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Steamy Times at Football Camp

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Posted to the Roswell Slash list October 6, 2000

Ficlet: Steamy times at football camp
Author: PJ Browning
Category: Kyle, way smut
Archive: normally I'd say no, but what the heck. just this once if you want it go for it.
(can I skip the rest of the stuff. i'm at work on my lunch break and I want to get to the good stuff. one note: anyone other than Kyle is mine)

Kyle loved football camp. It was the highlight of his summer. And not just because he liked football. Nope, camp was the only time of the year that he got to see Rick Tucker.

Rick had been his best friend for years. When Kyle was in the first grade, the Tuckers had lived in Roswell. But then they moved to Las Cruces. Kyle and Rick still talked a lot, especially after they both discovered email. But camp was the only time that they saw each other.

And Rick was awesome. He was a year older than Kyle and knew all kinds of stuff. And he did whatever he wanted. When Kyle was 12, Rick snuck a rauchy porno magazine to camp and showed Kyle his first view of a naked woman. And she was in full view, spread eagle. And he and Rick laughed as they thought up all the names they could about 'that' place.

And the next year, Rick explained to Kyle what a wet dream was. And he taught Kyle about masturbating. They snuck off to one of the old abandoned buildings. They stripped off their clothes and Rick showed Kyle how to stroke and caress himself until he shot hot streams of cum into the air. They made a game out of who could last the longest and how far his load would go.

And the next year, they had their first, and for Kyle his only, cigarette. And talked about the bases. Rick had already made it to second. And he told Kyle all the secrets about what to do once you got inside a girl's shirt. And Kyle filed away the knowledge for when he had his chance. And the day that he got in Liz's shirt, he called Rick to compare notes.

When Kyle was 16, Rick got to third with a girl. And he told Kyle all about being able to touch a girl. And to lick her until she screamed with pleasure. That conversation had been so good that Kyle had to sneak off to those old buildings to treat himself while he played the image in his mind over and over. Hell he almost sprained his wrist from going at it over and over.

This year was the best one of all. Rick had gone all the way. He told Kyle about it their second day. They were running laps and Rick gave him every last detail. Kyle had trouble focusing on the plays they were running. Especially when Rick told him about how the girl gave him a blowjob until he came in her mouth. And she swallowed, which made her even cooler Rick said. Cause most girls won't swallowed.

Kyle stood in the shower, letting the hot water pour over him, soothing aching shoulders.

"So, Rick" Kyle said casually to his friend.


"I was just thinking." Kyle saw, a little uncomfortably. They were the last two guys in the shower, but he wasn't sure that the guys in the adjoining locker room were out of earshot. "About what Carrie did, I mean. You said it was cool. But . . ."

"You want the details don't you?" Rick laughed. "Still the horny boy I love."

Kyle shrugged. "I've never had a girl even touch me with my pants on. So I'm feeling a bit deprived." He leaned back into the water and, closing his eyes, began to rinse the shampoo out of his hair.

Suddenly, Kyle felt someone standing very close to him. He opened his eyes and Rick was right there.

Rick grinned. "How would you like first hand knowledge?" He dragged his hand up Kyle's thigh and along his cock. It hardened at the touch.

"Rick!" Kyle jumped back, hitting the wall.

"Oh, come on Kyle. The guys are gone. And it isn't like I haven't gone down on a guy before."

"You have?" Kyle's eyes grew big.

"Not really. But I have thought about going down on you for a while. I'm not sure why." Rick looked at him. "It doesn't make you gay or anything if that's what you're afraid of." Rick reached out and stroked him again. "Think of it as a learning experience. Just close your eyes and enjoy it."

Kyle nodded. He wasn't sure why he was letting Rick do this. But he trusted Rick, so maybe it was okay.

Hell it was more than okay. Kyle moaned as he felt Rick's mouth consume him. He used to joke that Rick had the biggest mouth of anyone he knew. And now he was thankful for it. Cause that big mouth was sending shocks of pleasure through his body. As Rick continued the slow torture of sliding up and down his cock, Kyle felt the urge to give in and simply fuck his mouth. He couldn't help it. This was way more intense than any marathon session he had had with himself. His hips began to thrust on their own. And Rick just continued to take him it. Kyle began to thrust harder. Until finally he couldn't stand it any more. With a loud moan, he shot his load right in Rick's mouth. When it was over, he leaned against the wall and looked down. Rick winked at him and then purposefully swallowed.

Kyle laughed. "Cool."



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