" Lilah enthused. "What is it?"

A slow smile spread across Darla's lips, and the vampire quickly closed the space between them. She leaned up on tiptoe and whispered into Lilah's ear.


Lilah blinked in surprise as Darla pressed a kiss to the lawyer's perfectly arched lips. Lilah took a step back, and put her hands up to ward of the smaller woman.

"I...I'm not for sale," she protested.

Darla pouted prettily and continued her advance. She stopped just a few scant inches from Lilah, and with nowhere else to back up, the lawyer leaned back against her desk. "I just want to fuck you," Darla said sweetly. "Don 't you find me attractive?"

"Well, yes," Lilah protested, "of course I find you attractive. You're very pretty..." She floundered for words. All work and no play had made Lilah's sex life boring. What Darla was offering could definitely help her relieve some sexual frustration. Mr. Hand was good, but it couldn't replace the feel of another body against her own.

As Lilah mulled over the offer, Darla took advantage of the situation. She kissed the lawyer hard, pushing Lilah back against the desk with her body. After a brief hesitation while her mind caught up with her body, Lilah returned the kiss urgently. Reaching back, she pushed all the papers, the blotter, pens and the telephone to the floor. The telephone beeped in protest of its inhumane treatment, until it realized that it wasn't human and stopped.

Lilah sat back on her desk, pulling Darla with her. Darla unbuttoned Lilah' s suit jacket and pushed it down her shoulders. She massaged the lawyer's lace clad breasts, brushing her thumbs across the hardened nipples. Darla pinched the tender flesh sharply, and Lilah hissed in pleasure.

Lilah leaned back against her desk, propping herself up with her elbows, and she looked down at the older woman as Darla trailed kisses down her chest. The vampire paused at each breast, working the heated skin with her lips and tongue through the skimpy foundation garment. Finding the front clasp, Darla unhooked the black lace, exposing Lilah's naked breasts to the air-conditioned chill of the office.

Darla suckled the pert nipple desperately, swirling her tongue across the sensitive peak. Lilah moaned in response. Encouraged, the blonde pulled Lilah's skirt up over her hips and fingered the edge of the matching black lace panties. She slipped the elastic down Lilah's slim legs, past the thigh high stocking, and down off her slender feet. Darla looked up and stared into the lawyer's lust glazed eyes.

Darla parted Lilah's legs gently, and kissed her way up the silky thigh. Stopping just short of the dark thatch of curls, she switched to the other leg. When she stopped at Lilah's apex a second time, the vampire blew along the cleft. The brunette wiggled and groaned in pleasure. Darla smiled and licked at the slick passage. She circled Lilah's clitoris with her deft tongue, refusing to touch the bundle of nerves. The lawyer's hips surged forward, begging for contact.

Simultaneously, Darla plunged two fingers into Lilah's dripping channel and attacked the pulsing bud with her mouth.

Lilah screamed in pleasure, bucking against Darla's mouth wildly. With a self satisfied grin, Darla added a third finger, pumping the digits in and out with an increasing rhythm. Lilah's panting increased, and her body trembled with her encroaching orgasm.

Darla nipped at the brunette's clit with blunt teeth, changing the pace of her thrusts ever so slightly. Lilah howled her release, her inner muscles griping the blonde's fingers spasmodically. Darla slowed her ministrations, easing Lilah down from her climax. Giving one final lick, the vampire stood and suckled the juices from her fingers.

Still panting, Lilah managed a whisper. "Oh god...that was..." She struggled to string together a coherent thought.

Darla smiled. "I'm glad you liked it."

There was a strangled cough that crackled from behind the desk. Startled, Lilah sat up and looked around for the source of the noise, rushing to straighten her clothing.

"Um, Lilah," Lindsey's voice floated over from the spilled telephone. "Next time you entertain a client, make sure the phone is off."

Darla just laughed as she sauntered out of the office, while Lilah blushed a dark shade of crimson. She respectfully closed the door and grinned as she headed for the elevators.

Sex and carnage in one night. Darla sighed happily as she pressed the button for the ground floor. She could definitely get used to this job.


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