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Two's Fun...Three's Better, Part Five

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list July 26, 2001

Title: Two's Fun... Three's Better
Author: Piper_Evans
Rating: NC-17 - R
Dedication: To Jezzie. You're the best beta ever!
Classification: UC, Smut, Slash, Candy, Ground Zero, Peanut M&M. I'm sorry Dreamers but this fic will probably make you barf. And slightly anti-Liz.
Disclaimer: The all mighty Melinda, Jason and WB own 'em.
Time-line: Post Sexual Healing. No Tess!
Notes: I only want to be Majandra for one damn day!

        I drove Michael to the Crashdown in slience, both of us thinking about Max. As we parked the car I turned to him.

        "What's going on Michael? Is this fooling around or relationship material?" I asked. He kissed me softly.

        "Whichever it is, we have each other. I don't need Max. I just want him. I need you." He confessed, his husky tones driving me crazy. I kissed him quickly and hopped out of the car.

        No matter how crazy he made me, we have jobs to hold onto.

* * *

        I was changing into my uniform when Max burst into the back room on his way to Liz's place.

        He took one look at me, gaped and quickly turned to face the wall.

        "Sorry, Maria." his voice shook, and I smirked. I slipped my top off my shoulders and looked over at him.

        "You can turn around now." I told him. He turned around and his mouth dropped open, at the site of me standing there in just my red satin bra and a pair of jeans.

        He groaned.

        "Oh God Maria, don't do that to me, come on I gotta go see Liz and we're in public, anyone could walk in." as he was saying this he had walked over and taken me into his arms, and started kissing his way along my neck.

        I moaned and leaned back against my locker, shifting to give him more access as he continued on down to my chest. He gently kissed and sucked at my skin as I moaned and pulled him to me.

        We kissed hungrily, and I yelped as the door swung open and someone walked in.

        Michael folded his arms and glared at us as we sheepishly pulled on clothes and fixed make-up smears.

        "What the hell are you two playing at? Anyone could have walked in just now! What if Liz had walked in? Huh? Or what if Mr.P had come back here?" he asked us harshly. I frowned.

        "I know Michael. I'm sorry, we just got carried away is all. I promise it won't happen again...Besides, next time you have to join in." I added. His face relaxed and he kissed me gently as Max walked on up the stairs to Liz's apartment.

* * *

        Our make-up session was broken up by Max and Liz walking down the stairs hand in hand. Michael and I stiffened, furious that she was allowed touch our boy.

        Michael ran off into the kitchen and I looked cooly at the couple.

        "Come on Liz, we have customers demanding greasy alien themed food!" I told her, blanking Max.

        He looked slightly hurt and I smiled. He should know how we feel when he's with Liz.

        I flounced out to the main area and whizzed around, taking orders and ignoring rude customers.

        Max stared at me from where he sat with Liz and I could feel his eyes burning into me.

        I stopped beside their table and he gazed at me.

        I ignored him and turned to Liz, glaring at the hand that rested on Max's thigh.

        "Your parents may own this place but that doesn't mean you can slack off work. I'm still your boss and that means you have to earn your paycheck by working. Now move it Parker or I'll have your ass fired." I tried to get my voice to have a teasing effect but it came out forced. Max looked nervously at me and I whirled around, running for the safety of the kitchen and Michael's arms.

        He held me tightly and kissed my forehead as I sighed into his chest and snuggled up to him.

        I am so fucked up right now.

* * *

        Three nights later I lay on Michael's bed in his arms and we quietly spoke about silly little things, like what we'd done that day, and some stupid gossip from school.

        Max hadn't bothered to knock this time he just barged in. He grabbed me tightly, kissing me, before turning to Michael and attacking his mouth.

        Michael shoved Max away from him and pulled me to him, holding me close.

        "Don't you touch her, ever again. She is mine. MINE!" he yelled at Max. Max's face clouded in confusion.

        "What? What did I do?" he asked.

        "You can't be with Liz and us, I won't do that to her." I said quietly. I'd thought about it alot and I wasn't ready for the hurt looks Liz was flashing around.

        Max face broke and shook his head.

        "Wouldn't it hurt her more if I left her for her best friend?" he asked.

        "Yes." I kissed him, unable to stop myself. I pulled Michael to us, and kissed them both.

        I knew they needed time alone together, so I left quickly. Max and I had been alone together, and together with Michael. But they hadn't been alone together, and they needed to work it out.

        They kissed me before I left and I drove home, imagining the things they were doing to each other.

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